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Hello Dunbar & District. This is our new monthly newsletter which is going out to 600 members of Sustaining Dunbar and 190 households taking the Household Canny Challenge. We hope that you enjoy it and we would love to hear from you about what sorts of things you are doing and about what you would like to see in upcoming issues. Please let us know by emailing sue@sustainingdunbar.org.


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Local projects
The Dunbar Community Chicken Coop is East Lothian's first Community Chicken Coop which started November 2012. It is thriving with 10 chickens laying lots of eggs and several families taking care of them. If you ever fancied keeping chickens of your own this is a great opportunity to learn how. There are 2 or 3 spaces open for families to get involved. Contact:

The Church Street Vennel Community Garden currently has 5 families getting ready to grow more food this season. They had a work day in March clearing up more litter, fixing the fence, installing a community Worm Box and BBQ.  If you know of a vacant site around where you live where you think a food garden could be located - get in contact with sue@sustainingdunbar.org

The Belhaven Hospital Community Garden has attracted the attention of  Beach Grove Garden. We had a visit from the production team in March and we are waiting with our fingers crossed to hear back from them. The Ridge Group has become an important partner in this project and they are erecting a growing tunnel just now and assisting us to prepare the Sensory Garden for Planting.
During the winter we planted 35 fruit tree (apples, pears, plums). The trees were purchased with a grant from Central Scotland Green Network Orchard Scheme. We have work days on Wednesdays and Sundays starting in April. Tools have been purchased with a grant from the Forth Environment Link. For more information please contact: sue@sustainingdunbar.org.

The 4 planters at the pool are ready to grow all sorts of edible plants again this season. If you know of a planter around where you live which could grow more edible delights let us know and we can help you make this happen.

Friends of Dunbar Train Station Garden: We are working to make more of what grows along the bank at the station more edible and beautiful for Dunbar and our visitors.

Dunbar Primary School: we have built raised beds for food growing at the Lochend Campus and assisted the John Muir Campus to organize their Garden Group to get growing this season.
We have met with East Lothian Parent Council Association to discuss Food for Life. For more information please contact: janetwelch@sustainingdunbar.org

Food Waste and Worms Work:
We have submitted an application for industrial composter for Dunbar Grammar School to deal with food waste on site. We now have 44 Households with worms working to reducing the amount of food waste going to landfill. East Lothian Council is looking at reducing the frequency of rubbish pick up and a worm box really helps to reduce the volume of rubbish in your bin. For information regarding Worms Work please contact: andrew@sustainingduynbar.org

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Local projects
Energy Audits and Advice Service: Since January we have carried out 39 household audits, given draught proofing advice and assistance and have carried out an audit of Innerwick Church.
There is a great deal of uncertainty around how/if the Green Deal will work. East Lothian Council is unlikely to proceed with a local scheme until there is greater clarity. However, we can continue to make the case for one in the meantime. To get more information contact sean@sustainingdunbar.org

Draught Proofing Service: All households signed up to take the Households Canny Challenge can get drought proofing done by our technician for free while our stocks last. To book our technician to get your home draught proofed please contact: mark@sustianingdunbar.org

Curtain Lining: We have a good supply of curtain lining to make your existing curtains more cozy, keep you warmer and save on energy bills. This simple and easy measure makes a big difference. Please contact sue@sustainingdunbar.org to get yours.

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Local projects
Dr Bike held a 'Bike Buddies' session at the Bleachingfield in March and despite the cold and wet weather, 10 children and 5 adults turned up.

The National Big Pedal competitionn was a big success and we worked with Dunbar Primary School to motivate adults (parents, teachers and other staff) to cycle as well as the pupils. Dunbar Primary School came in 6Th and Dunbar Grammar School came in 3rd in Britain. Well done! Working with schools on promoting The Big Pedal has resulted in fewer cars on the school run.

Dunbar Cycling Group: has a programme of rides for the Spring/early summer and will offer support in the form of a Dr Bike check-up before each ride as required.

Routes to schools: We have been working with Dunbar Woodland Group to identity funding to resurface a key link through the woods.

Bike-ability: We have arranged for P5 pupils to get Bike-ability Level 1 training though volunteers in the Active Schools Programme

Edible Cycle Route Information Boards: We have installed information boards and produced a leaflet for a local Edible Cycle Tour. The first tour is April 7th starting at 2pm. Meet at Hallhill car park and take a tour of all the wonderful growing projects which are starting up in Dunbar.

Cycling Buddies pro gramme: is underway and a 2 new 'cycle buddies' groups have been established.

Learn to Look After Your Bike lessons: 3 sessions have been arranged in East Linton in April. We ave obtained funding from Dunbar Primary Parent Council for a public bike pump which will be installed at the school gate next week

SpareWheels: We are working with SpareWheels to help them make links with other car clubs nationally to encourage holiday-making in the UK and to investigate buying a Campervan for shared use. 30% of members of SpareWheels have given up their cars on joining.

Promoting local bus use. After lobbying from Sustaining Dunbar and RELBUS, East Lothian Council has formed the Bus Forum where passengers, bus operators and the council can get together to see what can be achieved by working together. Producing new bus timetables for specific routes Dunbar-Haddington & Dunbar-East Linton.

'Bus Hub' gateway: we are developing ideas for 'bus hubs' - enhanced bus stops which can form an interchange and a gateway to the town - and starting on forming 'Friends Group
Starting discussions with East Lothian Council to create a 'Bus Hub' gateway into Dunbar in time for the John Muir Celebrations in Spring 2014.

For more information on anything above please contact: morag@sustainingdunbar.org

Canny neighbourhoods

Local Projects
Neighbourhood Plans: We are starting to make contact with keen individuals and groups who want to carry out street audits and plan to make their streets safer and more edible :-). Contact:sue@sustainingdunbar.org


Local food events
7/4 Work day at Belhaven Hospital Community Garden starting at 1pm all welcome
10/4 Work day at Belhaven Hospital Community Garden contact: katedarrah@gmail.com to confirm
10/4 Task Group meeting about a monthly market for Dunbar. 7pm Town House Dunbar.
14/4 Work day at Belhaven Hospital Community Garden starting at 1pm all welcome
19/4 The 3rd Friday Meal at the Community Kitchen starting at 6:30. £8 each (3 courses + tea/ coffee). BYOB
21/4 Woodland Group Soup in the Woods at lunch time in Lochend Woods.
29/4 Belhaven Working Group Meeting at 7pm BeGreen all welcome.

Local Cycling & Walking  Events

7/4 Incredible Edible Cycle Tour starting at 2pm Hallhill.
13/4 North Berwick for Chips. 10 am at the Bleachingfields.
16-19/4 Heath Week - try and get out of your car :-)
20/4 John Muir Birthday Cycle. 10am John Muir Statue on the High Street.
4/5 Family Cycle to rope swing. 11 am at Hallhill.
18/5 Pedal on Parliament. 10:30 start at Bleachigfields.

April 2013 Newsletter