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Like Spring’s new buds my Desire’s yearning is for the expansiveness of Freedom to Express itself through Me. Welcome to the Joys of Spring....a time to create aNEW.
Our latest 108 shades of love is Desire. Synchronistically a story was told to me, furthering my understanding of its essence. It went something like this:
The First Life:  A snail’s wondering spirit desired to fly & soon after its yearning found itself falling from a tree... “weeeee I’m flying”  it exclaimed & then landed safely on a truck. The truck takes off, increasing speed. “Wow flyings fantastic” feels the snail. The truck breaks suddenly - the snail gleefully flies further to its final place in this life....splat.
The Second Life:   Born a Mosquito it remarked whilst flying, “look at this spectacular scenery.” Taking a drink from an animal drinking from a lake  it started  desiring to know what it would be like to be as large as the animal she was drinking from.
This story flips my mind to judgements & opinions like;  ‘see what happens when you desire...splat!’, and the old “be careful what you wish for...”  while simultaneously questioning ‘how wonderful  would it be to be fearless & just desire?’. 
My spirits’ desire wants to evolve & my restrained  body & mind wants to hold onto certain stories which confine the expressiveness of the desired experience or yearning. I believe my Soul evolution gravitates me towards freedom through exploring this life & its many adventures.  My spirited-ego loves change & adventure. My lazy complacent ego wants no change just routine because it feels safe.
Using my will to align with my highest potential, “skills-up” the LOving of my ego. Accepting my shortcomings along with my greatness, instead of striving for improvement, paves my way to deeper conscious understandings of my life & its evolution. Desire opens me & I step into conscious forgiveness, & compassion. There is a deepening of self love enabling more fearless desires to rise & miraculously; I yearn & ask to explore more.
Georgina Abrahams fearless acts of service, a woman who travels to Parramatta each week, (put link to our website story of her),  to feed many Woman (& their children) living on the streets. Globals’ Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner events donates your money to her cause.  She has inspired me to challenge my ego-self’s habitual thinking, “I can’t do this because” or “I can’t do that because” which sabotages wondrous opportunities for the growth of me.  By turning toward my desired Yes I notice my commitment issues arise.
Susan from The Heart Centre reminded me how hard it is for people to simply commit.  I read, hear & see how I/we create various stories such as: “You are not committed to this relationship.” , “I’m unable to help you because you are not committed.”, or “ All would be ok if you would simply commit to...”. There-in lies my answer  to why I/we project. I swing between excuses & resisting whilst I desire & yearn to commitment to a simple daily practice.  Avoiding the practice (even a desired new practice) stops the the ego me connecting with my “higher” me. Therefore I/we block the ability to  see  the incredible attributes within me/us such as kindness, supportiveness, generosity, patience, forgiveness, compassion, joy & many other previous unseen gifts of the LOve of self.
So today I entered my practice & 3 words came through: ‘Like sparks Ignite’ & instantly I know like-kind creates like-kind. You & I gifting caring attributes toward ourselves &/or toward another enflames LOving sparks which can automatically ignite a want toward selfless service, be it to ourselves or other being/s. The like sparks ignite &  my knowing of all that is LOve desires to create miraculous, peaceful,  great-filled & great-full experiences. And that creates the miraculous day to day of my life. 
So...instead of dismissing my desire, I want to accept it fully & step into the open doors it creates toward many, many adventurous possibilities. Why? Because like the snail, I want to fly.
                        Patsy (Purnima) Griffiths

Living from Within

Jane Ewins

$100 (4 evenings)

Jane invites you to participate in 4 consecutive Tuesday evenings to explore the sense of peace, joy, connectedness and purpose experienced when we choose to live soulfully - from the inside out.

Jane is a spiritual and integrative counsellor and consultant. She will inspire you to move beyond your current perceived limits.  Jane's approach is safe, gentle, fun, and practical !

Consider coming along if you:
  • have an underlying sense of anxiety.
  • want to experience more contentment.
  • want to feel more “at home” with yourself.
  • want to let go of old thoughts and behaviours.
  • sometimes feel like “a fish out of water”.
  • know there is MORE to life.
“No matter what is happening in our lives, we choose how we wish to think about it.”                              Marianne Williamson

“The world can only change from within.”
                                            Eckhardt Tolle

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.” 
                                           Albert Einstein
“In stillness the soul can tune into aspects of being that exist beyond analysis & discussion.”  
                                          Anthony Strano

Bookings: Global Contact


Click here more information about Jane

with Andi Willis

(Dip Hyp, NLP,)

If you are suffering from a lack of confidence, low esteem, anxiety, phobias, procrastination or you want to stop smoking,or other challenges, hypnotherapy can help you. 

Hypnosis is not scary, it is a state of extreme relaxation where we work with your subconscious mind to help you be more in control of your life and achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Relaxation class:

Come to my relaxation class on the first Monday of the month. It’s just $5.

Starts: 2 September
at “the space” - 1/98 Queen Street Berry, then Monday 7 October.

We will be tackling something different every month!

Bookings & details contact :Andi

Ph: 0406198922      



Alana Fairchild


Saturday 21st September 2013

10am - 3pm


*If you pre-purchase any 2 of Alanas products from Global Contact pay half price $54 to attend.. or gift/ bring a friend (therefore 1st person $108...& 2nd  person only $54).


Alana channels the Divine Mother, her compassionate face through Kuan Yin and Mother Mary and her fierce grace through the Black Madonna and Mother Kali. Alana expresses the Holy Mother’s emanation in lectures, writing, singing, music and dance, as well as guided healing meditations and energy transmissions to stimulate the divine alchemy of your own awakening.


Birth is a wild, raw, divine happening. It is drenched in grace. Yet there is pain, there is dying of the old even as the new gasps for first breath. The Divine Mother holds us through our death and blesses us, often at the moment when all seems completely lost, with her grace of new life. 


You are invited to meet the Divine Mother through a unique gathering with Alana, this coming Spring Equinox, September 2013. Together, in sacred space, we step into her transformational presence to receive her most sacred gift – rebirth. Come receive her blessing to shed your past and embrace your becoming.

Bookings: Global Contact.

Meditations for Spiritual Success

by Alana Fairchild

Alana Meditations uses the healing sounds of the crystal bowl and mantra to meet the loving energy of Ganesha - an ancient  deity with a powerful energy that removes obstacles and bestows grace.

Kuan Yin Oracle
Alana Fairchild
Blessings, guidance and enlightenment from the divine feminine.
The 44 cards in this deck guide you to a place of inner peace and beauty. Her energy reaches out to you from each card.
The Isis Oracle
Alana Fairchild
Awaken the high priest/ess within.The 44 cards and guidebook help you apply the Ancient Mystery teachings of Isis in practical ways to help you navigate through the experiences and challenges in your daily life.

with the EARTH
a morning of indigenous teachings

(Uncle Max Harrison) 

Sunday 1 December 2013 . 10am - 1pm

COST: $50
(sliding scale to $30 concession.)
Uncle Max Harrison is the author of My People's Dreaming.

Dulumunmun ( Uncle Max) will lead a 3 hr teaching on the land.Dulumunmun ( Uncle Max) will lead a 3 hr teaching on the land.

This is a rare opportunity to connect with the deep tap-root of indigenous understanding of the terms of the Earth and the spirit of this land.

He is a fully initiated Yuin (South Coast NSW) elder. He is highly skilled in passing on appropriate areas of indigenous knowledge.
The morning will be held on beautiful Woodhill mountain just 7 kms from Berry. 

Bookings: Global Contact

Instead of asking "What do I want from life?", a more powerful question is "What does life want from me?”            Eckhart Tolle

a day of meditation & deep ecology


Zen Teacher & Author

Woodhill mountain near Berry

Saturday  2 November 2013
10 am - 4.30 pm 

COST:  $90 (or $75 for low/unwaged)

ONE WORLD AT A TIME invites both meditators & writers – whether beginners or experienced, & whether seeking publication or doing private or life writing - to create & enjoy a safe, productive one-day creative community together.  If we enjoy doing this, we may even do it again.

The day will offer guided meditation, exercises to stir your writing mind, quiet writing time in a beautiful and comfortable setting, and supportive feedback.

Morning & afternoon tea  provided plus a big soup for lunch.
Please bring a small plate (bread, cheese, savoury spreads or sweets) to share.

Bookings : Global Contact.


Andrew Harvey
Georgia Carr


A Rumi Dinner Soiree
in Berry


Saturday 21 September 2013
6.00 pm - 9.00 pm

     $88 /person


- Yes -
Andrew is coming back to Berry.

This extraordinary evening will delight your senses and your soul!

Andrew Harvey is unique, wild, and a passionate mystic of the modern era. 
He has brought Rumi’s eternally inspiring teachings to the West, translating, in his illuminating and poetic style, hundreds of Rumi’s teachings and poems. 

We are thrilled  to have him as our guest for this soiree, and to hear him sharing the depth and breadth of Rumi.


Georgia Carr songwriter and recording artist from Heartcentre in Vincentia, will be singing her mystical songs and some of Andrew’s translations of Rumi that she has put to music. 

She will accompany herself on dulcimer.  Her songs are heart-opening and transporting.

Your financial contribution will be helping women and their children who are living on the streets in Sydney, and you will meet the Woman who cooks for them each week.

All dietary requirement will be catered for. 
Alcohol free evening.

Bookings: Global Contact 

There are limited places available, please book early to secure your place.



“Truth Creates Heaven on Earth”

with Karen Wade



Saturday 26 October


1.30 pm - 4:30 pm


Individual "Personal Clarity Sessions"



An experiential presentation of Karen's book “Truth Creates Heaven”.

Karen's heart calls her to share with those seeking truth and it’s enlightenment and those who seek to discover their way home to their True Self and the love, peace and joy this brings .

So much is shifting and changing now. For many it can be very confronting and at times confusing. Karen creates a safe haven to nurture and guide those who are opening their hearts. She provides simple tools to help  navigate this rapidly expanding consciousness.

Karen’s journey has led her to clearly communicate with the higher, finer dimensional energies & scribe their messages for this book.

If you feel drawn to experience A Journey of the Heart, find out Who you really Are and meet like minded people  book your place now.

* Purchase a copy of "Truth Creates Heaven on Earth"  before the event and you can attend for half price. for half price.

Personal Sessions:

Karen works with your angels & your higher self to help shine the 'Light of Truth' so you can gain clarity, deepening your connection with your True Self, your inner wisdom and your angels thus expanding your conscious awareness.

Bookings: Global Contact


Minding the Earth, Mending the World.
by Susan Murphy.
What if we were to choose courage and resolve, rather than fear? What if we discovered the difference each of us could make and started to listen closely to what the earth is saying, and to our own connections with it?
A life & death Conversation with Ali
by Dorothy McRea-McMahon
When Dorothy learned of the terminal illness of her partner Ali, she agreed to record the conversations they shared throughout this most painful journey. Ali and Dorothy come from different backgrounds, religious perspectives and theological outlooks. Yet they shared a common love and perspective.
Heaven on Earth
Timeless prayers of wisdom & love
by Stephanie Dowrick
A collection of sublime prayers and teachings from a variety of traditions; an inclusive "How To" book on achieving spiritual joy and peace.
Free Thinking
Stephanie Dowrick
Stephanie's writing  takes her from the profound to the everyday, but always with attention to the biggest question of all: ‘How should we live?’

Choosing Happiness:
Life & soul essentials
Stephanie Dowrick
Understanding that your happiness largely depends on your outlook on life, your inner values & resilience, & how you treat other people, you can take charge of your large & small decisions in new &  effective ways.
Seeking the Sacred
Stephanie Dowrick
Stephanie  persuades us that only an authentically inclusive spiritual vision is ambitious enough to change the way that we see ourselves  and keep one another safe. Imagine the world we would live in if we dared to see all of life as sacred.
Everyday Kindness:
short cuts to a happier and more confident life.

Stephanie Dowrick
Stephanie offers short, wise & often very entertaining chapters on  “everyday life”. Adding kindness to the mix – or greater care, appreciation, good humour, respect – life itself takes a turn for the better.

- 30 NOVEMBER 2013 -

a day of inspiration, exploration & community.




  • Stephanie Dowrick

  • Dorothy McRea McMahon

  • Susan Murphy

  • Jane Ewins

We encourage you to save this date in you calendar now. The day promises to be one to savor & utilise as we move towards the new year.

If you don't live locally - why not make stay in or around Berry for the weekend?

We'll be sending you an e-newsflash shortly with all the details.

a day of meditation & deep ecology


Zen Roshi Susan Murphy
& ecological activist John Seed

Saturday 21 September  2013.
10am - 5pm
Woodhill - Berry
Cost*: $100.00
(Slidin scale to $50 concession)

A day of deep exploration of how we may begin to wake up a true response to the crisis facing our Earth - both individually and collectively.

Our Earth is in trouble. To recognise that trouble is an act of sanity, to share the trouble is an act of love.

*Proceeds will be donated to the Cambodian monks of Prolay Temple.
The monks are trying to stop the damming of the Areng River by the Cambodian Government & a Chinese Government company.

If this dam were built it would:
  • Submerge the Prolay Temple.
  • Displace over 1000 Khmer Daeum indigenous people.
  • Flood 20,000 Ha of rainforest.
  • Give access to illegal logging & poaching to the
  • Cardamom Protected Forest, the largest remaining rainforest in mainland SE Asia. This threatened forest is habitat for 31 globally endangered species.

Bookings: Contact John Seed 

Phone: 0410370632                     Email:
Photos by Luke Duggleby


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