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African Tulip Trees This Week $44 was 69.
Big crinkled red orange tulip like bells with red streaked gold throats and frilly yellow edges bud out of horn shaped, velvety buds on the branch tips of this spectacular tree. With a picturesque buttressed truck and gray bark there seems to be no end to the awesomeness of this tree. Once flowers are pollinated they are followed by inch greenish brown finger like pods that curl up and out over the leaves. These amazing trees are drought tolerant but will be happiest in a moist environment with plenty to drink.
 Very Nice, Fast Growing Trees!
Very Popular Tropicals
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Tropical Sausage Trees 
Large tubular flowers resembling a mouth with dark red lips and a velvety interior that is often overflowing with nectar for hummingbirds. The sausage shaped fruit is a great conversation starter. This week $44 was 64.
 Mature 3 year old trees, 2-3 feet tall.
Sweet Tamarind Trees
Delicious tamarind is a long-lived, tropical tree reaching, under favorable conditions, a height of 40 or even 70 feet with a spread of 30 feet and a trunk that can reach a circumference of 15 feet. Highly wind resistant. 2+ feet tall, woody.
 This week $39 was 55.
Tropical Fruit Tree Deals
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Sweet Star Fruit Trees
A deliciously tangy high-yield, tropical fruit tree. Red stalked, delicate lilac flowers appear in a showy display followed by hundreds of uniquely shaped oblong, heavily lobed fruit.
 This week $39 was 45. 2' plus tall.
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Brazilian Grapetrees
Alien, this unusual tree spectacularly produces white flowers from its trunks that slowly develop into fruit. Similar to a Muscadine grape in texture and taste. This week $49 was 65.
 3 year old, 2' plus tall, woody.
This Weeks Very Special Offers
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Kona Coffee Bush (arabica 2x2x3 pot)
Multi-Plant Starter Pot, Imagine truly fresh coffee. Fruit begins green and slowly ripens to a crimson red when ready for harvesting. The seed inside these fruits is extracted, roasted and ground to produce coffee.
 This week $12. Only 50 in stock.
Tahitian Orange Bird of Paradise
These are fresh plants grown in 2x2x3" pots. The plants are 7 to 12" tall and have more roots on the outside of the pot than the inside, they are awesome plants but next time we will need to use a larger pot!
  This week $12. Only 60 in stock.
Very Popular & Unusual
Light Bulb Plants 2-3 feet tall
String of Lights, The Light Bulb Plant has an unusual blooming habit. Clusters of pure white, light bulb like blooms dangle from pendant shafts. The plant is a fine woody ornamental reaching 10 feet at maturity, as a house or patio plant it can easily be maintained at four feet in height.
 This week $19. was 30. Just restocked.
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Yellow Flame Poinciana Tree
Glowing copper and golden yellow flowers engulf the umbrella shaped crown of this elegant, ornamental tree. These beautiful golden-yellow flowers may be harvested and used in cut flower arrangements. Yellow Flame Poinciana will also form a nice dense hedge if pruned regularly.
  This week $39. was 55. 2-3" tall, woody.
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