Welcome to G2Z e-News #13
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Welcome to the 13th edition of G2Z e-News!

There is so much going on already this year and we can’t quite believe that it is already half way through March!

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6th National G2Z Summit
- Reaching Out To The Community

The big news is that the plans for the upcoming 6th National G2Z Summit are steaming along and it looks as if we will have even more international experts visiting our shores this year!  Registrations will be open soon and we can confirm that day long Workshops will be taking place on the days before and after the Summit which will take place on 16 – 18 September (so keep the whole week free!) at Outrigger Surfers Paradise. We are looking forward to welcoming Jon Cicirelli of City of San Jose as one of our Keynote Speakers. Scroll down for further info on Jon. Stay tuned for more details on speakers, Workshops, registration and a draft program.

Adoption Innovations
Over the last 6 months we have seen an unprecedented amount of organisations undertake new initiatives to increase the adoption opportunities for the pets in their care. Hundreds of companion animals have flown out the doors and into the arms of new families thanks to the willingness to try new things of the management and staff of these agencies.  From Pop Up Pet Adoptions and Adoption Trials to hugely discounted and even Fee Free Adoptions , it’s all been happening and we congratulate everyone who has been involved in these initiatives. Cages and even whole shelters have been emptied, unprecedented numbers of pets have been saved and even pets with medical issues such as FIV have been given a chance. G2Z participants and Steering Committee member Cat Haven in Western Australia,  rehomed 399 cats over a long weekend and ran out of cats! Well done one and all!

6th National G2Z Summit Keynote Speaker Spotlight

Jon Cicirelli
Since 2003, Jon Cicirelli has been the Director of the City Animal Care and Services program in San Jose, California.  Jon is also on the Board of the California Animal Control Directors Association, and is their State Legislative Coordinator.  He began his career as an Animal Control Officer in Arlington, Virginia in 1994 (near Washington D.C.).  His first experience as a Director of an agency was in the City of San Bernardino, California.  Jon has built community partnerships and implemented programs that have reduced the number of cats and kittens entering the San Jose shelter system by more than 25% in the last four years.  Jon holds a Bachelors degree in Biology from George Mason University and a Masters of Public Administration.  In 2011 he was recognized by the California State Assembly for achievements and meritorious service to the community.


AVA Draft Policy - Desexing (surgical sterilisation) of companion animals

In January of this year the Australian Veterinary Association released a draft policy for desexing of companion animals in order to gain feedback from its members. This policy is intended to replace the current version that was ratified in 2008. The AVA policies are driven by the members and we are happy to see this particular policy has been selected for a review. The new draft is a vast improvement on the current policy however could be made stronger and less confusing when referring to early age desexing. Feedback, from AVA Members only, must be received by the AVA by 6th April 2015 so time is of the essence. Further information is available here on the G2Z website.  Please do what you can to reach out to AVA Members and seek their action on this important policy update. This call to action has also been posted on the G2Z Facebook page if you care to share it.

What's in a name??
A recent topic of discussion around G2Z HQ has been around terminology and in particular the terminology used for what it is we all do every day. Currently there seem to be two general labels bestowed on our work; either Animal Welfare or Animal Management. The term “Animal Welfare” is used to describe a huge array of activities and issues and there doesn’t really seem to be a consensus on what it actually means. Animal welfare scientists tend to focus on the 5 Freedoms whereas the general public often link the term to animal cruelty and the subsequent need for animal protection. Either way it seems as if the term does not adequately describe what it is that we do every day. We are interested to hear what you all think and whether there is potentially better language to define the sheltering, caring, rehabilitative, lifesaving, advocating, educational and supportive roles that our work has. Perhaps we are doing ourselves a disservice, and potentially our aims are being misunderstood, by using the current terminology. Let us know what you think about this issue. We have just found out that a very similar conversation is taking place in leadership circles internationally; it’s good to know that it’s not just us faced with this conundrum!

Social Media
Dont forget to share the G2Z Facebook page and Twitter account with your friends and colleagues. Sharing information is a powerful tool for change and connecting people and we look forward to seeing you joining in the conversation.
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