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Creating your own oracle cards


Mel Brown

Sunday March 22

9am - 4 pm



In this valuable workshop you will:
  • Explore the close connection between Australian Aboriginal spirituality & deities from a range of other cultures.
  • Explore your creative side by producing your own personal oracle cards and use your intuition to understand the message and meaning  of each card you create.
  • Engage in a simple arts based exploration where-upon you gift yourself a deeper understanding of how the expression of yourself IS your  greatest Oracle!
Your Rite of Passage is about to unfold!

About Mel:
Melinda Brown is an Ngunnawal woman living in the Northern Rivers, NSW,  Bundjalung Nation.
Mel has a Masters of Indigenous Studies – Healing & Trauma.She has spent the last 10 yrs as a Counsellor, Cultural Trainer, Artist and published Author.
Mel is the Artist and Author of:
-  Aboriginal Spirit Oracle                    - Aboriginal Chakra Goddess Oracles
-  Aboriginal Dreaming Runes              - Aboriginal Spirit Meditation CD

Mel’s passion is educating people in relation to Aboriginal spirituality.

* Special Offer:
Attend for $54.00 if you pre purchase from Global Contact any 2 of Mel’s products.

Bookings: Global Contact

It’s In Your Hands




Wednesday 4 March 2015     

10am - 2pm 



Ric’s Palmistry teachings help you:
  • Understand You & therefore assist with change and/or enhancing your Life Path.
  • Learn about your Health.
  • Empower A new path for yourself by simply connecting with your own Truth: “it’s mapped on your hands”
  • Enhance You through your Destiny path - suiting Yourself not others.
  • Align to Your Intuition via your own ‘Lined Path’: Are you psychic? Lines on your Palm will change your direction.
  • MOve-on from old beliefs, drop your fears & step into your courage.                                                                
 This Event will Open you to your FREEDOM.

*Special offer:
Attend the event for only $44 with any ‘booked & prepaid’  Palm Reading by Ric at your ‘favourite’ store: Global Contact.
Good news!
Ric is at Global Contact on Mondays in addition to weekends.
Bookings: Global Contact

Open MInds FREE talk series

Global Contact will be holding several FREE talks throughout the year .
The aim, purpose, intent & desire is the same, to encourage:
  • Open’ing Hearts                                
  • Provoke’ing Conscious Discernment
  • Evoke’ing Insightful Change           
  • Nuance'ing Awareness

Our next  ‘Open MInds’  FREE Talk is:


          'Living in Harmony with the universe:

 a guide for every man and his dog’


Michael Riddell


    Saturday 21 March 2015

       5pm - 7pm 


Michael had it all. Wealth, a successful career in cotton,
a 25 year marriage. Life is good and about to get better.

Then the storm hit. From the penthouse to shitehouse to the doghouse,
with only a ute & a suitcase left, Michael contemplated life in his daughter's garage.

“It was as if destiny had grabbed me by the ear and forced me in a totally different direction, a direction where long held beliefs and values held no relevance.”
A mere year  earlier Michael would have dismissed as bullshit his thoughts about his spirit, clairvoyance & a society that controls through manipulation, division, fear & control. He asked:

“Why would I put myself through this shite when to believe in this new age stuff is to be seen as a girl? Why should blokes want to find their soul? Whats the upside?”

We invite you to come and find out!

Michael Riddell has written a book called: 'LIFE, a little brown dog
and shite like that.'

It is easy to read, amusing and insightful.The "true story of how one man finds love, his soul... & how the living universe ticks."

It has won an Independent Publishers book award.

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