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iUTAH hosts Water Managers Meeting at the Natural History Museum of Utah

The Natural History Museum of Utah hosted a meeting among water resource managers on Jan. 9, 2013 for the purpose of establishing a collaborative communication forum and information sharing network. The meeting kicked off what iUTAH researchers hope will be a long-term relationship with water resource managers that will integrate research needs from a water management perspective into iUTAH research foci while introducing managers, policy and decision-makers to innovative concepts in water sustainability.



The morning session gave iUTAH researchers and students exposure to water management in the state. Presentations focused on water rights and appropriation, water resource planning and protection, the state’s role in administering the Clean Water Act, and how the rules and regulations governing water management are applied on the ground through the operation of the Central Utah Project. Water resource management in Utah dates back to the mid-1850s. Management agencies have a wealth of institutional knowledge, a clear understanding of past and ongoing research and monitoring, and access to long term data sets that will be invaluable to iUTAH research scientists.

Over lunch, iUTAH research fellows shared poster presentations of their specific research projects providing an opportunity for them to meet and exchange information with water management representatives. Lead principal investigators from each of iUTAH’s research focus areas later provided overview presentations on proposed research. 

This meeting helped ‘break the ice’ between water managers and iUTAH researchers. A follow-up survey of meeting participants will aid in directing future outreach with water managers in an effort to build upon the relationships fledged at this meeting and promote a mutual relationship between research and management. 

iUTAH welcomes three new technicians


We are pleased to announce the recent addition of three new technicians to the iUTAH team. Chris Cox, Dave Eiriksson and Joe Crawford, who will be taking over the responsibility of operating the climatic and hydrologic monitoring systems in northern Utah. They will be responsible for all aspects of hydrological instrumentation, network design, operation/maintenance, data quality assurance/control and training. They will work with iUTAH researchers to choose instruments most appropriate for project goals, oversee the instrument installation, assemble existing standard operating procedures for hydrological instrumentation and develop iUTAH-specific standard operating procedures for operation and maintenance of hydrological instrumentation to ensure that data quality, service and security of data products are linked to the needs of iUTAH researchers. 

Dave Eiriksson completed his M.S in Hydrologic Science at Boise State University where his primary research interest was snow hydrology. His Master's thesis focused on quantifying the hydrologic significance of lateral water flow through seasonal snow. The results of his thesis have been accepted to Hydrological Processes in a paper entitled, "An evaluation of the hydrologic relevance of lateral flow in snow at hill, slope and catchment scales."

Chris Cox completed his undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at the University of New Mexico before going on to pursue a Master's degree in Geology at the University of Wyoming. His research involved glaciology and snow hydrology. He taught a course in Geomorphology before being hired by iUTAH.

Joe Crawford, who graduated from Utah State University, was hired as a technician at Brigham Young University. He enjoys fishing and being outdoors as well as working in rivers and streams. He is excited to be a part of the iUTAH team. He and his wife Stacy have three children: Caleb, Howard and Maren. 



iUTAH Opportunities
iUTAH Doctoral Research Fellowship Evaluating Ecosystem Services in Coupled Human Natural Systems, Fall 2013
Utah State University invites applications for a PhD-level graduate research fellowship to quantify and value ecosystem services in coupled human natural western water systems. Click here for additional information.
iUTAH Post-doctoral Fellowship
Application Review will begin Feb. 1, 2013
iUTAh invites applications for a PhD-level graduate fellowship to work with iUTAH hydrologists, ecologists, climate scientists, social scents, planners and engineers in Focus Area 1. Click here for additional information.
Utah Water Sustainability Post-doctoral Fellowship in Social and Engineered Systems
Application Review will begin Feb. 1, 2013
iUTAH invites applications for a PhD-level fellowship to work with iUTAH hydrologists, ecologists, climate scientists, social scientists, planners and engineers in Research Area 2. Click here for additional information.
Utah Water Sustainability Post-doctoral Fellowship in Coupled Human-Natural Water Systems
Application Review will begin Feb. 1, 2013
iUTAH invites applications for a PhD-level fellowship to oversee the inventory and documentation of relevant models currently used by Utah scientists to study aspects of the water system in the Wasatch Front. Click here for additional information.

Upcoming Events

Diversity Conference, Save the Date!
Mar. 1-3, 2013, Utah State University Eastern, Blanding campus

iUTAH has a goal to increase the institutional, individual, disciplinary, and geographic diversity of the STEM enterprise in Utah in order to address the water sustainability issues facing Utah and the Mountain West, and this conference is a first step in that process. This conference is an annual event to bring together teachers, and other educators from the Colorado Plateau Bioregion, to learn bio-regionally focused, place-based, hands on, cross-curricular, outdoor education lessons. Click here for more information.

iUTAH will host a booth at the Society for Freshwater Science Annual Meeting this summer from Mar. 19-23, 2013 in Jacksonville, Florida. Click here for additional information.

Watch for the following announcements posted on our website, twitter and facebook: Undergraduate Research Fellows, Faculty Research Catalyst awards, Internships!


Please visit our website and social media pages for additional information on upcoming events and opportunities to get involved!
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