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We welcome you back to the next edition of the QAdvantage bi-weekly newsletter. This week we are covering topics such as the big Quaker-Houghton Merger, industry outlook, emerging technologies, and some great deals for our loyal customers. 
Industry News
Quaker Chemical and Houghton International to Combine. The agreement to combine the two companies is a highly complementary transaction, and will allow the new company to better serve a wide range of industries that rely on metalworking. Combined, the two companies had over $1.5 billion in revenue in 2016.
Quaker Chemical Corporation | PRNewswire | 04.05.2017

Manufacturing in US Kept Expanding at Robust Pace in March. Optimism from members of the National Association of Manufacturers is at a 20 year high as the manufacturing industry continues to expand. While the growth rate of the industry decreased slightly, the industry is still growing at a rapid rate. 

Vince Golle | Bloomberg | 04.03.2017

US Car Demand Collapse Jeopardizes Trump's Auto Factory Push. Consumer demand for sedans has dropped while demand for SUVs has risen. US car manufacturers saw record sales in 2016 as well, but market has shifted since then.The incentives to build new plants may not be enticing enough at this time. 
David Welch and Jamie Butters | Bloomberg | 04.03.2017

GE CEO Calls for US Leadership on Climate Change. Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE, penned a blog post urging the US to remain a leader on combating climate change. GE manufactures technologies for both conventional and emission-reducing power sources. 
Andy Szal | Manufacturing.Net | 04.05.2017

Staying Rich Without Manufacturing will be Hard. The US has had a long trend of de-industrialization, and this has only hastened since the financial crisis in 2008. Manufacturing output seems to be relatively stagnant. According to some experts, countries that make complex products are more likely to have sustained national wealth than countries that produce simple products. In the long run, this could mean that the US needs to bring back complex manufacturing.
Noah Smith | Bloomberg | 03.28.2017

Charlotte metal-stamping plant to expand with 70 jobs. Southeastern Metal Products just secured a five year contract with an important client that allowed them to create 70 more jobs and make capital investments. The expansion will take place over the next two years, and provides a blueprint for expansion for other similar sized businesses. 
Ken Elkins | Charlotte Business Journal | 03.30.2017
Predicting the limits of friction: Team looks at properties of material. Material scientists at Sandia National Laboratories working to predict the limits of friction behavior of metals based on material properties.
Sandia National Laboratories | | 04.05.2017

Makino Announces New Design Configuration for Pallet-Handling System. The updated version of the machine is still modular, but now also has a pallet-transfer interface. This should increase spindle utilization rates as the machine can handle a continuous flow of parts.
Ian Wright | | 03.30.2017

How best to stir a steel furnace, and beat corrosion. Two projects led by Swansea University received awards from the Royal Society in the UK. One project was a safer corrosion inhibitor, which uses a smart release coating to lower environmental impact. The other project was a more efficient stirring technique for furnaces.
Swansea University | | 03.31.2017
Best Practices
Coweta’s German-style apprentice program visited by apprentices from Germany. The program, which specializes in technical training, gives students an opportunity to take an apprenticeship in 10th grade and learn manufacturing on site. This program is an innovative solution to bring in young workers. 
Colton Campbell | Newnan Times-Herald | 03.30.2017

How to Stop Outgassing with Die-Cast parts. Outgassing is the release of trapped air pockets in the cast material during the cure cycle. However, there are several remedies for this common problem.
Roger Talbert | Product Finishing Magazine | 04.01.2017

The Best Ways to Roll Out New Workplace Safety Programs. When new safety standards are enacted, it is important to understand exactly how they will be implemented within your organization. An effective implementation method will receive buy in from everyone from the top-down. This requires clear communication and a strong culture. 
Lisa Nagele-Piazza | SHRM | 03.20.2017
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Casting an iron wheel
Checkout this video on the casting process of an iron wheel.
Matthias Burger | Youtube | 06.10.2015
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