September 2015

Annual Conference Reflection!

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2015 conference! Enjoy some of the highlights!

Save the date for next year's conference on August 3-5, 2016!

Check out the Plusses and Deltas from the conference.

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Dear Conference Participants,

As a follow-up to our August 12-13 conference in Traverse City here is a new 10-minute YouTube video of the Introduction Mike Rother gave in the popular 'Kata in the Classroom' (KiC) exercise. You can download the PowerPoint slides that Mike used for the Introduction via a link in the text below the video:


Note that the PowerPoint slides for running the KiC exercise itself are always downloadable from the website.

Please share this video and the website with as many teachers as you can!

Upcoming Events
  • The Mechanics of Lean Deployment and How to Assess the Maturity of your Lean Organization - October 5 and October 6 at Michigan Tech University
The Mechanics of Lean Deployment
Are you trying to get some traction with your Lean efforts or do you want to re-think the deployment in your organization and make some adjustments? Learn about the actions you can take to support a successful Lean deployment in your organization, from demonstrating value for management and employee buy-in to developing champions and sponsors. Thousands of other organizations have made the transition, and you can, too.

How to Assess the Maturity of your Lean Organization
Have you ever wanted to learn 
about how to perform a ‘Lean Assessment’? Typically explained as a small group of people spending 2-5 days with an organization to assess their lean status, lean assessments come in many varieties. Learn how to conduct one, how to lead one and how to host one. Roles and responsibilities of the leader, the team and the host will also be reviewed.
  • Red Bead Redux and Networking with ASQ - October 15 at 5:30 pm in Troy
  • Herman Miller Lean Healthcare Learning - October 23 at 8:30 am in Holland
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Some Conference Attendee Testimonials: 

I just wanted to say that as a 
first-time attendee and presenter at the MLC conference that I really enjoyed the experience. I could see that a lot of preparation went into organizing this conference. The facility was very nice and in a beautiful location. I was also happy that I could stay at a hotel right next to the Haggerty Center. And  I love Traverse City! All of the organizers were so friendly and helpful. I appreciated the very nice student volunteer helper at my presentation also. There weren't a lot of people at the breakout session that I presented at and I needed to break the attendees into 2 groups to work in teams. She jumped right in to help balance out the number in one of the groups which made things go much more smoothly. (I apologize for not remembering her name.) I also greatly appreciated the gift and certificate that I received as a presenter. That was so kind. I thought it was very nice too that prizes were given away during the conference. That was a fun thing to do. They keynote speakers were excellent.

After a
this conference I have decided to sign up as a member of MLC.

-Pattie Luokkanen

I attended the MLC conference for the first time this year. It was an excellent conference. Networking with some truly nice continuous improvement professionals was the probably the best part. The Lean community in Michigan is really a special group of people. Being able to hang out with them at a great venue in a beautiful setting was a just a truly great experience. The training was also extremely valuable and high caliber. All of the people from MLC that worked on this really went all out to make this not only valuable but a lot of fun! I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in CI (even if you are not a Michigan resident!).

-Ron Dyer

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