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Crystal Awakening


Rachelle Charman


Friday 19th September 2014. 10am to 2pm

Rachelle embodies the wisdom and teachings of Mother Earth, living with her in Divine Sacred Union & is well respected by many in the ‘Crystal’ community.

“I invite you to come and have your own experience as the crystals and Mother Earth amplify your essence and lead you on a journey of self discovery and LOVE”.

This unique One Day Event is for beginners & professionals who want:
  • A dynamic and passionate teacher;
  • To re -awaken in Self the unique shamanic wisdom of Mother Earth using the multitude of energies from beautiful Crystals;
  • Connection to the sacred medicine of the earth whilst revisiting or learning new  tools to integrate their knowledge into your daily life;
  • To enhance their own practice personally &/or professionally.

Crystals embody not only simplistic beauty but a multitude of energies that activate our mind, body and soul and Rachelle has certainly embodied their gifts and knowledge via Ancient Shamanic Teachings.

“I believe that Crystals, Mother Earth and her healing medicines have an important role to play in our awakening. Crystals and the healing energies and these medicines of the Earth amplify and bring more light into our being enabling and supporting us in transformational healing as they bring us back into our pure natural all loving, all knowing state of being”.

Where: Berry
Cost: $88*

*Special Offer:
Pre Purchase  from Global Contact a
ny 2 items of Rachelle’s Range                          before the event & come for only $44.  

Book in earlier rather than later to secure your place.
Bookings: Global Contact

Global Contact

"OPen Minds" FREE lecture


Saturday September 20th. 5.30pm - 7.30pm


Anna Pye

her topic:

Dragonfly Dreaming: Orbs & Their Presence.

“The Dragonfly is us and we are it, forever intertwined,  dreaming,  the same unlimited dream of co-creation.”

It is through Anna’s personal spiritual Journey that she has uncovered who we are and a quest for what is real.  

“Through my personal experience, I proved that conventional physical reality is  just one dimension of an infinite spectrum of reality that we exist in.
The significance of the orbs is that their presence en masse, at a time of momentous change on earth is providing us with the opportunity to accept our multidimensionality”

Where: Global Contact Bookstore
Bookings Essential:  email or phone

"Your Future is in Your Hands"

Secrets Teachings of Palmistry




Wednesday September 24th. 10am - 2.30pm


Ric’s Palmistry teachings help:
  • Understand You & therefore assist with change and/or enhancing your Life Path.
  • Learn about your Health.
  • Empower a new path for yourself by simply connecting with your own Truth: “its mapped on your hands”
  • Enhance you through your Destiny path suiting Yourself & not longer others.
  • Align to your Intuition via your own ‘Lined Path’: Are you psychic?
  • Lines on your Palm will change your direction.
  • MOve On from old beliefs, drop your fears & step into your courage.
This Event will Open you to your FREEDOM.

Cost: $88*.

*Special offer: You can attend the event for a discounted rate of $44 with any ‘booked & paid’  Pre Palm Reading with Ric at your ‘favourite’ store: Global Contact.

Where: Global Contact
Bookings Essential: Email or phone.
Save this Date:

Saturday 29 November 2014 9.30am - 4pm


"Beyond Belief"

A day to explore and listen to a variety  of speakers sharing  their perspective on the topic, including but not limited to: 
  • the "being" of "human being";
  • the impacts of thoughts & beliefs;
  • health & well being;
  • conscious living.
We'll be sending you all the details in the next few weeks.


     Intuitive Readings ~ Wholistic Counselling


Jane Ewins


Monday at Global Contact

sessions from $60

Jane combines intuition (including card reading), professional counselling skills & spiritual guidance to help you  

                                            ~ gain clarity & peace of mind
                                            ~ make decisions
                                            ~ take action.

Winter  is a great opportunity to rest, reflect & take time out to reconnect with yourself and your life's purpose.

Bookings: Global Contact
Walk-in sessions on the day may be available on the day - subject to availability.
For more information about Jane go to:

Farewell dear Anthony Strano

Anthony Strano passed away on July 26.
Anthony served for over 30 years with the Brahma Kumaris.
As a spiritual teacher and writer Anthony has helped thousands of people around the world via talks he gave and books and CDs he created.
His presence and wisdom reminded others of their innate ability to experience their own still presence and wisdom.

Though he is no longer here in the body he will continue to remind and inspire  through his wonderful books:
  "Slaying the Three Dragons - Overcoming Doubt, Worry & Fear."
"Seeking Silence - Exploring & Practicing the Spirituality of Silence."
"The Aplha Point"
& CD - "A Time for Healing".

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