Autumn Collection 2013: scarves from (lotus) silk, yak and kantha

Our new scarves have arrived! The Autumn Collection has been photographed and uploaded to the online shop. A beautiful collection silk scarves from Cambodia, robust yak wool scarves from Nepal, colourful kantha scarves from Bangladesh and unique scarves from exclusive lotus silk from Myanmar.

The kantha scarves are made from silk and cotton vintage saris, the colourful wrap-around dresses worn by Bangladeshi women. The artisans chose two contrasting pieces of cotton or silk fabric and finalised the scarf the kantha way: with small patches and straight, even stitches.

View the kantha scarves in our shop.

Scarves from Bangladesh

Comfortably warm: scarves from yak wool

Our stoles from pure yak wool look tough and are very warm and soft at the same time. The stoles are handcrafted by artisans from Mahila Utthan Pashmina Udhyog, a Fairtrade weaving group in Nepal. Available in the natural colours of the yak: black and dark brown.

Yak wool stole

Unique in Europe: scarves from lotus silk

Lotus silk comes from Myanmar (Birma), the only country in the world that produces this rare natural fibre. Artisans extract the delicate filament from the stem of a lotus flower and spin it into a thread. These lotus threads are then used for the robes of Buddhist monks and also for scarves. Lotus silk is considered a unique, rare and very exclusive fibre.

View our collection scarves, including those of lotus silk, from Myanmar.

Lotus silk from Myanmar

Soft shades: naturally dyed silk scarves from Cambodia

Counting Flowers continues its cooperation with weaving families from the farmlands in Prey Veng and Takeo Province, Cambodia.

The artisans in Prey Veng are famous for their ability to weave very thin, graceful silk scarves. In Takeo the artisans are specialists when it comes to complex weaving techniques such as ikat and chorebab. They are also very skilled in creating the most beautiful natural dyes.

View our new silk scarves from Cambodia.

Silk scarves

About Counting Flowers

Counting Flowers sells handmade scarves from small-scale entrepreneurs in developing countries. We buy all scarves on the basis of Fairtrade principles and invest the profit (100%) in education projects in the same countries.

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