Summer Tree Quest

14-17 June, 2019

Hello SeasonWatch supporter,

Summer Tree Quest is around the corner. Here are some details to help you participate in the event.

I. Upload observations about one or more trees 

Install SeasonWatch android app from Google Play and register if you are new to SeasonWatch. OR, register at and login to your account.

If you are participating as an individual, school. college or other group, go outdoors during 14-17 June, find a tree you want to observe and login. To add an observation using the app-

  • Click on LOGIN or START
  • Once logged-in,  click on the 'Casual' tab and then on the blue eye button. This will direct you to select the tree species - you can search by common names or Scientific names. Select species, and proceed to location.
  • Ensure that your GPS/ Location services are on! Please zoom in at level 15.0 or more to proceed. Select your tree's location using the red bubble pointer.
  • Record the quantity of leaves, flowers and fruits on the tree. For example, if you don't see fresh leaves, select 'None' under the Fresh Leaves icon. If 1/3rd or less of the tree canopy has fresh leaves, select 'Few' and if more than 1/3rd has fresh leaves, select 'Many'. Repeat for mature and dying leaves, buds and open flowers, ripe and unripe fruits. You will need to report at least one of these to be able to proceed
  • Select observation date, report unusual or interesting things about your tree under 'notes' (this is optional) and then click on SAVE
  • If there is an error in your observation or tree identification, you can delete incorrect observation by clicking on the dots located on the right side of your casual tree, and choosing 'delete'.
  • Can't use an android phone? Login to your account at and click the 'Casual' tab on your dashboard. Click on 'Add a casual observation' and follow steps to add information about your chosen tree.

Here is a handy tutorial to help you with your observations. 

Check out events page on details of this event.

See results from an earlier event.

II. Track your observations

If you are curious about who is participating, what trees are being observed and from where, you can get live stats on trees and users here. Updates will go live at 6 am on 14 June 2019. You can also see the most recently uploaded observations, most popular tree species and the most active contributors from India.

III. Share your experience with everyone

If you are on social media, please do post pictures of your trees and of your group looking at trees with #SummerTreeQuest on our pages (Facebook, Twitter) or send us photo updates on our WhatsApp number: +91 7349567602

Please do give us your valuable feedback on the event and on using the app. 

Happy SeasonWatching! 

SeasonWatch Team

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