A Message from the Director:
We are very happy to announce that the EPSCoR Project office complex in Logan is now fully functional. The office is comprised of a Rita Teutonico, Project Director; Marv Bennett, State Director and iUTAH Associate Director; and Karen Wolfe, Project Administrator. 
Our very talented iUTAH Communications Team has done a magnificent job of getting our iUTAH website designed and running. If you have not already done so, please visit We will be posting all relevant information and documentation on that site, so it is likely to change almost daily. Our iUtahEPSCoR Facebook and Twitter accounts are also up and running, and will be announcing outreach opportunities as well as press release coverage and upcoming events. 
Our Research Focus Areas (RFA 1, 2 and 3), Cyber-Infrastructure (CI), Workforce Development (WFD), Diversity and External Engagement (EE) teams have done a tremendous job of getting organized and providing a vision for their activities. Each team's work plan can be found on the website under each particular area. 
Also, NSF and the External Assessment Team visited Oct. 17-19 in Logan. AAAS directed the review meeting with the team leads and project management team that helped us begin our strategic planning process.

Our next major event will be the iUTAH All Hands Meeting on Nov. 16, 2012 at the Natural History Museum of Utah. This all-day meeting is designed to get everyone up to speed on project progress as well as to intergrate research and education activites. 
We're excited to have everyone on board as we begin to break ground. We hope you will find this monthly newsletter interesting and informative about iUTAH's activities.
Todd A. Crowl, Director, and Rita A. Teutonico, Associate Director

Michelle Baker
Science for Sustainability

Dr. Michelle Baker is co-leading the ecohydrology research focus area of the iUTAH proposal. The team's main goal this year will be to develop an environmental monitoring network that can measure precipitation inputs, soil moisture and other climatic variables, as well as stream water quality and quantity. Instrumentation will be installed in three watershed observatories distributed across an urbanization gradient. The team will work to develop the capacity to monitor water resources needed in order to cultivate a greater understanding of the processes that control water availability in Utah. This research will provide the tools necessary to understand how water resources can be sustained and improved in the long term.

As an ecosystem ecologist, Dr. Baker's research also includes urban water influences on water quality. Currently, she is working on a project at the Jordan River, attempting to determine the source of the river's oxygen impairment. Her research will identify sources of the river's organic matter in order to provide needed information to address the oxygen impairment. 

Dr. Baker holds a bachelor's degree in biology from Lafayette College and a Ph.D. in biology with a hydrogeology minor from the University of New Mexico. She also serves as associate editor for Freshwater Science, the journal of the premier international organization for stream and river ecology. Her work has been funded by the National Science Foundation and by the State of Utah Department of Environmental Quality. 

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EPSCoR Offices in Logan Now Open

650 E. Grand Avenue
North Logan, Utah 84341

The Utah Science Technology and Research facilities, located on Utah State University's Innovtion campus, now houses offices for the Utah EPSCoR and iUTAH teams.  

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NCIIA E-Team Program: Winter Deadline: Feb. 1, 2013/ Spring Deadline: May. 10, 2013. 
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