Join us on 27 June to explore
"what the hell is evil?" 

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A message from Susan Murphy:
We live in a time when the word ‘evil’ is being endlessly batted about by our politicians, in ways that look quite nakedly self-serving.  Just as though we all know and agree what that powerful word means.  But do we?   

Certainly we can identify acts that repel us so strongly we reach for the word ‘evil’.  Yet we also seem able to live with acts of harm against other people, creatures and the environment itself without being so moved.  What is going on?  How do we go about identifying appropriate moral agency - including in ourselves - without doing so in a way that ignorantly demonises other people?

Please come and contribute to an open discussion about this important question with a panel of community members who have given it some serious thought.
Global Contact presents:


                                         ~ An uncomfortable topic?
                                         ~ Politically incorrect to talk about?
                                         ~ Too ‘big” to think about let alone “fix”?
                                         ~ A conversation well overdue?
Perhaps ! - Join our four speakers and Interlocutor - Susan Murphy to reflect and explore this timely question and its potential for change.
”the line separating good & evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor 
 between political parties either -- but right through every human heart -- and  
 through all human hearts.”
                          Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn The Gulag Archipelago

Saturday 27 June 2105

10 am - 1pm



Berry Uniting Church Hall - Albert St.

Ticket Price: $20*
*All ticket proceeds go to the Homeless Woman & Children Lunch Fund & the  Berry Mens Shed Scholarship Fund.


Tom Darby
Former Schools Inspector, Principal & Industrial Arts Teacher, an initiator of the Mens Shed movement.
Dr. Rob McMurdo
Psychiatrist- worked with prisoners & victims,
member of the Mental Health Tribunal. 
Rev. Dr. David Millikan
Writer, Clergyman, former Head of Religious Programs ABC. TV documentary maker. 
Jane Ewins
Spiritual & wellbeing coach/counsellor,
marketing consultant,
advocate &
city- life escapee.

Our Interlocutor - Susan Murphy

Zen master, author, film  maker, radio producer,  feminist, deep ecologist, mother & grandmother.

 “Medicine and sickness heal each other. The whole world is medicine. Where do you find yourself?” Today we can no longer evade the fact that the whole world is sick and that the healing must start with us."

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