March 2015

Announcing the 2015 Board Election!

The election cycle for three new MLC Board members will begin in May 2015.  As a matter of background information, MLC Bylaws were modified in 2013 to expand the Board from five to nine members and lock into an election cycle where three new Board members would be elected each year.  This process facilitates a more orderly transition and provides more human resources to share the workload. This is a working Board, and positions are not compensated.  Board members must be willing and able to participate in four face-to-face meetings each year (in various Michigan locations), in addition to regular conference calls. 

It is expected that nominees will have demonstrated past commitment and participation in MLC events, projects, training, etc. The election process is administered by an Election Committee consisting of the current Vice-Chair and current Secretary with oversight by the entire Board.
The schedule is as follows:
  • 1st Monday in May: Board Secretary sends electronic communication to all MLC members opening up Board Member nominations specifying the open positions. Members can be nominated or can self-nominate. 
  • 2nd Friday in May: Nominations closed, compiled and nominees are notified.
  • 4th Monday in May: Nominees who accept the nomination must e-mail back their acceptance to the Election Committee along with a brief bio.
  • 1st Monday in June: Election Committee will compile the list of nominees (and bios) and send out information and an election ballot to all MLC members.
  • 2nd Friday in June: Ballots are returned to the Election Committee.
  • 4th Monday in June: Secretary will tally the votes and the Vice-Chair will certify the count.
    • Only the top vote getter from any organization can fill an open position (i.e. – if one company has two nominees, only the top vote getter of these two can occupy an open Board position).
  • 2nd Friday in July: The winning nominees are notified of the election results.
  • 3rd Friday in July:  Winning nominees will notify the Election Committee of their acceptance or non-acceptance of the position.  
  • 4th Monday in July: Any non-acceptance will result in making an offer to the next highest vote-getter
  • August: New Board Members are announced and introduced at the Annual Conference
We look forward to an exciting election cycle this year and encourage you to reach out to any Board member with questions.

2015 MLC Board of Directors

The Leaning Edge
The Leaning Edge Radio Show, led by MLC Co-Founder Debra Levantrosser, airs every Friday and Saturday on the Michigan Business Network. 

Tune in on Fridays at 11 am, 5 pm, 11 pm and Saturdays/Sundays at 5 am, 8 am, 1 pm, 6 pm, 11 pm. You can also listen to and download past episodes on the website. If you are interested in being a guest on the show email Debra at

Please note that hits on the radio show determine whether or not it stays on the air. Thank you for your support. Please listen and email the station with your positive feedback if you love the show!



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March 6: Lean Assessments in Ann Arbor

March 27: Value Stream Mapping - Full Day Session in East Lansing
May 5: 4th Annual Healthcare Symposium in Detroit

June 12: Improvement Kata Fast Start in West Olive

August 12-14: 2015 Annual Conference in Traverse City

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Lean in Action: What does Lean Mean to You?

Lean is a way of thinking, acting and being. It is not just a collection of data-driven tools and best practices, but is also people-driven. Lean is a concept that joins both the needs of the external customer and the needs of the company. I became invested in Lean once I realized that the core philosophy was people.

– Christina Bucio

Lean is not just something you do at work, it’s a way of life. Using Lean principles makes the accomplishment of tasks efficient and easy, due to its organizational flow. I have improved many aspects of my life, even the little things like household chores and how I navigate the grocery store - all because of Lean. 

It is with this excitement and passion that Christina and I have decided to form a group within the Michigan Lean Consortium called the Young Professional Group. Through this forum, we can create a place for people to learn, develop and network with each other using Lean principles and best practices. 

If you want to learn more and get to know us better, please join us at the newly-formed Young Professional Group. It’s a great way for people who are new to the Lean journey to connect and share ideas. Our first event will be in the next few months following a Michigan Lean Consortium event. Please email me, Christine Muscat at, or Lauren Stewart at to learn more! 

–Christine Muscat        

Christine Muscat and Christina Bucio are Continuous Improvement Analysts at Title Source in downtown Detroit. 

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