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Nov 2016 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<First Name>>,

A few weeks ago at the Bioneers conference in San Rafael, I filmed a series of short interviews in support of the water protectors at Standing Rock.  (If you’d like a quick primer, read the Dakota Access backgrounder.

From author/environmentalist Bill McKibben, to frontline indigenous lawyer Tara Houska, to the sublime spoken word group Climbing Poetree, I asked them all to answer the question: “I Stand With Standing Rock Because…”

The resulting short film was seen over 450,000 times in less than a week, garnering hundreds of comments, thousands of shares, and joined the tide of powerful media flooding the newsfeeds of citizens around the world.   Yet, I realize, having been behind the camera, I never actually answered the question myself.

I will do so now. 

I stand with Standing Rock because we cannot collectively take one more step toward the assured destruction of this planet by building more pipelines, spewing more fossil fuels, while willfully ignoring the urgent and necessary need to shift toward a regenerative society that heals the damage that’s already been done.

I stand with Standing Rock because I see the torches lit from mountaintop to valley, from the Arab Spring, to the M15 movement in Spain, to the Occupiers on Wall St, to the drum beat of #IdleNoMore and the raised fists of #BlackLivesMatter, and now, the prayer songs of #NoDAPL.    

I stand with Standing Rock because this is the moment when those of us who were not born to this continent can be the generation willing to reconcile the transgressions of the past, which are not gone, but ever-present.  

I stand with Standing Rock because the First Nations of this land have not forgotten what it means to belong to a place, that home is not a "feeling” or an internal anything, but rather, a willingness to protect that which has granted you and your people your existence. 

I stand with Standing Rock because I know the destiny of life is connected, and our willingness to awaken in this time is likely with the sound of sob, at the tidal wave of sorrow and pain that is reverberating around this world.  And our grief is the midwife to our willingness for things to be different for the ones who will come after.

I stand with Standing Rock because love is the movement.

Will you stand, too? 

Ian MacKenzie
Salish Sea, Canada

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The battle at Standing Rock is one of the most important moments of our time. In solidarity with the indigenous protectors of their land, as they battle the black snake pipeline that threatens their way of life, we must all stand together to end the age of destruction. This is the moment. 

» Watch the short film
» Learn how you can help (via The Protector's Alliance) 


Excited to announce an ambitious crowdfunding campaign in service to ocean awareness and conservancy.  Daniel Dolphin is a forthcoming animated film, raising $150,000 to reach the next stage of production.  We only tend to care about things once we know their story. This project has the chance to catalyze for a new generation of ocean guardians...before it's too late.  Please watch and share widely!

» Watch Daniel Dolphin on Indiegogo (Campaign ends Dec 22)

NOV 27 - CALGARY- LOVE WITOUT FEAR - Sex, Partnership, and the Village

"One of the best workshops I have attended" Brad, Toronto

I'm excited to share this upcoming offering in Calgary, accompanied by my partner Mya. This provocative workshop combines lecture, integrative practices, and Q&A to explores the foundations of a new culture of love. If you have friends & family in the Calgary area, please invite them to the event! 

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This workshop is a day-long immersion for filmmakers, musicians, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, inventors, designers, lovers, and anyone who wants to make their idea, dream, or vision a reality through crowdfunding.

I'll be offering two options 1) In person at Sunset Labs in Victoria, BC, and 2) Online, livestreamed to anywhere in the world.  

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P.S.  What to do when the presidency is Trumped and the future grows dim? Treat yourself to the mythos of storyteller Martin Shaw as he urges, now is the time to dive deeper
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