Has sex become a scheduled event on your to-do list these days? Find out how to inject some passion back into the bedroom.

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What is a "normal" or typical amount of sex for a person to have per month? If a perimenopausal woman is only interested in sex once every three to four weeks, is that abnormal?
What a great question. I'm sure it's one many women think about but few have the courage to actually ask.

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The Truth About Sex in Your 20s, 30s & 40s

Are you sexually healthy? Want to be healthier? The truth is many things can affect your sex life at different ages. Learn important information about sexual health issues and any concerns you may have. This booklet will dispel myths, confirm facts and describe steps you can take alone or with your partner to bring the "spark" back to your sex life.
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Sexy at Any SizeFeeling healthy and sexy has more to do with how you treat yourself than your measurements.
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Medications and Sex See if your prescriptions are impairing your sexual function.
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