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Unconditional Self Love Mastery 

One Day Intimate Retreat 

for the
Body, Heart, Mind & Soul 


Blake D. Bauer

A Deeply Nourishing & Empowering Day of Self-Love, Healing, Spiritual Practice, Mindfulness Meditation & Qi Gong Healing Exercises 

Preventative Medicine | Natural Healing | Vital Health & Happiness 

Saturday July 11 2015 - Berry - NSW .
10am - 6pm 


Cost: $255.


Please join bestselling author Blake D. Bauer for a one day retreat focused on how to practically love, accept, forgive, honor, value and be true to yourself in every moment and situation. Discover why all suffering, anxiety, depression & illness are cries from your soul asking you to love, value & be true to yourself now. The day will also include deep mindfulness meditation and qi gong healing exercises, all designed to unlock stuck energy, blood and emotion so you can move forward in fulfilling your life purpose and enjoying your life to the fullest – without regret and without feeling guilty for wanting to happy or healthy. 

Slow down & allow yourself just to be. Give yourself permission to take a break from constant stress & anxiety. In this one day retreat you will learn how to:
• Stop making yourself wrong • Train your mind & find p
eace • Heal past wounds & traumas • Identify & transform your limiting beliefs • Identify the root cause of illness, anxiety & depression • Clarify your direction forward • Live fully in the present • Unlock stuck energy, blood & subconscious emotion • Fulfill your life’s purpose • Transform your relationships • Reconnect with your infinite, intelligent & capable self • Come home to the source of peace & love within • Revitalize your physical body & health 

All bookings: are to be paid on-line via  Eventbrite



Does your heart ache
for a
soul filled adventure?

Over these 4 years I have wanted to explore this beautiful earth 'on my own' & to move through the ego's resistance which stifles my adventurous spirit via fear based talk. Many of you since have asked “how do you do this on your own, I’d be too scared & I so very much want to”! 

Well ! This is how, I travel via Jeremy & the Team of Transformational Tours. I then relax into the sacred of myself & the tour  & with their many teachings. All ‘princess’ needs of mine are taken care of via the many answered questions & anything raised whilst journeying is nurtured with deep respect. 

Andrew Harvey is one of my greatest teachers so I urge you to take the plunge, allow your spirit to soar. Is South India calling you? 

                                                                                              Patsy ( Purnima)
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Thank you

to all who attended

What the hell is evil?

To those who didn’t attend this incredible morning of Elder Wisdom you missed something special. The Speakers & Questions from the Audience were deeply radical, political, profound, passionate, honest, loving, respectful & insightful. The day evoked such change in our collective thinking & created a want to choose conscious choices instead of reactive ones.

We all raised a total of $960 which was equally divided between the Homeless Woman & Children Lunch Fund & the Berry Mens Shed Scholarship Fund. 

I’m deeply grateful for all that we can accomplish simply by the coming together & bringing forth our Divine Humanness with its potential to evolve its “faults” & open to its vastness.

I ask you as a reader (as I did to those attending the event), “If you have a topic you would like discussed” please let me know. 

Big LOve
Patsy (Purnima)

Sunday Soul Searching

                                                                                             by Liz Lee
... today I’m going a little deep and philosophical and talk about my observations on the power of the mind, interspersed with some gentle attempts at comedy.

Ok. Let’s talk about the brain and how incredibly powerful that bad boy is in determining our entire outlook on life. We can use our thoughts for both good and evil, however it seems these days a lot of people are choosing the whole “glass is half empty” approach. Overall, I’ve always viewed myself as a bit of a Positive Polly (cool lingo I know), however lately I’ve noticed that I’m often choosing to focus on “the bad” instead of “the good” in various situations. Case in point:

I woke up this morning and had an instant pang of sadness. I’d just woken up from my last sleep-in of the week…and tomorrow is Monday (sad face). I was unhappy that the weekend was almost over, yet it was only 7am on Sunday morning...
                                                                          here to read on...
About Liz Lee
Liz (26) is passionate about health & wellness and the importance of looking after yourself when you work in caring/teaching industries. She is a marketing professional turned high school teacher, freelance writer & consultant  offering social media management including proofreading & copywriting 
Instagram: lizleeeee                                           Facebook:

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