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Hello Dunbar & District. This is our Summer newsletter which is going out to members of Sustaining Dunbar and households taking the Household Canny Challenge. We hope that you enjoy it and we would love to hear from you about what sorts of things you are doing and about what you would like to see in upcoming issues. Please let us know by emailing


Feed me

Local projects
Feed your family from within 50 Miles:
 is a very simple project to label and promote locally grown food. Many of us would like to eat locally grown and produced food but sometimes we just don’t have the time to shop around to find it and some food and drink labelling can be vague and time consuming to read.

This project is intended to clearly identify food grown or reared within fifty miles of Dunbar/East Linton, including products made with locally grown ingredients. Check out the local food supplier map here!

The Dunbar Community Chicken Coops x 2! Dunbar now has two community chicken coops - one at the Grammar School and one at Dunbar Primary School John Muir Campus.  If you are interested in learning about how to keep healthy hens Contact:

The Belhaven Hospital Community Garden  Come and help out at the garden and learn more about growing any Thursday or Sunday from 10:30 to 1:30. For more information please contact:

Church Street Vennel Garden: is looking wonderful! This once abandoned bit of land has been transformed into a very productive food growing garden. If you know of a under used patch around where you live let us know and we will see what we can do to help.

Edible Streets: We now have several fruit trees planted along Kelly Road and we are currently working with Wingate Tenants and Residents Association to plant fruit trees in easy to access areas along their streets. If you would like more information please contact

Lauderdale Veggi Patch: is full of lovely edibles now. Help yourself :-)

The 4 planters at the pool have been planted again with lettuces, radishes, broad-beans, strawberries and courgettes. If you know of a planter around where you live which could grow more edible delights let us know and we can help you make this happen. Contact:

West Barns Primary School: We funded raised beds and food growing support for West Barns through the spring. For more information about how your school can get raised beds and food growing support please contact:

East Linton and West Barns Primary Schools have been mapping where food grows in the area and developing their own action plans for growing more food locally. They have also been measuring their household food waste and looking at ways to reduce and reuse it. 

Food Waste and Worms Work:
A reminder that East Lothian Council is looking at reducing the frequency of rubbish pick up and a worm box really helps to reduce the volume of rubbish in your bin. We currently have 70 households using worms to reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill. For information regarding Worms Work please contact:

Keep me warm

Local projects
Energy Audits and Advice Service: BeGreen would like to help you to get ready for this winter.  We have a range of energy efficiency grants that can help you carry out many energy efficiency measures in your home . Visit our householder grants and loans  page for more details or pop into the BeGreen shop for more details . We can also give you advice as to how to go about it with one of our free home energy audits .To get more information contact

Draught Proofing Service: All households signed up to take the Households Canny Challenge can get drought proofing done by our technician for free while our stocks last. To book our technician to get your home draught proofed please contact:

Curtain Lining: We are getting in a good supply of curtain lining to make your existing curtains more cosy, keep you warmer and save on energy bills. This simple and easy measure makes a big difference. Please contact to get yours.

Get me there

Local projects
Cycle Friendly Dunbar: This project aims to give local people the confidence to cycle more and cycle further by encouraging local businesses and attractions to welcome cyclists. Organisations signed up to the scheme pledge to have secure cycle parking, bike pumps, local maps and puncture repair kits available. It also supports local businesses by advertising their credentials on this website, and encouraging cyclists to visit, and we hope it will inspire touring cyclists on the N76 or John Muir Way to visit Dunbar as they know they will get a warm and sympathetic welcome. For more information please see the Cycle Friendly Dunbar Website

Dunbar Cycling Group: has a programme of rides for the summer and will offer support in the form of a Dr Bike check-up before each ride as required.

Edible Cycle Route Information Boards: We have installed information boards and produced a leaflet for a local Edible Cycle Tour. For a map see here.

SpareWheels: Have you tried out the new electric car? For More information please see SpareWheels website.

Promoting local bus use: There is a collection of timetables devised by Sustaining Dunbar to meet particular local needs. All the transport information is taken from the TravelineScotland website, but re-arranged into a format we feel is more useful. Please email if you spot any errors, or want to suggest additional timetables.

Explore the Dunbar Area by Foot or by bike: All our maps are available free of charge from the Sustaining Dunbar shop at 16 West Port.

Canny neighbourhoods

Local Projects
Neighbourhood Plans: We are working with Dunbar Community Council, Wingate Tenants and Residents Association, Dunbar Shore and Harbour Neighbourhood Group and starting this autumn with Spott residents to carry out area audits and plan to make their streets and area safer and more edible :-).

Borrow and Lend:

We've got some unusual things like our bike trailers or a folding bike to try out, or an adult off-road wheel-chair/buggy which can be used for an adventure out, but we’ve also got more mundane things that you may not have room to store at home, such as office chairs which you could borrow for a party. See the Borrow and Lend website for a list of all the things you can use.

All you need to do is sign up as a member (which is FREE and you can do it on the day) then pick up the item you’d like to try. Community groups can also join in.

Then you just have to confirm you know how to use it the equipment, and agree a date to return it. We expect most items will be borrowed for around one week, but longer periods can be arranged. Insurance is included.


Local Food
Every Thursday and Sunday from 10:30 to 1:30 come out to Belhaven Community Garden. All welcome. Learn about growing food, orchards and Bees!
25th July Pizza Pot Luck at the Community Pizza oven in Lochend Woods - 6:30 start. If you would like to learn how to get the oven fired up please join us at 4:30.

Local Cycling 
Please see the summer cycling programme here

For more local events See What's on here
April 2013 Newsletter