Hardcover Edition, Free Chapter, Selfie or Selfless, Thanksgiving Thoughts
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Welcome to the 46th edition of the Pivot Points newsletter by Frank Islam and Ed Crego...

Pivot Points Hardcover Edition Released, Now Available!
We're pleased to announce that our new book, Working The Pivot Points: To Make America Work Again, is now available in hardcover from

Free Pivot Points Chapter: Beltway Blues
In celebration of the release, while we're in the eye of the political hurricane (between the government shutdown and the next fiscal crisis), we're making available a free chapter of the book, focused on Congressional dysfunction, why it exists, and how we can help our elected servants untie the parliamentary knot...

Selfie Or Selfless?
The Oxford Dictionary has named "selfie," a photo you take of yourself and post online, as its "word of the year."  What's wrong with this picture, how did we get here?  And one small step in another direction we're proposing for the holiday season...

Thanksgiving Thoughts
Our final reason for thankfulness in 2012 is our first and primary reason this year, not to mention integral to the fabric of our country and everything we've achieved...

Pivot point - an area that can be leveraged and addressed to achieve outcomes and results 

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