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August 1

Annual Reports due to NYSED (for all schools, regardless of authorizer)

Quarterly reports due for SUNY schools

Quarterly reports due for NYSED schools in their first year

Per-pupil invoices due to DOE on/around this date

August 17

SUNY renewal applications due

August 31

Board of Regents renewal applications due

Postmark Deadline for NCLB Consolidated Application and Supplements. The submission process has been revised.  Please review the instructions carefully before mailing.

Mid September

Accountability Plan Progress Reports due for SUNY schools three weeks after the release of state test scores

September 30

CSP Final Reporting documents are due for grant periods ending 6/30 

On/around October 1

Per-pupil invoices are due to DOE

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Bronx Prep High School students win national speech and debate tournament.

The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning opens its first replication in the fall.

Oprah Winfrey visited Girls Prep Lower East Side Charter School

Prince Edward visited Broome Street Academy Charter High School.

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You asked: What should be my focus when starting a new fiscal year?

The initial focus of the new fiscal year is closing out the previous one.  However, it can be hard to look back, when your focus pulls you forward.  One tip is to strive for balance.  For every activity taken toward the new year, also take an action to close the previous fiscal year.  For example, while setting up your school’s 2015-16 binder system, make sure to keep the previous year’s binders up-to-date and accessible for audit. 

When closing out the year, schools often struggle with finding all vendor and purchase related documents.  Purchases and services received at the end of June often go missing, so prioritize this at the start of July to avoid delaying the audit.  In addition, schools offering bonuses or a 401k/403b match should calculate payouts for this early in the new fiscal year.  CSBM also recommends using the summer months to conduct bids for new or large purchases as well as purchasing most, if not all, supplies needed for the first half of the academic year. 

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Monthly Best Practices


» The end of the year is a great time to recoup sales tax from the state.

» Collect and review quarterly financial reports from your payroll provider including 941 Forms and NYS-45s.

» This is a good time to review and update the inventory for your fixed assets to determine which items were stolen, lost, or disposed of over the previous year. 


» Take time before teachers return to ensure that HR files are complete.  Don't forget to also update PTO, payroll and attendance forms and systems. 


» Now that your NCLB Consolidated Application has been filed, distribute the Title I Right to Know parent letters and schedule your school's annual Title I parent meeting to remain compliant with federal requirements.  

» Use this month to track down any Free and Reduced Priced Lunch forms not yet received before this information is due in late October/early November. 

Quarterly Reminders

Remember that you can submit your FS-10F forms to Grants Finance as soon as you finish spending out the grant.  Even though they are not due until 90 days after the grant period, why wait to receive the final installment of funding?

The new EDGAR regulations start July 1st!  Please make sure your staff is aware of the updates to the Financial Policies and Procedures Manual (FPPM) and that they are following all procedural changes.

 With all of the purchasing planned for July and August, don't forget to obtain quotes from multiple vendors if the expenses exceed the threshold defined by your FPPM.

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