Announcing Trains & Stations, a new take on train games designed by Eric M. Lang!
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Trains and Stations Board Game WizKids
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Below you'll find the official press release announcing a new game of ours, Trains and Stations, as well as some initial details. A partnership with acclaimed game designer Eric Lang, this is a new take on a classic family style game. See below for more info:

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NECA/WizKids, the leader in collectible gaming, is proud to announce the launch of Trains and Stations a new take on train games designed by Eric M. Lang. Players must make deliveries, develop buildings and profit from their decisions while working with and against other players. Are you going to focus on mines or play a more balanced resource-acquiring game?

Perhaps you will focus on being the delivery king with help from other players and only dabble in the resources that everyone else is scrambling for. Every game will evolve differently with unique twists and turns.

"I'm excited to make a classic style family game that players will want to play over and over and hope others agree that the approach stays true to what people love while offering that little bit extra that will make it worth their time" Lang stated.

WizKids President Justin Ziran says “We are in the business of making games that are fun and unique, Eric delivered again on that promise and we are excited to roll this out at Essen 2013, we welcome fans to come by and see it firsthand!"

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