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I began ANTIBOOKCLUB in 2010, coming off the heels of my popular Book Bike of Chicago. The intent with ANTIBOOKCLUB is the same as with Book Bike: share books with people in new ways while simultaneously supporting local bookstores. Book Bike was a literary symbiosis: by project's end, I had invested thousands of donated dollars in indie stores in Chicago, and given away over 5,000 books to unsuspecting park-goers. 

I didn't have a clue what I was up against when I founded ANTIBOOKCLUB. Every rule in the book is handed down from on high from the Big Publishers. You don't need to be an economist to see how absurd it is that I should have to price my books the same as Random House. Think about it: an average print run for them is 10,000 books; for me, it is 500 books. But I have to match my retail price to theirs or you won't even consider taking a book home from me.

It is a losing battle that I am determined to win. One part of my fight is to completely control distribution to the trade. Unfortunately, by cutting out the middleman, I am making it tougher for stores to order through me. They prefer the convenience of ordering through their distributor's catalog, even if I am offering the same terms of sale. I understand their hesitancy, but it makes it harder for us to get our books known, and it also means I can't support indie bookstores with our sales. 

So I have come up with a new thing that I hope you'll indulge in: place an order through ANTIBOOKCLUB, contact us with the name of your favorite local indie bookstore, and we'll send you a $5 gift certificate to that store. Because we don't have a distribution middleman, a majority of your money is staying within the ANTIBOOKCLUB ecosystem, which gives us more flexibility in where the profits go. (This process is detailed in our FAQ, should you misplace this email.)

Help us shake up the archaic, stacked system while simultaneously supporting indie bookstores, the lifeblood of any community. Maybe we won't end up on more bookstore shelves, but we will at least be doing our part in keeping those shelves in your community. (Also, you're essentially getting five dollars back from us to buy whatever other book you want! Everyone wins.)

We'll price-match Amazon, and then some

If you prefer to order from them, have at it, but keep in mind that they take such a sizable cut from every sale that we actually lose money every time a book is sold through them. So if you find Amazon selling one of our books at a lower price, send us the link: we'll not only price match, we'll give you a bonus 10% off. 

An early review is in for Practical Blasphemy

The full review will run in Foreword Review's November issue, but we just have to give you a taste! "LJT's fictionalized memoir Practical Blasphemy portrays bipolar disorder in sensitive, harrowing technicolor. Entering Amelia's troubled mind with grisly realism, the book takes off when Amelia is rescued by EMTs and is hospitalized for her safety. Intense, brief chapters chronicle her initial resistance to group therapy and other patients. Though some are written large, their outbursts don't turn into spectacles. Mental illness is treated with frank empathy. . . . There's no easy healing for a lifelong condition, but Practical Blasphemy ends on a realistic note. Fear, and the pressurized chemistry among patients who are bound by private pains, adds up to a brutal, valuable portrait of day-to-day survival." --Karen Rigby, Foreword Reviews

There's a soundtrack for that

Already have Practical Blasphemy? Enhance your reading experience with this curated playlist from the author. 

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