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Dreaming enters our sphere of consciousness and transforms the way we perceive everything around us. As the journey towards our truest self begins, dreaming facilitates the expansion into a new flow of life. 

Dreams take us on an adventure into boundless realms where the inner meets the outer realities. Dare I say, it even takes us outside of consciousness and into the unknown sea that lies beyond. It is an avenue only depth-explorers choose because they know it is a gateway into the mysteries of life. Only the bold and courageous choose dreams as their path because it reveals the true self. Once this box is opened, you will emerge from obscurity as your long lost magic begins to burn holes through the veil of illusions, revealing what you were born to see/be.

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"I summon the gates of my unconscious to open and unveil the hidden secrets from beyond the dream."

Featured Article:

Alchemy & Transformation Through Dreams

Alchemy in dreams derives from the essence of creative forces ignited by connection. It is the mixing of different shades of energy. The dream is an energy. Your consciousness is an energy. The play between both dream and consciousness is what this exploration is all about. 

Consciousness + Dreams = Transformation, Transmutation & Transcendence 

1.Transformation:  A complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance, form, etc.
2.Transmutation:  The action of changing, the state of being changed into another form.
3.Transcendence:  The concept of being entirely beyond the universe, going beyond a concept or limit.

To think about how the dream reacts to consciousness, or how our consciousness reacts to dreams, is an energy/thought portal into an alchemical shift. There was a time when you just dreamt and didn’t question your dream. Maybe you even dismissed it as random images of the brain. Now that you have awakened to the power of your dreams, you have probably experienced mind blowing epiphanies, spiritual evolution and healing. You are never the same person after a shifting dream. The dream has changed or enhanced your state of being, It has enlightened you in some way, a new way of thinking; of being.

Entering the dreamscape, on its own, is a transformation of form. Our consciousness travels from our physical attention into the fluidity of your dream body awareness. Having a dream practice, or doing dreamwork, requires you to bring the dream back into your physical attention from this other fluid realm of consciousness. This will then be worked on in the physical realm and if the teachings are applied, it will transform your life.

The conscious experience we go through in a dream is the transmutation of being. When we allow the dream, and trust the dream to lead us into new states of consciousness, then our inner realms shift, therefore the place from which we dream has changed. This directly shapes our surroundings. So in this case, instead of changing our own form, it shifts everything around us. The dream itself as a form-extension-reflection of our state of being.

The realization and shift we gain from this change of being is what leads to transcendence. Once we realize that we are what causes the shift in dream, or even that we are the dream itself, we begin to disconnect from our usual sense of self. Our conscious awareness expands at this point and we are able to see beyond the place we are in. This new self naturally has to be IN something, and what that IN/container is, becomes the soul’s natural direction of awareness and manifestation. This is a place where the inner meets the outer. A place of depth and detachment from our sense of self and what we usually identify as the “I”.

And thus, the individual expands beyond itself and enters a space of non-being, which serves as a gateway into the great unknown.

Come out of the Dream Closet!

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This is the otherworldly card that invites the secret doors of your unconscious to open up and play. 

The Moon is in synchronous rotation with the Earth and brings a whole lot of energy as does this card, stirring up emotions and fooling the eye. Illusions appear in the dance between light and shadow. To maneuver successfully, you will have to be as fluid as a dream, or you may get caught in a confusing web of events, going down rabbit holes that will deviate you momentarily from your path. When this card shows up, don't be too quick to "know" or assume things. Question everything. 

For dreamers it is an especially tricky card because the dream world will be revealing both sides of the coin. Not everything the dream dishes out is what it seems. Dreams speak in symbol and so you must listen in symbol. Don't take things at face value. Try and look through the many layers of meaning.

Writers, this is a good time for you to dust off the cobwebs from that manuscript you've been meaning to finish. The imaginal gateways, into channeling your story, are lending themselves to you. Play and create with non-attachment. 

Tarot Image by Ellygator.

Book Recommendation

Life As A Waking Dream by Diane Kennedy Pike.

Many of you are probably familiar with the "Waking Dream" concept by now. For those of you who aren't, the waking dream is about living our daily life as if it were a dream and interpreting it as such. You might be asking yourself, why is this important?

In "Life As A Waking Dream", Diane guides the reader through the lives of a few selected people while they learn to interpret their daily events as if they were interpreting a dream, using the same symbology and intuition that one might use while deciphering the hidden messages of our nightly adventures. She emphasizes the moments where they felt strongly about something, be it positive or negative, and journeys into the world of symbols.

Diane's interest in the waking dream stemmed from a past life dream she had where she was the Mother Superior of a convent. Years later she visited spain in search of this convent. When she finally found it and the Inner met the outer, the doors opened for this new way of living. She saw how they were both dreams, one the extension of the other.

Whether you take it as a tool or a path, interpreting the "waking dream" leads to a life with meaning, depth unveiled. 

In Alchemy  [Sacred Texts]

The Signature Of All Things
by Jacob Boehme - 1912


THIS book is a true mystical mirror of the highest wisdom. The best treasure that a man can attain unto in this world is true knowledge; even the knowledge of himself: For man is the great mystery of God, the microcosm, or the complete abridgment of the whole universe... Hence Solomon, the wisest of the kings of Israel, says: "Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding; for the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold; she is more precious than rubies, and all things that can be desired are not to becompared unto her." ~Excerpt from preface

Integrating The Dreamer [MP3]

I am proud to present the 1st Dream Pioneers/clarOscura production, part #1 of a series.
A Hypnotherapy audio adventure you won't want to miss. Journey into the Unconscious.

EEvery night we fall into a foreign land, the dreamer awakens and is plunged into the freedom of this abstract world. A Place that transcends time and pays no attention to the laws of nature. It is fluid and everchanging until we fall back into what we believe is the waking reality.

All that is left are slowly fading images of the night’s journey. And then night time comes again and the whole ritual repeats itself once more. But the Dreamer relentlessly tries to reach us every night and every day. If you are interested in this recording, then you are ready… Ready to make a connection with The Ancient Dreamer. Size: 45.7 MB, Length: 19 minutes. ...
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Dreaming Tip

Once you have written the dream in your journal, write it once again from the perspective of another dream character or dream object within that same dream. This exercise helps to expand the dreamer's point of view and new realizations may arise.

You may also tell the dream out loud from the perspective of another dream character instead of writing it down. Be aware of the metaphors and symbology. Use your imagination as a portal for channeling the treasures of your unconscious. The imagination is not a place of make believe, it is a place of creation. Get excited because every dream takes you closer to your true 'Self'. 

Meetup Groups [CA & NY]


For 3 years I have been organizing meetups and webinars through (and paying a monthly fee), but now I am shifting my energy to other projects within Dream Pioneers & clarOscura.

I will be focusing my attention on other social media avenues. If you DO want to know when there is an event or gathering of dreamers, please sign up to the Dream Pioneers 
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My Light & Dark Diary Entry

I've always heard the saying: "Out of the shadow & into the light." That just doesn't sound right.

Not if I look at it through the
"as above, so below" lens. I mean, if I am out of the shadow then I am also clearly out of the light, right?  ..Read more

Affirmation #1 - Before Bed

I wake up in my dreams! Lucidity is my new state of being! I allow the dream to surprise me! I trust the dream to transform me!

Keep an eye out for the next December newsletter, all things ASTRAL PROJECTION! Dream Pioneers will be featuring amazing guest writers that are rocking the astral realms & beyond.

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