Welcome to G2Z e-News #10
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Welcome to the 10th edition of G2Z e-News!

G2Z National Cat Action Plan
Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback for the G2Z National Cat Action Plan discussion paper. It was encouraging to see the majority of the stakeholder groups represented in the Plan making the effort to be involved in the process and providing responses. The G2Z team are busily compiling the responses and making some changes to reflect the feedback and to further refine the document. In addition, a support FAQ document is being developed as it was apparent that there is a lack of understanding of some issues across the sectors.  The next step in the process is to conduct a national meeting of stakeholders to work through any areas still requiring consensus and to confirm revisions to the Plan. A report on the results of the feedback survey will be available on the G2Z NCAP page in due course. If you didn’t manage to get your submission in by the closing date it is not too late to contribute your feedback on this important initiative. Contact us if you would like to submit feedback or would like to discuss the NCAP in further detail.
Saving lives ASAP!
The Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland in Oregon, USA, has recently achieved a major milestone in their 7 year history. The coalition of shelters, pounds and veterinary groups have announced that they have reduced the euthanasia rate in the local shelters and pounds by 76% resulting in 91% of the district’s cats and dogs being saved. They have achieved this by forming a collaborative and regional stakeholder group in order to share resources and work on the problem together, as a community. The area is now one of the safest in the USA for cats and dogs. Sharon Harmon, CEO of ASAP member Oregon Humane Society, was a Keynote speaker at the 5th National G2Z Summit in September last year and you can view her presentation on G2Z through working with the community here

Saving lives South Australia style
Congratulations to RSPCA South Australia who have been featured in the latest edition of Animal Sheltering in a piece called “Family Affair”.  The article details the innovative and lifesaving program “No Mum Left Behind” and is in the Scoop section reserved for showcasing clever adoption promotions. You can view the article here.

Upcoming conferences
G2Z participants AMRRIC, are preparing for their biggest event yet with this year’s 10th Anniversary AMRRIC Conference – One Health, Indigenous Community Animal Management, 23-25 September, to be held in Darwin. A fantastic line up of local and international speakers is being put together covering important issues such as the role of education in community animal health programs, interpersonal violence and violence towards animals, zoonoses and the threat of rabies to Australia, animals in disasters, animal health and welfare in a developing community context from around the world, cultural awareness, community social aspects of animal ownership, and the list goes on! If you would like to contribute an abstract the closing date is 15/4/14 and you can view further information and the guidelines here.
Our colleagues in Animal Management, AIAM, are also organising their event for the year, the 2014 AIAM Workshop – You gotta keep moving to stay afloat!, to be held in the Gold Coast on the 16th and 17th of October. This year the focus is on interaction and practical training delivered by experts in the field. Like the AIAM Facebook page to receive more information as it comes to hand.
While we are on the subject of conferences, we here at G2Z have begun to consider options for the 6th National G2Z Summit. If you have any thoughts about who or what you would like to see presented please contact us.

Social Media
Dont forget to share the G2Z Facebook page and Twitter account with your friends and colleagues. Sharing information is a powerful tool for change and connecting people and we look forward to seeing you joining in the conversation.
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