Dear Miami University Rowing Club Alumni and Family,

Media Day

Our publicity chair, Emma, set up a day with a photographer on campus to do a media day with our team. Everyone got some amazing pictures and had a ton of fun!


We completed another successful Ergathon fundraiser April 2nd and 40 of our rowers completed a 20,000 meter erg piece to raise money through pledges. The event was planned and live streamed by our external fundraiser, Stephanie, and we are so thankful to everyone who donated or cheered us on!

Miami University Rowing Club Ergathon

Regatta Schedule

• Illinois Collegiate Rowing Invitational (ICRI); Farmer City, IL - April 15

• RedHawk Sprints; Oxford, OH - April 22

• Mid-America Collegiate Rowing Association (MACRA); Indianapolis, IN -     April 30

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