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ECHO Foundation Pledges $60k for Milky Way Garden Acquisition!

We are so delighted to announce that the Echo Foundation has made a major pledge of $60k to support the acquisition of the Milky Way Garden, soon to PNLT's first property. 

The ECHO Foundation offers grants to organizations in the area of mental health and the environment. Learn more here.


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Thank you everyone who came out on June 4th for the Milky Way Garden Fundraiser. This was a pivotal moment for PNLT, Greenest City & Parkdale! Not only did we raise $7500 towords the acquisition of the Milky Way Garden, but we brought together 260 community members of of all ages to support & celebrate the creation of community owned land! 

As PNLT Board member Kalsang Dolma pointed out in her passionate speech, with fast paced gentrification  "the stakes (in Parkdale) are high and so are the challenges... But I believe we can hold our ground here...This land, lovingly tended by Tish’s ESL students, is a physical testament to the will and passion of committed individuals, and for their love of everything that makes Parkdale Parkdale."

Kalsang Dolma also reminded all those gathered that confronting gentrification demands acknowledging deeper legacies of the European colonization. "I know as a Tibetan refugee myself, my story is one of displacement stretching back to when my parents had to flee the violent Chinese occupation of Tibet. And now, as an immigrant Canadian here, I have to be also mindful of the original displacement of the First Nations peoples here in Parkdale, Toronto and the rest of Canada. Because not being mindful of that fact, not understanding and trying to correct the legacies of the European colonization and the ongoing effects of it on Indigenous lands and peoples, means that the work here will not be complete." Read Kalsang's full speech here. 



By Bonnie Briggs — PNLT Board Member

“The Tibetan Experience in a Gentrifying Parkdale.” That was the theme for our 2016 Jane’s Walk. It was held to highlight and honour our Tibetan neighbours and their contributions to South Parkdale. I went along on this walk in a wheelchair as I am not able to walk for long distances. We were led by two people who were carrying the colours of the Tibetan flag. We started off with quite a sizeable crowd, which grew to 150 people as we went along the Walk. Along the walk we visited many sites frequented by Tibetan people. The first was the Milky Way garden. I had often heard about this garden, but had never been there until the Walk. It was a large, fenced-in area, which was heavily planted with vegetables.

You could tell that people had worked hard on it. While we were there, people spoke about the history of the garden, including one of the senior Tibetan gardeners. It turns out that the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust is buying this land! Learn more here! We also visited the neighborhoods best kept secret; a Tibetan temple, right in the heart of South Parkdale. I had not even known about this temple. If you ware interested in learning more about the temple Metro Morning did an audio story about the Temple with PNLT’s Kalsang Dolma. Listen here.

Our last stop was Tibet Kitchen, a Tibetan restaurant on Queen Street. We gathered in the back patio and dined on Mo Mo’s, a kind of Tibetan dumpling. I always enjoy those. The kids ran around playing and one man provided some music on a stringed instrument. That was my experience on Jane’s Walk 2016. I hope you will join us next year.

Photos by Margaux Yiu. View more photos here


Thanks to your support Parkdale! With over 163 individual contributions we've raised 97% of our community fundraising goal for the acquisition of the Milky Way Garden! 

We're reaching for the stars! Will you give us a boost to reach our goal today?
Watch the Milky Way Garden video


PNLT is happy to release this report on the state of Toronto's non-profit housing sector, written by PNLT member and graduate student intern Julia Bahen. We hope this small paper can be a resource for community members who would like to learn more about challenges and opportunities in this important sector. Download here


Toronto Star, May 27th 2016
Generosity blooms in Parkdale

- Catherine Porter


Did you know that Bernie Sanders shares our love of Community Land Trusts? Click on the link below to read about his role in establishing the Champlain Housing Trust—one of the largest and most successful CLTs in the country! 

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The Parkdale Community Land Trust is a community land trust in Parkdale led by a group of residents and organizations trying to promote the social, cultural and economic diversity of Parkdale by redefining how land is used and developed. Learn more here:

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On June 20th, Councillor Gord Perks held a public pre-application meeting at the Parkdale Public Library to discuss development of 6 Nobel Street at which the architect, Sweeny & Co, and the developer presented their current plans for a 14-storey building with 175 market rate rental units. This will replace the current 1-storey industrial/commercial building, currently home to Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement. Residents voiced concerns about the proposed project including increased traffic, increased gentrification of the area, loss of employment lands, above guideline building height, lack of affordable housing, lack of public green space, lack of space for local organizations and more. The developer expressed a commitment to accommodate Pia Bouman in the new building. Please stay tuned for further developments. 

You can read Gord Perks offices minutes from the meeting here. 
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