New fiction for the socially distant

In 2007, I created the Book Bike, a three-wheeled, custom-designed behemoth from which I gave away over five thousand books to people in Chicago’s public parks. For four years I pressed paper to flesh and made new friends from all walks of life. On quieter days, I basked in the lazy haze of Chicago in summer, reading beneath the shade of a tree, getting lost between the covers of whatever world I fell into, never wanting to be found, always wanting to discover. And I carried this love of the printed word forward with ANTIBOOKCLUB, which celebrates ten years of independent publishing this year.

But as I hunker down in my apartment and bear witness to the irrevocable alteration of life as we know it, I recognize the time to adapt is now. After making the difficult decision to delay our fall 2020 releases to next year, and feeling helpless as I read the news of bookstore closings, bookseller layoffs, and canceled author tours, I needed to do something. Now more than ever we need new books to read. After all, literature is community. Literature is humanity. Literature is an essential service.

And so, beginning today, we offer you our first-ever line of ebook originals. We hope these novels, exclusively available from ANTIBOOKCLUB, can provide a blissful escape in this uncertain time.

—Gabriel Levinson
Brooklyn, NY
March 30, 2020

Introducing the debut novel from Gracie Bialecki . . .

Unfolding across the freeways of LA, Purple Gold follows a dreamy stoner, Alana, who falls for a weed dealer named CJ Smith. As their relationship unfolds, Alana spends more time cruising with CJ than she does at college, and soon she's caught up in his smoke-filled world. Purple Gold is about losing yourself—thinking you’re going somewhere only to realize the car is breaking down, and you’re stuck in a place you never imagined.

"There isn't a woman alive who won't recognize her worst pregnant self in the hilariously wicked heroine of Mara Faye Lethem's delightful satire of contemporary motherhood and marriage. A guilty pleasure of the best possible kind." —Ayelet Waldman 

A Person’s A Person, No Matter How Small is a comic, and ultimately cathartic, novel about a pregnant mother with a toddler who finds herself sucked into a brief killing spree by the demands of hormones, a young child, a fetus pressing on her bladder, and the annoyance of people in general. She murders as naturally as taking a good dump, and initially with as few regrets. 

From the mind of LJT, author of Practical Blasphemy . . .

In the near future, Emerson Davis, a thirtysomething Jewish divorcee, is unable to access her psychiatric medication in a world overtaken by a fiery plague known as “Combustion.” At a time when the government has requisitioned medical supplies for “more important” survivors, she journeys through landscapes ranging from national parks to smoldering cities in search of the factory that manufactures her meds. Accompanied by her deaf dog, Lucky, she takes on companions and adversaries along the way, until it becomes clear that she may be her own most vicious enemy.
Cover designs by John Gall
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