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Land Purchase
We are pleased to announce that on October 15, 2015, 192.04 acres of land was added to the existing 104.52 acres of Harlaxton College property. There were also 560 acres of sporting rights purchased for the land and the adjoining farm. 

The newly purchased land is being leased to a crop farmer for the coming year. During that time plans will be made for the land's future uses, with a special focus on its academic potential. 

We are very grateful to the generous individuals whose gifts made this historic purchase possible.

Happy Birthday, Gregory Gregory!
The expansion of land seems most appropriate during the birth month of Gregory Gregory, the builder of Harlaxton Manor.

The history of Harlaxton Manor as it stands today started with the birth of Gregory Williams on October 9, 1786. He was the only son of Olivia Preston (1758-1835) of Flasby Hall, Yorkshire, and William Gregory Williams (1742-1814), who served in the Royal Foresters regiment for much of his life. 


Dr. Edward Bujak's U.S. Book Tour
British Studies professor, Dr. Edward Bujak, just completed a week long tour in the U.S. to launch his book Reckless Fellows: The Gentlemen of the Royal Corps, and to give lectures at the University of Evansville, Western Kentucky University and Marian University. 

Dr. Bujak also conducted a book launch in the Gold Room at Harlaxton College on 2 November, 2015.

Hundred Years War Now in Paperback
Dr. David Green's book Hundred Years War is now available in paperback. This book tells the human story of the longest military conflict in history, focusing on how the war affected different social groups and exploring how it altered governance in England and France. 

British Studies Professor Awarded PGCHE
Congratulations to Dr. Bianca Leggett for being awarded her Postgraduate Certificate of Higher Education. The PCCHE is an internationally recognized certificate that manifests a professional's teaching qualifications in addition to their academic qualifications. 


First Long Weekend
Two college-organized trips were arranged for the first long weekend to Ireland and Scotland for the first time at Harlaxton. In the past, students only had the options of one long weekend trip planned by the school or independent travel. 

The group that went to Ireland had one full day to explore the city of Dublin and two day-trips to Giant's Causeway and the Cliffs of Moher. 


Students that attended the Scotland trip had one free day in the historical city of Edinburgh, and two day-trips to Loch Ness and the Highlands as well as St. Andrews & Fishing Villages of Fife. 

North Wales
A group of thirty ventured to North Wales over the second weekend of October where they stayed at a seaside resort in the city of Llandudno. They also spent time in the royal town of Caernarfon, Llanberis, and Snowdonia National Park. 

Lake District
The Lake District is one of Britain's most popular tourist destinations and is usually a favorite among the students. It attracts outdoors enthusiasts to participate in activities such as canoeing, kayaking, ghyll scrambling, horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking. 

Bath & Stonehenge
The last college-organized weekend trip for the month of October was to the culturally rich city of Bath, which is well known for its mineral baths and Georgian architecture. The highlight of this trip was a visit to the iconic Stonehenge. 

Local Excursions
The entire student body took a half-day field trip to the Southwell Workhouse for tours to learn about the significance of workhouses in the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Students and several faculty members ventured to Stratford on Saturday 24 October to visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare and watched Henry V at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. 

The Manor

The Refectory 
After months of preparation and work, the remodeled refectory is accessible to students during meal times and from 9pm-4am for study hours offering a much more comfortable space.
The following video was presented at the ribbon cutting for the refectory on Wednesday 21 October, 2015.


The Community

Advisory Council 
Lady Benton Jones has served as Chairman of the Advisory Council of Harlaxton College for over thirty years with great distinction. She has decided to step down as Chairman, but will remain active in the Council. 

Mrs. Henrietta Chubb, current Vice Chairman, will take the position as Chairman for the Council.

Dr. Phil Taylor 
We would like to congratulate Dr. Phil Taylor, previously a lecturer in Music and British Studies at Harlaxton College, on taking position at Royal Holloway after several years of work in India and for recently becoming a father.    




Gold Room Lectures

Dr. Amber Pouliot's lecture "Guidebooks, Ghostliness, and the Brontës: Charting the Path from the 'Silent Country' to the Séance" was given on Monday 12 October, 2015. It focused on the sustainability of the Brontë family's legacy and heritage site.

Professor Susan kae Grant's lecture "An Evening of Photography: Art of the Shadow & the Mystery of Pinholes" took place on Monday 19 October, 2015. The evening began with current photography students from Harlaxton and Grantham Colleges displaying their pinhole cameras and images, followed by her lecture that described her project titled "Night Journey" that represents a collaboration of artistic and scientific inquiry into the nature of REM sleep.
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