GSGF Newsletter November 2013


Word of the Executive Director 

A very important step: November 28th, 2013

A very important step has been set by GSGF in this month. One of the main targets is to establish ourselves as a global hub for information on Smart Grids, with input from all major industrial driven stakeholders. In that respect we want to work hand in hand with the governmental stakeholders.

Therefore the work of ISGAN is very critical for us. More

Due to absence of our chair, only the executive director provided an introduction to the GSGF newsletter of November.


New World Energy Outlook!Energy Transparency Award 2013 of Florence School of Regulation for CISMOBelgium’s Elia calls for an Energy Pact by 2020Webinar ‘An overview of transparency and market integrity in Europe’ by Adeline Lassource on December 4th, 2013 -  ISGAN Annex 1 has released new reports - ISGAN Smart Grid Project Webinar on the Model Region Salzburg Programme December 5th - EWEA Technology Workshop on Wind Power Forecasting


The GSGF interoperability work is nearing the finish line – still ample opportunities for input remain

During 2013 it has become even more obvious that interoperability is of great importance for policy and decision-makers in overcoming the energy challenges in relation to the development of Smart Grids. The GSGF working group, now closing in on the final stages before publishing in the first quarter of 2014, is trying to cross the bridge between the policy development arenas and the technical domains, to initiate a strategic discussion on interoperability. The on-going work shows that Interoperability is going beyond standards and is not a stand-alone topic. More

Post-event Report: Smart Grid Interoperability Panel - Inaugural Conference

This is the first face-to-face conference for SGIP (Smart Grid Interoperability Panel) since a new framework as SGIP2.0 started. SGIP has been re-born as a member-founded organization called SGIP2.0 since January 2013.

The Opening Session was followed by several panel discussions with panelists’ speeches on the specific topics, while in the past SGIP conferences a series of group meetings such as DEWG and PAP had followed the opening session. The major key topics for the panels were set the following reports developed after the transition to SGIP2.0:
  • NIST Smart Grid Framework Release3 (planned to be released in mid-2014)
  • Transaction Energy Framework
  • NIST Cyber Security (Development of a voluntary framework aligning with the Executive Order 13636)

GSGF’s opinion 

Comments of GSGF on the ISGAN discussion paper: Smarter and Stronger Power Transmission

Wednesday November 21th, GSGF was represented by Prof. Belmans at the ISGAN discussion on Annex 6, a discussion paper on ‘Smarter and Stronger Power Transmission: Review of feasible technologies for enhanced capacity and flexibility.’

We strongly suggest that in order to solve the delicate issue of interoperability, GSGF should work closely with NIST/CEN/CENELEC/ETSI. Overall, the paper focusses on Nordic countries. This could be termed as a downside as it should cover the whole world in order to make comparisons.

Read all the remarks

Assessing Storage Value in Electricity Markets

On October 10, 2013, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC), Institute for Energy and Transport, published the report ‘Assessing Storage Value in Electricity Markets: A literature review’. The report presents the state-of-the-art on research related to the economic and regulatory aspects of energy storage in electrical grids. It aims to provide an improved understanding of:

  • the European market for storage considering new technology developments, as well as the presence of market barriers;
  • the available methodologies for conducting storage investment feasibility assessments;
  • how regulatory framework modifications would improve the value of storage.

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Member news 

Smart Grid Australia Update

At Smart Grid Australia we had our AGM last month where Judy Anderson was elected as the new chair of our organisation; Robin Eckermann had previously indicated his wish to retire.

In September a new government was elected and we are busily engaging with them on smart grid related issues, it is good to notice that smart grids is already on the mind of the new Minister as he has mentioned the need for them at a few occasions. More


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