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Spring has arrived...
Daffodils herald the arrival of blossoms and budding leaves.

What is going to blossom in and through us this season?
I, and others I have spoken with, feel a sense of excitement and newness in the air.
In anticipation, people are decluttering their homes and/or reviewing how they're spending their time.

Two of our Global Contact friends recently attended the "I Can Do It!" conference in Sydney - which was loaded with inspiration. You can read about the key messages they took away from the weekend in the opposite column.

The weather over this past week has been a  pretty volatile mixture of extremes. Our minds are sometimes like that -  we too can be "all over the place", as you can read about in my story "Chain reaction". In the end there's a prefection in it just sometimes doesn't seem that way!

Do you ever feel stuck? If your answer is "yes" you might like to read the article by Jane Ewins.

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Enjoy! Choose love
Patsy (Purnima) Griffiths

with Jane Black
Saturday 10 November 10am - 2pm
Collaging is a creative and fun way to celebrate your past, present or future life or that of a special person, place or time. A  playshop is a workshop but without the "work"!
Jane provides a variety of materials, including canvas - and inspires you to bring forth your creativity.
Click here to view you tube.
For inquiries and bookings:
email Jane at:


Well ! - I’ve learnt so many ways to free my spirit and allow it to soar. Yet today, when I want the freedom of my spirit to write this piece I’m blank.

I do want that spirited well of inspiration to rise out of my ‘blank’ mind, but there’s nothing rising except an overactive animated mind that is firing points onto my to do list.

Yes, I’m aware I’m on overload, and I’m not saying this as a victim; my human doing loves busy! I (spirited being) loves ‘doing’  letting go, but then my human  ‘addiction to perfectionism’ behaviour gets a frustrated shake up. Confusing isn’t it? You bet!!! You should hear it from my side of my head (but then maybe not - why join my “madness”?)

I’m only a few days away from a holiday & my ego-doing  & spirited being is in a tug of war about my workaholism vs  guilt free holiday.

As my ego teacher (I meant to say yoga teacher) says ‘just get to the mat & the yoga will want to emerge in you”.

So I get to my daily practice: I read inspirations from my 3 books, meditate & then walk with affirmations & Avatar (my dog). This will allow my inner sight to rise whilst I exhaust the doing....  The winner is... Diana Ross singing “I’m in the middle of a chain reaction” . I give in - and surrender to my human-doing-mind. Today it feels faster and stronger. Too many deadlines before the holiday. That admission throws more  confusion & chaos into the mix. More self critical attacks come; I’ve not stratagised, prioritised, organised, miniminalised & Diana Ross sings louder in my head.

Seriously I’m all over the place. What about:  “what does my spirit want to say in this moment”?

My spirited self loves adventure, loves new, loves drama, loves excitement, loves to sing, loves to dance, loves to create, loves to sort, loves to build, loves to swim, loves to laugh, loves knowledge, loves food, loves great coffee, loves theatre, loves animated life, loves stories read, loves political debates, loves truth, loves inspirational expressions, loves art, loves old & new, loves movies, loves architecture, loves craft, loves history, loves manifesting new ideas, loves participating with others connecting to love: actually thats it!  Freedom....I loves to love!: hang on! a song “I love to love and my baby, she wants to dance has to dance”. Does chain reaction, love & dance want to be known? DNA? Spiral dance? Infinite  links?  Interlinking universal patterns connecting our life form patterns to the earth, grounded spiral fractals. This surrounds & radiates in me. Radiating outward, upward, sideways, tilting every which way & then vibrating to the speed of no time.

I ask for peace & I breathe.

And I remember: I’m going on a  gifted mystery holiday-adventure that my sister/friend (who loved me before I loved me) has organised so that I can simply pack my bags and show up at the airport.

And I remember: this is GRACE appearing - responding - simply because, even through my (not always) chaotic mind, I keep willing myself to make loving choices - like asking for help and letting go of self harming behaviours.

But generous universal surprises, mystery trips & resisting nothing still play havoc with my cynic.

Then, as I write, a scene from the movie Kill Bill arises in my head. Lucy Lu, in one movement, beheads a man because he calls her a ‘bitch’. I visualise slicing the self harming thoughts  to let spirit interplay & integrate with my ego - allowing my spirited being to evolve.

So “off with the head”  to all those self harming thoughts, dreams & stories that do not serve love. Instantly my perfectionist kicks in  to clean up the bleeding & then a Tinkerbell character comes in to fairy dust & dissolve the mess.

I want to use all tools, all experiences, all possibilities in this precious life to help me truly know what you and I know: that we are love. Through all the connections and interactions I experience, whether with  other people, songs which pop into my head, books, Cd’s  or even ads on the back of buses, the Divine’s surprises awaken, delight & enhance my peace-filled spirited being.

Just now a Divine syncronised moment happened. I received a text from my soul sister saying; “On our first night we are booked into the restaurant that Kill Bill 2 was filmed ”. Take what you can from my unraveling writing, but do hear Peter Pan’s advise that when things feel too overwhelming & too serious - choose to be the simpleton who shouts “I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies” . If you want, substitute fairies for .........(fill in the blank). Or sing from your inner Diana Ross.
xx Patsy (Purnima) Griffiths

I’ve yet to meet a person who hasn’t at some time or other – so guess your answer might be “yes”!
What does getting stuck really mean?
What are we stuck to?
How do we get “unstuck?”
In my experience it’s difficult to get “unstuck” unless we understand how we get stuck in the first place. The interesting thing is that unless we reflect deeply and honestly, we tend to blame something, someone or some situation for being stuck – not realizing that the cause is actually in-side us.
When we think that something, someone or some situation is “causing” our stuckness – we think we either have to get the thing, person or situation to change, or we have to change our behavior towards whatever we see “causing” that stuckness (and suffering).
If we do one or both of the above, we may feel some short term relief from our suffering, but it’s only superficial. Soon enough something else will show up to trigger the old feeling of being stuck! Why? Because the real cause is still there!
And that real cause is the cage of beliefs, habits, and thoughts we have about ourselves, other people and the world at large!
Some common examples are:
"In the end people can’t be trusted"; "I have to do everything myself"; "Other people always know better than me"; "It’s tough out there"; "It’s not safe to tell the truth"; "I don’t know enough about…." and so on – the list is endless!
Behind all our negative beliefs, habits and thoughts is fear.
Gregg Braden says in his book “The Divine Matrix” that there are 3 universal fears we all have in common to some degree:
1)   The fear of separation and abandonment;
2)   The fear of our low self worth;
3)   The fear of surrendering and trusting.
I agree with him.

One or all of those fears is at the root of each of our negative beliefs, habits and thoughts.
We become stuck because “something” is touching a deep fear that we are going to be abandoned, and/or we are not good enough and/or that we would have to “lose control” ….and that feels too scary. So we hold back – we are stuck to fear.
The good news is that we don’t have to stay stuck!
I’ve spent many years trying to change my outer circumstances and inner circumstances – with  a degree of success – but it’s hard work and downright tiring when you believe (as I did) that you “have” to deal with each issue or situation as it arises – and of course they kept arising!
Having had lots of time over the past couple of years to reflect and spend time in the company of wise souls both virtual  (through books, CDs and the web ) and in real life – I now understand that the more I focus on the opposite of these 3 fears the times of feeling stuck have greatly diminished, I feel more at home with myself, far more creative and free.
What are the opposite of these 3 fears?
Trust in your innate, pure and all-knowing self or soul as it was and is always - underneath all the experiences you have had in life.
And trust that the universe, divine energy-wisdom/God knows the full picture and your part in it.
Love of self, others and “life” – because we recognize that underneath we are all perfect and one.
Acceptance  - not resisting what is happening – but trusting that there is a purpose or message in everything and surrendering to universal love and trust.
This doesn’t mean we blithely let people do bad stuff to us. Actually discernment & effective choice-making is easily done from a place of trust, love and acceptance!
If what I have written resonates with you – if you feel a shimmering, perhaps faint, sense of “yes – I know this!!” then I’d encourage you to explore further – through personal reflection, investigating the “ideas” (for want of a better word) further, and practice.

If you  would like to know what resources and writers i have found supportive and interesting - click here.

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We are giving away six  places to attend  a "Free Your Spirit" Playshop being run by Jane Ewins  in Berry on Saturday October 13th (10.30 am - 3.30pm)
Click on the image above and you will be directed to our website. Click on the same image on our home page, then follow the instructions to enter  the chance to win one of the remaining places.

Scroll down this newsletter to read Jane's article "Do you ever feel stuck?"


Dare to Connect
This book reveals to us the heart and soul of connection.It is for everyone who has ever asked:
- Why do I feel so nervous when I walk into a room full of strangers - Why do I feel lonely, even though I'm surrounded by people - Why do I feel so alienated from my husband/wife/lover.
Susan Jeffers     $25.00 (book)
The Fifth Disciple
"This book correlates teachings from several profound texts...We become joyfully reacquainted with a different Guide than we have travelled with in the past...We will gain the knowledge that enables us to see beyond form to the formless, and unite once again with the flawless Vision that sees our True Self as it really is."
Cynthia Bove     $27.00 (book)
The Fool's Wisdom Oracle Cards
Designed to accelerate personal empowerment &spiritual growth. The 'Fool' is the universal archetype of our witness self, the eternally objective Divine voice who resides within all of us. He observes & comments on our lives as we journey through the human experience, pointing out what we sometimes refuse to acknowledge.
Sonia Choqette    $23.00 (Boxed set
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The 77 cards and comprehensive 292-page guidebook is a powerful life-changing crystal healing system....allowing you to connect with the crystals and tap into their wisdom
Justin Moikeha Asar   $40.00 (Boxed
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RavenWolf believes that "changing our reality is absolutely possible. She puts quantum physics theories into plain English and ... teaches how to achieve a special state of consciousness, including how to create and project a "mindlight," or ball of energy, through meditations, visualizations, rituals, and mind exercises".
Silver Ravenwolf      $28.00 (book)
Steampunk Tarot Set
Go where the past and future converge... the artwork evokes our complex relationship with science and technology. The included manual provides tips, original spreads, and guidance in card interpretation.
Barbara Moore       $40.00 (boxed set
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The Healing Breath
"Neil... guides you into the heart of Jesus' language, insights, and culture to help you access the great healer's path to wholeness and fulfillment. In Jesus' time, the breath was recognized as the ultimate power behind the cosmos."You will learn 24 body  based meditations on the aramaic beatitudes.
Neil Douglas-Klotz       (6CDs)
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Writing the Story Within
This book "...will help you move beyond self-doubt, procrastination & judgment to fully express your true creative voice...Cultivate a disciplined writing practice that frees your expression and brings you closer to your creative Source."
Chip Richards        $30.00 (book)



9-11 November 2012
Wilton NSW
$420.00 per person
(includes all meals)

With Ganga Karen Ashworth (voice) &
Bernadette Arena (yoga).

Be uplifted by the power of song...even if you  believe you can't sing!
Experience the bliss of deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra and delicious yoga suitable for all.
A weekend set in the peaceful surrounds of  Inner Space Retreat - Wilton NSW (see photo above).

Enquiries please contact Bernadette on 0419 469 152 .
Click here to go to our website to find out more about Bernadette.
        I C
AN DO IT !        
The I Can Do It ! Conference, brought together an eclectic group of  author-speakers at Sydney Convention Centre in Darling Harbour on the weekend of 25 and 26 August 2012.
Louise L.Hay, Cheryl Richards
on, Robert Holden, Doreen Virtue, Suze Orman, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Neale Donald Walsch inspired their audience.
Katrina Fox and Georgina A
brahams attended both days and have kindly summarised what they “heard” as the key messages.

Day one kicked off with the grand dame of personal development, Louise L. Hay, the author of the renowned You Can Heal Your Life and many other books and CDs and Cheryl Richardson, her co-author of You Can Lead An Exceptional Life. We learned that at 85 Louise has just started to take piano lessons and that she constantly reminds those around her to check their language to keep it positive. Instead of telling someone “Don’t forget”, ask them to “Please remember”.

The theme of the talk was that realising our dreams begins with our willingness to love ourselves and the two women offered 10 steps to love yourself:
1.     Stop all criticism. “It never changes the thing, it just makes it worse,” said Louise. “Accept yourself exactly as you are and you will make positive changes. When you catch yourself doing something you don’t want to do, instead of criticising yourself for failing, say instead, ‘I caught it. I’m going to care for myself.’
2.     Don’t scare yourself. If you go off on a negative thought pattern, catch yourself and think of something good. Louise recommended dissolving habits rather than breaking them because “if I break them, there are pieces of them around but if they are dissolved, they no longer exist”. Cheryl reminded us that our brains are wired to give us the answers we seek. “If you say, ‘How can I love myself today?’ your brain will look for answers”. A beautiful piece of advice from Louise was to hold our own hand with joy until the end. “You are with you till the day you d
ie, so make your relationship with you the best,” she said.
3.     Treat yourself with patience, gentleness and kindness. “It’s not uncommon to take one step forward and two steps back,” said Cheryl.
4.     Be kind to your mind. “Self-hatred is really only thinking a thought and if you’re hating a thought you are thinking about yourself, a thought can be changed. Make your mind a gentle place to live,” said Louise.
5.     Praise yourself. When faced with having to do something challenging, tell yourself beforehand that it will be easy and effortless, and afterwards tell yourself you did the best you could and that’s fine. Cheryl noted when we are bei
ng the best we can, it gives others permission to do the same.
6.     Ask for help. “Most of us are afraid to ask others for help and so nothing gets done, then we are resentful because people aren’t reading our minds,” said Louise.
7.     Bless your kitchen. This may sound a bit twee but the point of this step is to nourish your body and not fill it with junk food. This was the one section of Louise’s talk that was incongruent with her messages of love and compassion. We were horrified to hear her delight in creating “bone broth” and adding the “backs, necks or wings” of chickens to her meals. Without meaning to diminish in any way the groundbreaking and pioneering work Louise has done over the years, it was a huge disappointment to hear her supporting the torture and killing of sentient creatures. 
8.     Love every negative habit we have because we created it for a reason, to keep us safe and protected. “Ask what is the benefit and can you do it in another way?” she advised.
9.     Do mirror work – practise gazing into a mirror and saying loving and kind things to yourself – even if it feels uncomfortable at first. After a while it will create new neural pathways and you will start to believe your words.
10.  Remember that when you love life, life loves you right back.
Click here to read about the complete article.

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