Energy Yoga Newsletter Spring 2016 – New Yoga DVD and a Spanish Yoga Retreat

Dear Friends,

I do hope that you are enjoying the early Spring that we are having.  Seeing a bit of sunshine last week really cheered my February up – especially as I am now back in the UK after being spoilt by milder Winters in Spain.

I am writing with two yoga events that I hope you might find of interest.  I am running a yoga retreat later this year with Leah Barnett in the beautiful mountains of Andalucia.   But firstly, some of you have asked me if I would make another DVD for anxiety, ME and fatigue.  In December, I recorded three and a half hours of yoga with Conscious 2.  Called Yoga for CFS, Burnout and Stress, this comprises of seven sessions including breathing, stretching, relaxation, meditation and chanting.  

The aim of each practice (which averages around half an hour) is to soothe the central nervous system so that deep healing and rest can occur – thus boosting vitality and well-being.  The yoga in this series also works by helping you to become more mindful so that you truly inhabit your body  – which, in turn, calms down any anxiety or rapid thinking.  Whether you are new to yoga or a regular practitioner, these sessions are a profound way of supporting your energy and healing, and you can choose the session best suited your needs on any given day.

Here are the details which will give you more information: Yoga for CFS, Burnout and Stress

To join me for the course, you need to become a member of Conscious 2 (using the above link), which is a platform for mindfulness, yoga and spiritual teachings online.  This will give you not only access to the full series of Yoga for CFS, Burnout and Stress, but to the entire Conscious 2 library, including over 250 hours of online courses and yoga classes with many other teachers. There are different membership options, but the basic membership is less than £10 a month (the cost of one yoga class and a lot less than a massage) – which then gives you all the yoga and courses that you should ever need.  And of course you can then choose when you do them – and where - such as in the comfort of your own home.  

For a week from receipt of this newsletter, if you sign up to Conscious 2 (you must use the above link and the code: yogaforcfs), there is a 15% discount on your first payment.  (So, if you sign up for one month you will get 15% off that and if you sign up for a year you will get 15% discount off the whole year).  I would like to say a huge thank you to Asquith who provided the lovely clothes for the filming – and also to Alex Howard who has made all of this possible.  If you would like to know more about the clothes then will really tempt you!

(I hope that doesn’t sound too marketing-y – I am aware that some of the stuff that drops through my inbox goes on for pages and pages, encouraging me to sign up and promising me endless youth, perfect dating, enlightenment and wealth!  I can’t offer you any of these things – but certainly peace and well-being are the result of a regular yoga practice – and this yoga series is designed to really help fatigue and stress.  I think Conscious 2 is brilliant too!)

The other news is that this autumn, I am running a yoga retreat with Leah Barnett at Cortijo Romero 22nd – 29th October.  Set in the stunning Alpujarras region of Southern Spain, this is a wonderful way to replenish before the winter.  Called Yoga And Sound, the aim is for you to experience a week of peace, happiness and joy. Using gentle flowing movement, mantra and breath-work, the classical hatha yoga that Leah and I teach releases knots and held patterns, creating space so that energy can move more effectively. From this, vitality, well-being and a deep sense of peace arise. This retreat will also include an evening of chanting and some laughter yoga.  

Come and join us when flights are cheap but the sun is still shining.   There are all kinds of early-bird discounts available – and some people are already booking – so please reserve your place soon.  Here is the link with more details:

Please note that this retreat is not aimed at, and cannot cater specifically for those with ME, although you are really welcome to join us if your energy is improving and you are recovering. Partners are welcome too – there are lots of activities and great walking in the mountains in addition to all the yoga.

At the moment I am looking after my husband, Alan (we got married very quietly on the 15th February) as he undergoes treatment for cancer. His cancer has spread but the situation is teaching us both to just live for each moment and not make too many plans. It is at challenging times like this that we realise how yoga, relaxation and meditation really help to keep us centred around our inner peace and the sense of who we are under all the changing chaos. In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali explains how change (parinama is the Sanskrit word) can be a cause of ill-health – unless we learn to let go.   I now understand at a very deep level how important quiet space is for managing and processing the really tough stuff so that I don’t get sucked up into distress and drama. (I am not perfect though – sometimes I really do succumb to all of the above!). To inspire me, I have been reading - and there are two books which I would like to recommend: When the Body says No, by Dr Gabor Mate (this is a real insight into how chronic illnesses develops from certain habits we may pick up from infancy and what we can do about them) and: Dying to Be Me, by Anita Moorjani – which describes the near death experience of a young woman dying of cancer - and who then made a spectacular recovery after she ‘died’.

Meanwhile I hope to see you sometime this year. Keep breathing slowly and I sincerely wish you a really healthy and happy Spring,

Love Fiona

PS There is a DVD being made from the Conscious 2 Yoga for CFS, Burnout and Stress series but it will be later this year.  Please keep watching my website if you would like more details.
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