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Hello Dunbar & District. This is our Oct - Nov 2013 newsletter which is going out to members of Sustaining Dunbar and households taking the Household Canny Challenge. We hope that you enjoy it and we would love to hear from you about what sorts of things you are doing and about what you would like to see in upcoming issues. Please let us know by emailing sue@sustainingdunbar.org.

Some highlights since our September Newsletter: 30 more households are taking the Household Canny Challenge (total now 232 households!). The Gathering In Community Conference was a huge success with 300+ people dropping in for talks, demonstrations and to meet local groups and projects involved in food growing, cycling, public transport, energy efficiency, local arts, history and civic events. The findings from a sample of 10%  of households taking the Household Canny Challenge (for a year +)  indicate an increase in: land area being used to grow food; active travel replacing more local car journeys, energy efficiency measures and other actions to reduce household co2 emissions. This survey is still open so please go online click here to tell us how you are getting on. For every response we give .50p towards local growing projects of your choice.

Check out this map and see how many households and schools in the Dunbar District are reducing their co2 emissions!

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The Dunbar Primary School Chicken Coop! We have secured funding and planning is under way for the building of a Chicken Coop at Dunbar Primary School!  If you are interested in learning about how to keep healthy hens Contact: janetwelch@sustainingdunbar.org

Food miles & C02 We have been working with Dunbar and East Linton Primary Schools to facilitate their pupils learning about food miles and how the past can inform us about ways to grow more food locally in the future.
Community Bees if you fancy learning more about bees and how to keep them then you may want to get involved in a local bee group who have set up a couple of local hives. Please contact philip@sustainingdunbar.org for more information. 

Belhaven Community Garden  We have purchased fruit trees to plant the rest of the Community Orchard at Belhaven Hospital. 15th December is a fruit planting day and all are welcome. A plaque will be engraved and installed in the orchard to list all the names of people who plant a tree (or wish to plant a tree in remembrance of someone). Refreshments and lunch will be provided from 10:30 – 3pm.

Belhaven Community Garden now has 25 members. We have held weekly work parties through October and November with 2 learning to grow sessions and 2 tours for other Lothian Community Garden and School Groups.
Path plans for Belhaven Community Garden have been drafted and we are awaiting quotes for the installation of wheelchair accessible paths. We hope to have the core paths built by spring 2014.

The Ridge have completed their training and skills work at Belhaven Community Garden and are now developing exciting projects elsewhere. Please see their website for updates.

Other Community Food Patches If you know of a planter or patch of ground around where you live which could grow more edible delights let us know and we can help you make this happen. Also if you need help developing your own food garden we can organise helping hands, provide tools, advice and seeds for free. Contact: sue@sustainingdunbar.org

Apple Press The apple press and crusher has proved very popular this autumn! It was borrowed by 2 schools and several households. Please see our Borrow it website for more information.

Food Waste and Worms Work:
Worm boxes are now located at the Belhaven Community Garden, Dunbar Community Kitchen, Lauderdale Park, Dunbar Primary School, Stenton Primary Schools. This map shows you how many households have worm boxes and are trying to reduce their food waste. For information regarding Worms Work please contact: andrew@sustainingdunbar.org

Dunbar Community Kitchen: The Ridge are managing the Kitchen and have several volunteer opportunities. For more information contact karellsime@gmail.com

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Energy Audits and Advice Service: The approach of autumn along with the BeCosy promotion in conjunction with the BeGreen project has helped to stimulate demand for energy audits and draught busting so our energy team have been very busy for the last two months. We have carried out 20 audits in both October and November, as well being asked to talk to a residents' group. We processed 5 grants for LED lighting, 3 for PV installations. For more information contact: sean@sustainingdunbar.org

Draught Proofing Service: All households signed up to take the Households Canny Challenge can get drought proofing done by our technician for free while our stocks last. We have done draught proofing of 8 households in the last 2 months.  To book our technician to get your home draught proofed please contact: mark@sustianingdunbar.org

Curtain Lining: We have a good supply of curtain lining to make your existing curtains more cozy, keep you warmer and save on energy bills. This simple and easy measure makes a big difference. Please contact sue@sustainingdunbar.org to get yours.

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Cycle Friendly Dunbar - we've been awarded funding from Cycling Scotland to install public bike pumps (track pumps) at the train station, schools and local cafes. If you'd like to see one near you contact dan@sustainingdunbar.org

Sparewheels has been selected as one of only 3 car clubs in Scotland to trial an electric car. We are now helping them to get a fast-charge point for it at Dunbar Train Station, but in the meantime it will be found at the Bleachingfield. Become a member of SpareWheels for £25 and get a FREE TEST DRIVE.  For more information please see their website.

Travel Survey - We had an excellent response to our recent Travel Survey (1000 returns). A report of the findings will be available in January.

Thanks to work from RELBUS in bringing together the East Lothian Bus Forum, more buses are now connecting with trains. The new 130 Dunbar Town Service timetable is available here.

20's Plenty  - 20mph limits are now in force for most of the south of Dunbar (excluding Kellie Road and Spott Road). Police and East Lothian Council will be monitoring the area, and if the 18 month trial is found to have reduced the speed of traffic, and increased cyclist confidence (so more people are cycling on the road rather than the pavements), then this could be rolled out to other parts of East Lothian. To request a trial in your area, contact your local councillors or email morag@sustainingdunbar.org

Friends of Dunbar Station: Over the summer groups of volunteers have been getting stuck into the garden at the train station, taming the overgrown shrubs and creating more space to sit. Volunteers from EDF Torness made a big difference on Friday. We're now hoping to plant up some of the space created with fruit trees and herbs.

Carols at the Station: Look out for Rainbows, Brownies and cubs carol-singing at the station on Tuesday 17th December 4.30-6pm to raise money for local good causes. Stop by for mince pies, and join in with the festivities.
Explore the Dunbar Area by Foot or by bike: All our maps are available free of charge from the Sustaining Dunbar shop at 16 West Port.

Canny neighbourhoods

Local Projects

Neighbourhood Plans for Quality Streets: We are working with individuals and groups who want to carry out street audits and plan to make their streets safer and more attractive. If you would like some assistance for your neighbourhood to come together and: plant a street orchard, install a bike pump, get a neighbourhood bike and trailer, develop seating and food growing areas,  etc.  -  please contact sue@sustainingdunbar.org 

Zero Waste Pupils at Dunbar and East Linton Primary Schools have been measuring their school and household food waste and developing their own plans for reducing and re-using more waste.

Thank you to everyone who has filled in the Zero Waste Survey. For more information about this study please follow this link here.

Borrow and Lend:

We've got some unusual things like our bike trailers or a folding bike to try out, or an adult off-road wheel-chair/buggy which can be used for an adventure on the beach, but we've also got more mundane things that you may not have room to store at home, such as office chairs which you could borrow for a party. See the Borrow and Lend website for a list of all the things you can use.

All you need to do is sign up as a member (which is FREE and you can do it on the day) then pick up the item you’d like to try. Community groups can also join in.

Then you just have to confirm you know how to use it the equipment, and agree a date to return it. We expect most items will be borrowed for around one week, but longer periods can be arranged. Insurance is included.


Local events

11th December at the Bleachingfield Center - Open Public Meeting - 7 - 8:30pm. All Welcome - please come learn more about Sustaining Dunbar and our projects.

15th December at Belhaven Community Garden – Fruit Tree Planting Day 10:30 – 3pm. Refreshments and lunch provided. Get your name on the Community Orchard plaque.

17th December at the Train Station - Carols at the Station: Look out for Rainbows, Brownies and cubs carol-singing at the station on Tuesday 17th December 4.30-6pm to raise money for local good causes. Stop by for mince pies, and join in with the festivities.
For more local events See What's on here
October - November 2013 Newsletter