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Peace Be with You!

Would you like to feel more at peace throughout your day? Now, more than ever, we need to feel more calm, peaceful and secure in our lives.  

Feeling a sense of inner peace may seem elusive, especially in the world we live in today. It’s easy to harbor negativity and feel a sense of anger, insecurities and frustration with all that is going on at this time in our world, country, states, communities and homes. We can get stuck in a continuous loop of negative stress and strife. It’s normal and understandable. 

Regardless of your circumstances, you can take charge and live a more peaceful life. How? 

Be still. Quiet your mind and slow your breathing. Doing belly breathing, not shallow breathing, can help slow your down your mind and relax your body. At first, your mind may be noisy with lots of thoughts, but in time, you will feel a sense of calmness and peace. Sometimes quiet, soothing music or being in nature can help. Just a few minutes a day is a great start.

Consider yoga, mindful meditation or prayer as ways to practice this stillness. Whatever works for you. 

Power up.  Don’t give power over your emotions to people who drain your energy and try to bring you down. Remember no one forces you to feel any particular way. You choose to feel a certain way. So be around energy enhancers, not energy drainers. This will help you feel more positive and in control. If there are negative people you cannot avoid, have some mantras to say to yourself when you feel yourself getting sucked into their negativity. Something like, “I am in charge of my thoughts and emotions and will be in control of my actions and responses.” Or “I’m choosing to be positive and will work on the change I wish to see and be.” Think of yourself like Teflon, with negativity unable to stick to you! You’ve got this! You are more powerful than you might think! 

Be grateful. Embrace an attitude of gratitude. Think of three things that you are grateful for each day and why. Maybe have your family say what they’re grateful for around the dinner table, before bedtime or start your morning with a gratitude list. When you complain, feel negative, insecure, stop, acknowledge your feelings then think of how you will you respond in a respectful and positive way. Call a friend, reframe your thoughts to a more positive way of thinking that is more productive. For example, “What’s another way to look at this?” or “I am grateful for this or that and I choose to be the change I wish to see.” It’s normal to feel negative at times, and, important to acknowledge your feelings. Then, rally the troops to help you get out of your funk. Control what you can by having a different perspective. What you are unable to control, change the way you look at what is bothering you so you can reclaim your emotions in a way that will better serve you and, then take action. Coming from a place of grace and gratitude will help you on your journey of living well. Be realistic and resilient and resolve that YOU can make a difference in your thought processes that will help you with any negative emotions you may feel.  

By doing these 3 things, your perceptions and perspectives can help change for the positive and help you feel more at peace every day.  

Today, more than ever, we need to come together to help lift up each other, promote more peace within ourselves and realize that we are truly better together when we come from a place of peace and a positive attitude. It starts with you. You have the power. You matter, you count. 

Peace be with you.  

Wise Words

“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.”
 Pema Chodron

“True and lasting inner peace can never be found in external things. It can only be found within. And, then, once we find and nurture it with ourselves, it radiates outward.”

“Peace is not something you wish for. It’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.”
 Robert Fulghum

“A compassionate state of mind brings inner peace, and therefore a healthier body.”
 Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama

“Every thought that you have impacts you. Shift from a thought that weakens to one that strengthens you.” 
 Dr. Wayne Dyer 

“Peace begins with a smile.”
Mother Teresa

Wellsville Rockin’ Recipe – Easy-Peasy Paper Bag Popcorn



  1. Measure 3 tablespoons of popcorn kernels into a lunchbox-sized paper bag.
  2. Loosely fold the very top of the bag.
  3. Microwave until there are more than 3 seconds between popping sounds. This may be somewhere around 3-4 minutes.
  4. Carefully remove bag and enjoy!
For a little flavor, sprinkle on some cinnamon, garlic powder or your favorite seasoning to taste and serve.

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