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Welcome to  2014 with a roar of delight!

and may our collective qualities align to LOve.

I keep opening to Life’s Miracles. I gifted myself a long awaited want from my childhood when I told everyone at school I had a “Lion living in the backyard”. When asked “Could we see the lion?” I replied honestly “the lion was on Safari with my Dad”. Sooo Cute. Now I know this was possibly a functional growth of dysfunction due to childhood circumstances, however this ‘lion in the backyard’ manifested real &  last November I safari-booted up & over Lions Mountain, trekked to the peak of Elephants Eye, stepped, via Grace, to many sacred sights of Africa & finally lived for a time surrounded by the roar of Lions.  

I lived in my place of truth meeting The White Lions of Timbavati. LOve met LOve; as I gratitude-danced with African Woman, Drummed with a band in Cape Town, Paraded & sung with various children whilst I walked & played a dream life in South Africa. “Home” arose along with the lightness of being whilst moving through the day by day adventure. The home of no separation now permeated this body,  regardless of place, & my senses continue to enliven & deepen as I integrate this.... anew; arising the someone of me that I haven’t met & yet remember & am now being introduced to.

When I first met the  Lion Pride - “The Royal Family” as they are called by Linda Tucker, author/ Director of Global White Lion Protection Trust, I wrote once again poetry that I’ve neglected since childhood. So this Rite of Passage trip returned me with invisible boots which I will  continue to colour & fill with the many shapes & designs of various patterns of our collective life simply choosing & then letting go as choices continuously walk through these bare feet.
                        Patsy (Purnima) Griffiths

Two Introductory Zen Days of Mindfulness ~ February 15
& March 15, 2014

To be held at:

‘Cloud Mountain’
Meditation Hall

36 Wattamolla Road, Woodhill
(7 kms from Berry, via Woodhill Mtn Road)

9.30 for 10am start.
Short talk followed by periods of sitting and walking meditation through to shared
potluck lunch 12.30-1.30,
afternoon talk and discussion, ending with
tea ceremony 3pm for a 3.30 finish.

If you need basic orientation to meditation practice, please come at 9am, but plenty of guidance will be offered both in occasional guided meditation as well as in face-to-face opportunities during these days together.

Both days will explore the foundations of mindfulness bringing a strong Zen spirit of inquiry to the process.  Further Zen days of Mindfulness will be scheduled for subsequent months by agreement with the group.

The teaching in these two days is offered to the meditation community of Berry and district on a Dana basis.*  The teacher relies on your offering to cover her living expenses.  

(Dr) Susan Murphy Roshi is a nationally and internationally recognized Zen teacher authorised in the lineage stemming from her teacher and pre-eminent Western Zen master, the late Robert Aitken. She teaches Zen in Sydney and Melbourne, and is the author of Upside Down Zen (2006) and Minding the Earth, Mending the World (2012), both available from Global Contact.

Inquiries / to Register:
phone: (02)4464 3171 

*Dana means 'giving' and 'generosity', and is meant to convey the idea that the teaching is both unpriced and priceless. The offering is as an act of generosity you agree to meet with whatever arises naturally in your heart in response.  Dana is a little challenging (in a good way), and also makes sure that none is excluded because of lack of means.

Marrianne Williamson is running for USA Congress

Marrianne is truly a person of spirited action.

She is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer and thought leader. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Four of these have been #1 New York Times Best Sellers.

For the past thirty years, Marianne has been a formidable activist for social justice

In late 2013 Marrianne decided to run for Congress as an Independent.

Here is an excerpt  of her announcement to run for office.

Dear Friends,

I have officially announced my candidacy for election to the U.S. House of Representatives from California’s Congressional District 33.

I know many of you are not surprised. At my Sister Giant Conference in Los Angeles last year, I urged almost two thousand women to consider running for office using the principles of non-violence to birth a new American politics. After experiencing the energy and enthusiasm of the conference, I spent long months pondering how I could best further such a movement. The response that feels most real and true to me is to run for office myself.

I do not think of this move as a career change. Rather, I feel I’m further expanding my work by taking the transformational principles to which I have dedicated myself for the last thirty years into another area where they are sorely needed. While a new paradigm, holistic, relational perspective now saturates many areas of our society — from education to business to medicine to spirituality — our politics seem to be outside its reach. And we cannot afford to turn away from politics….
click here to read on

If you would like to support Marrianne's efforts (as we do)
You can:
1) Join the campaign
2) Donate money to the campaign
3) Spread the message to others around the world. (through sharegraphics )

By us supporting Marrianne's efforts, she will have a greater opportunity to become an example for positive and creative political change to countries around the world, including Australia.
Global Contact would like to acknowledge the  life-altering contribution made by Transformational Tours.

They were the promoters of the White Lion tour Patsy participated in.

Transformational Tours heartfelt intention is to:
  • "Facilitate personal healing through connecting with Mother Earth at her sacred sites and sharing the Oneness Blessing (Deeksha).
  • Bring people to the realization of the interconnectedness of all life and how to live in harmony by connecting with wisdom traditions and indigenous leaders.
  • Develop a community filled with awe and reverence for our planet and universe through sacred journeys/pilgrimage and through shared experiences."

To find out what Transformational Tours has to offer go to:

Women's Spirituality
& Power
April 26-27. 2014 


with Lucy Baker


 Lucy was "sold out" last time she was in Berry. Due to popular demand for her return  Lucy is coming back for a whole weekend!

Weekend Intensive in Berry*
10am - 4pm Sat & Sun

 Fee  $295*

Includes each participant receiving 3 Lucy Baker CDs of her choice.

*Venue to be advised. Does not include meals or accommodation.

Do you feel called to attend?
Read on - it will help you decide:

Who you are is a fraction of who you are supposed to be.
Women's lives flow in 3 Trimesters.  
- First is when you are ‘owned’ by your parents, and learn how to & how not to live life.  
- Second is all about how you are in relationship to your self and others.  
- Third is all about You, your creative path, your highest purpose, your connection to inspiration.

Wherever you are on your journey, now may be the time to learn how to:
  • drop your drama
  • discover your personal frequency
  • develop intuitive prowess
  • map your life's journey
  • magnetise abundance in all its forms
  • deepen your wisdom
  • remember crucial life cycles
  • create functional relationships
  • become your own life partner
  • heal your inner child
  • activate your leadership
  • and more!
About Lucy
Lucy Baker is an Australian-based psycho-spiritual hypnotherapist and Women's self-development teacher who brings her unique blend of spirituality, psychic, shamanic and transformational skills to every workshop, in a grounded,  simple way. The author  'The Yoga of Relationship', Lucy has empowered women across the globe, from Mumbai to San Francisco, London to Canberra - and this workshop represents the ultimate package for those who wish to get  “the cream" of Lucy's teachings.

Go to our website for more information.
Phone Global Contact


Love in Action with Andrew Harvey~       12 & 13 June 2014


Son of Man:
The Authentic Christ 

Thurs 12 June 10am–1pm

Rumi & Kabir –
The Sacred Poets  

Fri 13 June 10am–1pm

$60  per talk.

Early bird $50 - book by 14 Feb.

Berry Uniting Church Hall,
69 Albert St, Berry   

Click to read more about the talks.

"Andrew knows the terrain of the birthing of Christ consciousness in a way that few others do. Because of his scholarly depth and personal experience, there is perhaps no more articulate, passionate, and perceptive teacher to lead people on this journey."
The Shift Network

Phone: Global Contact


There are limited places available, please book early to secure your place

13 June 2014 ~ Save this date

Rumi Soiree & launch of Andrew Harvey & Georgina Carr's CD      "In the Garden of Flame"

in Berry ( location to be advised)

Friday Evening 13 June promises to outshine last years amazing soiree...

The funds raised from this years soiree will go to a cause that touches Andrew & Georgia's Heart - the plight of the Refugees.

Like last year this night will sell out, so call us to put your name on the list at Global.

More information in next newsletter.

 We Recommend

12 Steps to a Compassionate Life
Karen Armstrong         $29.95 book

Karen Armstrong is one of the most original thinkers  around today. In this important and thought-provoking work, she inspires us to action and provides a practical guide to help us make the world a more compassionate place.

Quotes from the book:

“We can either emphasize those aspects of our traditions, religious or secular, that speak of hatred, exclusion, and suspicion or work with those that stress the interdependence and equality of all human beings. The choice is yours."
"...ask(ing) ourselves whether we want to win the argument or seek the truth: whether we are ready to change our views if the evidence is sufficiently compelling: and whether we are "making space for the other"...Above all, we need to listen..."
Click here for full quote and more information about the book & Karen.

Karen's Greatest Wish:

Karen Armstrong is changing the world. In 2008, Karen was awarded the TED prize for her groundbreaking work. She was given one wish and $100,000.
She asked TED to help her create, launch and propagate a “Charter for Compassion, crafted by a group of leading inspirational thinkers from the three Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and based on the fundamental principles of universal justice and respect."

The Charter for Compassion is now an important world wide movement.

The information above has been taken from the official website:
which has a wealth of information and ideas.

Global Contact congratulates both Karen and the wonderful initiative she inspired into reality.

Have you written & self published a book, CD or DVD?

Global Contact wants to sell it!*
Please email us an overview of it, including a photograph to:
and we'll be in contact with you.
*If we feel it fits within the scope of what Global Contact sells.

Year of the Wood Horse

Yee Ha....Straddle Up....We are about to have a fantastic Year with the Wood Horse.

This fabulous horse rode in on The new Moon on January &  also starts the month of the Fire Tiger creating a stronger energy  than the slower energy of the Water Snake 2013. Adventurous, Surprising, Triumphant, Carefree & Self-Expressive this Being will open us to  wonderful opportunities to choose.
Of course if it is not your highest evolutionary path & of the path of the greater expansiveness some hurdles could occur. But like any great Cowgirl/boy dust yourself of with your hat , (you choose what colour) & keep riding. No horse likes to be confine to the track, it will perform but yearns for do you & so does the planet. Try one conscious change for the better & then notice it did; watch your sabotour rise up  "see that didn't work" etc etc , you will then want to make another change & another change & next minute, month, year you will be your own winner feeling completely victorious.

This Wood Horse brings amazing fuel to show us all how to ignite a flame so bright, ending all chaos; melting all beings into awe inspiring wonder....... Peace will then be breathed into being.

Music, Mediation & Rumi Poetry ~ Berry ~ last Wednesday of each month


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