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Hello Dunbar & District. This is our May newsletter which is going out to 606 members of Sustaining Dunbar and 196 households taking the Household Canny Challenge. We hope that you enjoy it and we would love to hear from you about what sorts of things you are doing and about what you would like to see in upcoming issues. Please let us know by emailing sue@sustainingdunbar.org.

Sustaining Dunbar’s AGM will take place at 8pm on Friday 17th May 2013 in the Gibb Rooms, Bleachingfield Centre, Dunbar. The meeting will be an opportunity to meet the current Board of Directors and staff and will include an update on the past year’s activities, a financial report and the election of new Directors. We are actively seeking new Directors who are able to volunteer some time to help oversee the running of Sustaining Dunbar and shape our future direction and strategy.

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The Dunbar Community Chicken Coop is East Lothian's first Community Chicken Coop has 4 new families involved this month. We need more families to get involved. If you are interested in learning about how to keep healthy hens Contact: janetwelch@sustainingdunbar.org

The Belhaven Hospital Community Garden attracted the attention of the Beach Grove Garden but, unfortunately, we will not be receiving their assistance this season and we will apply again next year. The good news is that we have received £35k funding from the Health Foundation for materials, labour and training.
The Ridge is taking the lead getting the Sensory Garden planted and raised beds started. They have raised funds and built a fabulous growing tunnel and are currently looking to employ a part time Garden Supervisor.  Please see their website for more information.

If you would like to come and help out at the garden or learn more about growing food please come out any Sunday from 1-4pm. For more information please contact: sue@sustainingdunbar.org.

The 4 planters at the pool have been planted, this past weekend, with lettuces, radishes, broad-beans and rocket. If you know of a planter around where you live which could grow more edible delights let us know and we can help you make this happen. Contact: sue@sustainingdunbar.org

Local Food Adventures Want to learn more about how to find and use local ingredients? The first in a series of Local Food Adventures is this Friday May 17Th at 3pm at the Bleaching field Center. Wild Garlic is on the menu. Contact: janetwelch@sustainingdunbar.org

Dunbar Primary School: Compost is being delivered this week for the raised beds at Lochend Campus. If you can lend a hand come with your shovel Wednesday May 15Th at 10am. For more information about how you can get involved in the food gardens, at either campus, please contact: janetwelch@sustainingdunbar.org

East Linton Primary School's P5-6 class has been mapping where food grows in the area and developing their own action plans for growing more food locally. They have also been measuring their household food waste and looking at ways to reduce and reuse it. The school has a Health week coming up in May and they will be looking at where the food comes from in their canteen and also looking to reduce school food waste.

Food Waste and Worms Work:
A reminder that East Lothian Council is looking at reducing the frequency of rubbish pick up and a worm box really helps to reduce the volume of rubbish in your bin. For information regarding Worms Work please contact: andrew@sustainingdunbar.org

Keep me warm

Local projects
Energy Audits and Advice Service: Winter has finally gone and spring is here ! YES , even if it’s still a bit chilly at times ! So now is a good time to think about sorting out all the niggling problems you had in the house  over the winter before they are a distant memory!
Get that extra bit of insulation in, sort out your draughts, put in new heating controls and replace that old boiler while its still fresh in our minds and you can still enjoy the benefit of it whilst we wait for summer!
BeGreen would like to help you. We have a range of energy efficiency grants that can help you carry out many energy efficiency measures in your home.
Visit the BeGreen householder grants and loans  page for more details or pop into the BeGreen shop for more details .
We can also give you advice as to how to go about it with one of our free home energy audits.

Through April we have carried out 19 household audits, given draft proofing advice and assistance and 3 homes installed curtain lining.
To get more information contact sean@sustainingdunbar.org

Draught Proofing Service: All households signed up to take the Households Canny Challenge can get drought proofing done by our technician for free while our stocks last. To book our technician to get your home draught proofed please contact: mark@sustianingdunbar.org
Curtain Lining: We have a good supply of curtain lining to make your existing curtains more cozy, keep you warmer and save on energy bills. This simple and easy measure makes a big difference. Please contact sue@sustainingdunbar.org to get yours.

Get Me There

Bike Maintenance Workshops This year's first phase of workshops in Dunbar and East Linton were a great success. Lots of positive comments. “I didn’t know Bike Maintenance could be so much fun”, said Gill Robertson.

We are planning on running some more specialist workshops focusing on bearing servicing. If you can overhaul a rear hub you should be able to do any other bearings on your bike. Contact Dan (tutor) 
dan@sustainingdunbar.org for more information.
Dr Bike
You can find Dr Bike just outside the Bleachingfield Centre on a Friday afternoons 12-1pm. Bring your bike along to pump up the tyres or for a health check-up. Talking of pumping up tyres, we need to make it clear that Sustaining Dunbar did not contribute to the purchase of the outdoor bike pump at Dunbar Primary School, as may have been implied by our previous newsletter.
The Parent Council of Dunbar PS has purchased a £290 public bike pump that will be installed in the John Muir Campus, near the front doors of the school, that will be available for the use of pupils, school staff and parents. We are delighted that the Primary School continues to support cycling in such a bike way, and congratulate them on winning the Scottish prize in the national Big Pedal cycling to school competition.
Dunbar Cycling Group: has a programme of rides for Spring/early Summer and Sustaining Dunbar will offer support in the form of a Dr Bike check-up before each ride as required. The next ride is to Pedal on Parliament, in Edinburgh on Sunday (19th). Contact morag@sustainingdunbar.org if you'd like to join in.
Edible Cycle Route Information Boards: Our Incredibly Edible cycle tour of Dunbar's community gardens is now official with information boards now installed at the main garden sites. The 1-hour loop around the town takes in the allotments, the chickens at Dunbar Grammar School and Belhaven Hospital Garden. For a map see here.
SpareWheels: Is looking into getting an electric car for Dunbar. For more information please email mail@sparewheels.org.
Remember, if you are signed up to Sustaining Dunbar's Household Canny Challenge, you can join the car club for free (normally £25). Email mail@sparewheels.org for details.
Promoting local bus use: There is a collection of timetables devised by Sustaining Dunbar to meet particular local needs (e.g. Dunbar to East Linton timetables). All the transport information is taken from the TravelineScotland website, but re-arranged into a format we feel is more useful. Please email morag@sustainingdunbar.org if you want to suggest additional timetables.

Canny neighbourhoods

Local Projects
Neighbourhood Plans: We are starting to make contact with keen individuals and groups who want to carry out street audits and plan to make their streets safer and more edible :-). Contact:sue@sustainingdunbar.org

Borrow and Lend:

We’ve got some unusual things like our bike trailers or a folding bike to try out, or an adult off-road wheel-chair/buggy which can be used for an adventure out, but we’ve also got more mundane things that you may not have room to store at home, such as office chairs which you could borrow for a party. See the Borrow and Lend website for a list of all the things you can use.

All you need to do is sign up as a member (which is FREE and you can do it on the day) then pick up the item you’d like to try. Community groups can also join in.

Then you just have to confirm you know how to use it the equipment, and agree a date to return it. We expect most items will be borrowed for around one week, but longer periods can be arranged. Insurance is included.

Sustaining Dunbar has purchased lots of interesting and useful books about growing your own food, keeping chickens. composting, household energy efficiency, permaculture and much more. These books are located in the Dunbar Library and all you need to do is ask one of the Librarians to point you in the direction of this section.


Local food events
17/5 Third Friday Dinner at 6:30 followed by Sustaining Dunbar AGM and Film night at Bleachingfield Center Dunbar contact: philip@sustainingdunbar.org
19/5 Work day at Belhaven Hospital Community Garden contact: sue@sustainingdunbar.org
Work day at Belhaven Hospital Community Garden contact: sue@sustainingdunbar.org
2/6 Work day at Belhaven Hospital Community Garden contact: sue@sustainingdunbar.org
9/6 Work day at Belhaven Hospital Community Garden contact: sue@sustainingdunbar.org
16/6 Work day at Belhaven Hospital Community Garden contact: sue@sustainingdunbar.org
21/6 3rd Friday Don't Cook Tonight dinner at Dunbar Community Kitchen contact: philip@sustainingdunbar.org
23/6 Work day at Belhaven Hospital Community Garden contact: sue@sustainingdunbar.org
30/6 Work day at Belhaven Hospital Community Garden contact: sue@sustainingdunbar.org

Local Cycling & Walking  Events
16/5 Local Bike Ride - 1-2 hour ride contact mark@sustainingdunbar.org
18/5 Pedal on Parliament. 10:30 start at Bleachigfields.

20/5 Local Bike Ride - 1-2 hour ride contact: mark@sustainingdunbar.org
27/5 Local Bike Ride - 1-2 hour ride contact: mark@sustainingdunbar.org
30/5 Local Bike Ride - 1-2 hour ride contact: mark@sustainingdunbar.org
2/6 Sandwiches at Smeaton with Dunbar Cycling Club contact: wendy@dunbarcyclingclub.org
3/6 Local Bike Ride - 1-2 hour ride contact: mark@sustainingdunbar.org
6/6 Local Bike Ride - 1-2 hour ride contact: mark@sustainingdunbar.org
Local Bike Ride - 1-2 hour ride contact: mark@sustainingdunbar.org
13/6 Local Bike Ride - 1-2 hour ride contact: mark@sustainingdunbar.org
15/6 Biking the Bounds contact: mark@sustainingdunbar.org
17/6 Local Bike Ride - 1-2 hour ride contact: mark@sustainingdunbar.org
20/6 Local Bike Ride - 1-2 hour ride contact: mark@sustainingdunbar.org
21/6 Midsummer Cycle and dinner - Goblin Ha' contact: fiona@dunbarcyclingclub.org
23/6 Bike Fest contact mark@sustainingdunbar.org
24/6 Local Bike Ride - 1-2 hour ride contact: mark@sustainingdunbar.org
27/6 Local Bike Ride - 1-2 hour ride contact: mark@sustainingdunbar.org

Mapping Event
16/6 OpenStreetMapping event - drop-in tutorial contact: morag@sustainingdunbar.org

For more local events See What's on here
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