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We recap the 2nd Annual Open House at SDSU's Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory.

Students of CMIL takes on the SciFund Challenge Outreach Training Course.

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Recap of the SciFund Outreach Training Course
Photo of the Month
Help Support Our Underwater Friends
Volunteering Opportunity

Shout Outs!

Photo of the Month:
A gorgeous picture of a Black Sea Nettle, taken by Katie Sievers, which can be seen more frequently during the summer months in San Diego, CA. If you have seen purple jelly pieces washed up on the beach or in the surf recently, it is likely you saw the Black Sea Nettle.


          Walk along the Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier, normally closed to the public, on an exclusive moonlit tour. Participants will learn about the history of Scripps Oceanography and current research projects, while collecting plankton, performing experiments, and exploring the nocturnal habits of marine life. Ages 9-13 must also be accompanied by a paid adult. Pre-purchase Required: 858-534-7336 or online at Members: $22 and Public: $25.

What: Full Moon Pier Walk
When: August 20th & 21st , 7pm-9:30pm
Where: Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Help Support Our Underwater Friends

          Support our science community! Beneath the Waves Film Fest recently announced a new partnership with Nectar Sunglasses! Buy a pair of "the Abyss" and contribute to Beneath the Waves! And be a stylin' shark while you're at it. New model in the shop - The Abyss - light blue frames with seablue lens. With every pair sold, 10% will go to the Beneath the Waves Foundation to save the men in the grey suits. Be a land-shark!


Volunteering Opportunity

          You can be part of the OCEANS '13 MTS/IEEE San Diego Conference! Volunteer for one of the world's most diverse and prestigious conference and exposition regarding out most critical resource-the oceans, This will be the 7th time the OCEANS conference has come to San Diego. Volunteer positions are available for September 21st to the 26th.

What: OCEANS 2013 MTS/IEEE Conference
When: September 23rd to the 26th
Where: Town and Country Hotel and Convention Center

Please contact:
Bonita Chamberlin
Conference Volunteer Coordinator
(619) 504-4924

Shout Outs!

We would like to acknowledge and congratulate the following SDSU faculty and students:

Lee Reeve and Ryan Driscoll completed their Master's Thesis Defenses.

Thank you to all the SDSU undergraduate volunteers for helping CMIL students with their field and laboratory experiments.

Student Research Awards
Congratulations to the SDSU students receiving research grants this past month! 

Melissa Blando received the Harold and June Memorial Grant Scholarship and USDA's Asian Pacific Islander Organization Scholarship for Natural Resource Conservation.

CMIL Takes on Outreach with SciFund

          As aspiring scientists, graduate school is our training arena. While learning the key scientific principles of our field and applying them to new and exciting research, we often find the need to hone our skills. One of the most important skills a scientist can have is to communicate with non-scientists. Why is this so important? Effective science communication and outreach with the public can increase interest in education initiatives, solicit volunteers to help conduct the research, and make or break funding for a research project, and. So to brush up on our science communication skills we recently participated in the first ever #SciFund Outreach Training Class.

Our lovely SciFund Outreach Training Course instructors using a recorded google hangout session to describe our weekly assignments.
          The month-long #SciFund Outreach course was crafted for researchers from all fields interested in learning how to talk the (science) talk, so to speak. A whopping 171 researchers from 18 countries around the world participated, including 4 students from SDSU! Together we learned how to communicate science in effective and creative ways, building a supportive global “sci-com” community along the way. Our community was made up of scientists and non-scientists, bloggers, podcasters, and general internet enthusiasts. This group made sure we had and continue to have the support, resources, and encouragement we need to make all of our science outreach and communication dreams come true.

Most course participants were from the US, but there was a relatively high diversity of participants from around the world.
          The coolest thing about the class was that we interacted with scientists from different fields on different continents. Together we learned how to “do” different types of science outreach, and how to translate our passion for science with the communities around us. We learned how to improve the basics like elevator pitches, as well as less traditional methods of science outreach like comics and podcasting.  As a community, we provided each other with feedback on blogging, presentations, and social media.

We used the Message Box method to identify the parts of our research that were most important for a particular type of non-scientific audience.
          Scientists use outreach to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to understand, appreciate, and enjoy science.  By improving our science communication skills, we can be a part of the global movement to transform science into something accessible and exciting. We hope to motivate students to pursue a career in science and garner support from adults for science education. [Check out the full article to see the lessons we learned!]

If you’re interested in getting involved with outreach, check out some of our favorite local programs and online outreach initiatives:
  • SEA, UC San Diego’s Student Education Advancement program
  • SDSA, San Diego Science Alliance
  • Salk Institute’s education outreach program
  • MEBSA, San Diego State University’s Marine Ecology and Biology Student Association
  • PLOS ONE, a peer reviewed open access research journal
  • #SciFund Challenge, a fantastic resource on science outreach courses and methods
  • Deep Sea News, a blog devoted to marine science outreach
          We want to offer our deepest thanks to our instructors for the #SciFund Outreach Training Class: Dr. Jai Ranganathan, Dr. Anthony Salvagno, Dr. Siouxsie Wiles, and Dr. Kelly Weinersmith. 
Author: Priya Shukla, M.S. student, and Violet Compton, Ph.D. Candidate,  contact at
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