Welcome to G2Z e-News #9
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Welcome to the 9th edition of G2Z e-News!

We bet you are as surprised as we are at how quickly 2013 has raced by. It has been a busy and successful year and we are very much looking forward to building on this hard work with you in 2014.

G2Z National Cat Action Plan
The G2Z National Cat Action Plan discussion paper is now available online and feedback is streaming in via the survey, have you submitted your comments yet? The deadline has been extended to the 17th January 2014. If you need extra time due to committee meeting dates please contact us and we can discuss this with you. You can find the link to the paper here and the feedback survey here.

5th National G2Z Summit presentation footage now available
The footage from the majority of the presentations given at the recent 5th National G2Z Summit is now available for viewing on the G2Z YouTube channel. This resource is valuable for those that were not able to attend the Summit or want to share the information gained from international and national experts with the rest of the team.  The papers from the Summit are also available online here.

Animal Sheltering Magazine feature on G2Z
Have you seen the latest edition of Animal Sheltering Magazine? G2Z is lucky enough to have a 5 page feature on the program and participants. You can view the article here and subscribe to get your own copy in the mail here.

Bill Bruce Australian visit
Thanks to the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel Bill Bruce, retired Director of Animal Services for the City of Calgary, visited Australia in October. Bill is credited with developing and driving the widely acclaimed “Calgary Model” of animal management currently in effect in this municipality. If you were not able to attend any of the seminars that Bill gave across the country you might be interested in this ABC 7.30 piece. Pet Talk People also interviewed Bill and you can view the piece here. You can learn more about Bill's work by visiting the links page on the G2Z website.
Upcoming webinar
Interested in progressive and compassionate animal management? This ASPCApro webinar is for you! Current National Animal Control Association President, Todd Stosuy, will be delivering this free, 90-minute webinar and will highlight a community-focused non-law enforcement program conducted by plain clothes animal control officers.  This "boots on the ground" program addresses the issues of animal overpopulation, animal abuse/neglect, and nuisance complaints with positive results. Also up for discusssion is an innovative spay/neuter program that can make your agency money while saving lives, as well as multiple ways your agency can do successful community outreach.
Animal Care Expo 2014 registrations now open
Animal Care Expo is the largest international education conference in the fields of animal care, control, rescue, and emergency services. Expo offers an unparalleled opportunity to recharge, learn new skills and strategies, and network with animal welfare professionals from around the world. Find out more here about this event to be held in Florida in May next year.

(Many thanks to Small Animal Talk blog and Shoot-Ya-Pooch for the use of this great image of Phil, owner of Dr Anne Fawcett)
Staying sane this crazy Christmas season
We know this time of year can be extremely challenging for shelter, rescue and pound workers. Somehow each day seems to bring a new example of a lack of planning, thought or care by the humans that you are dealing with. Your facility is full and all those faces are looking to you for care and a bright future. It's important to support each other through the crazy Christmas season and that also means not buying into the negativity that the actions of others can bring. There are many positive things also happening round you right now but you may not be seeing them as clearly. You can find some resources here and here that might help.
There are currently lots of positive marketing campaigns in full swing that are turning the tables on the doom and gloom of the silly season. You can read more about them here, here and here. Many of them have been based on new information and thinking that you can read about here and here. Let us know on our Facebook page about your positive initiatives to save lives this summer.
  And the very best Christmas wishes to you and yours from the G2Z team!

Social Media
Dont forget to share the G2Z Facebook page and Twitter account with your friends and colleagues. Sharing information is a powerful tool for change and connecting people and we look forward to seeing you joining in the conversation.
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Pass it on!
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