From the desk of
Charlie McKinney, Chairman

Dear Pastor,

As you know, we periodically contact you seeking help in disseminating important information to your congregants. We write you today with such a request regarding a bill that would enable any man who claims to be a female to enter a woman's bathroom.

Our requests that you motivate your congregation are not politically motivated; in fact, I and many supporters of Cornerstone voted for the same party that is now advancing an awful legislative bill. We seek not the exercise of power, but the increase of our Lord and Savior. Our motivation is simple — love and the Word of God.

We as a community are, of course, to love our neighbor as ourselves, and love does not mean indifference. In fact, indifference — not hate — is the antithesis of love. Should we, therefore, be indifferent to government action that promotes and protects confused individuals who think they are the opposite sex, makes women and children more vulnerable, and infringes on the freedoms of our congregation?

For centuries we have had social mores, now dubbed "discriminatory," that are in truth loving since they informally embraced a moral code that pointed to acceptance of how God created us as well as to redemption. 

Today, the New Hampshire legislature is considering a bill, HB 478, that will shield gender confused individuals from the truth. The bill protects those individuals from discrimination in employment, housing, and public services, but worst of all, in "public accommodations."

In other words, schools attended by members of your congregation — including Christian schools — could no longer restrict their restrooms and locker rooms to those students with the sex that God gave them. If you reach out to the public with evangelism/service events (like a spaghetti supper or renting your facility to others), your church is now a "public accommodation," allowing gender confused individuals to access your bathrooms. Our neighbors in Massachusetts are already confronting this.

At its heart, this bill says that man's wisdom is more reliable and better than God's. This, of course, puts both our sons and daughters at risk.

Although most of the national press on this issue has focused on bathrooms, that's not what is really at stake for us as Christians. At issue here, as with most other social issues, is the freedom to declare the Truth and conform our lives to the will and design of our Father and Creator. I hope you will join me in opposing this bill, and I ask that you help us by informing your congregation about this issue. Here's what you can do:

  1. Ask your congregants to visit Cornerstone's web site and learn how this bill can create a harmful environment for them and their children.
  2. Invite your congregants to contact their representative in the New Hampshire House to request they vote against HB 478.
  3. Pray, so that our legislators will be given the grace to do what is right and in accordance with the laws of God.

Thank you for your prayers and your support of Cornerstone. We truly need your help to defeat this bill that will reverberate in our communities and lives for years to come.

Yours in Christ,
Charlie McKinney

For more analysis on how this bill might affect religious freedom in New Hampshire, visit How will HB 478 affect religious freedom in New Hampshire?
If you need information on HB 487 to share with your congregation, either in email format or to print, please email us.
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