Welcome to G2Z e-News #18
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Welcome to the 18th edition of G2Z e-News!

G2Z2015 session footage available
We are happy to announce that the session footage from G2Z2015 is now available, free of charge, on our website! This is a great opportunity for everyone – whether you were able to attend or not. Share your experiences with your colleagues or take a look at the sessions that our delegates are raving about. You can also take a look back through the years and see who and what else featured on the events program.
International experts set to revisit Australia!
We had such an overwhelming response to a number of our international G2Z2015 presenters that some of them have agreed to come back again next year.

We are seeking expressions of interest from those who might be interested in a facility visit or seminar from Trish McMillan Loehr (Behaviour and Training expert) and Dr Cynthia Karsten (Shelter Medicine expert) anywhere across Australia. The more people who are keen to avail themselves of this opportunity the less investment will be required for everyone (our visitors are very generous!).

So let us know what you might be interested in – a full facility audit, consultation and report with recommendations? An internal staff training session/s? A daylong seminar? Or any other options in between. These two disciplines work incredibly effectively together and can improve efficiencies and save money and lives.

If you want to know more about Managed Intake, Behaviour Assessments, Capacity for Care, Behaviour Modification, Disease Management, Enrichment, Data Analysis and Collection, Body Language and Handling, Best Practice Shelter Practices and Playgroups (or any other relevant issue) and how your organisation can implement these life and resource saving elements please let us know by Monday 21st December 2015. If you would like to discuss this opportunity contact us here.

(Pic taken at GAWS during shelter visit 2015)
Measuring up
How are the numbers looking for your department or organisation? Are you still implementing strategies, processes and programs without the data to support them? If you are wondering where to start this link is a great first step.

Don't waste your precious resources by going on "gut feel" alone, the actual stats might surprise you.

Early Age Desexing research
Did you see this recent Australian research into post op complications of early age desexing procedures? t was great to see the researchers conclude that “"These findings support the practice of prepubertal desexing for cats". Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


Are you social?

Have you "liked" the G2Z Facebook page? There is so much great information to share around that just might help you and your organisation save lives and shelter better. A great way for us to share this with you is via our Facebook page and Twitter account. That way you can share it around your networks too!  

Social Media
Dont forget to share the G2Z Facebook page and Twitter account with your friends and colleagues. Sharing information is a powerful tool for change and connecting people and we look forward to seeing you joining in the conversation.
Pass it on!
Pass it on!
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