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Sept 2017 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<First Name>>,

This weekend, I screened our new film Amplify Her at the Imagine Festival on beautiful Orcas Island, just west of Seattle. 

As a co-director, it’s hard to describe the feeling. This project has demanded unwavering dedication through five years of holding a question: what is the unique expression that the feminine has to offer this time? 

As I reflect upon the countless late nights, the crippling self-doubt, the collaborative creativity, the endless tweaks, and the incredible alchemy of the journey, I have a hard time believing this time has come. 

And yet, sitting with the 150+ crowd under the stars, hearing their cheers, laughter, and sighs, it was clearly not a dream.  By the time the credits rolled, the audience erupted in applause and numerous people came over to share how impressed and touched they were by the stories of these powerful women sharing their stories.   Many even revealed how they saw themselves in a new way. 

I realized in that moment a deep sense of relief.  I’m not crazy, after all.   It was affirmation that my intuition, initially sparked in 2012, then fanned by my collaborator Nicole Sorochan, was true.  This flame was then carried forth by a legion of talented women (and men) who believe the key to a liveable future lies in the rightful place of the feminine.

We’ve gone this far - though we still have farther to go. 

We are once again calling upon the crowd, like you, to help us bring this film and graphic novel to the wider community.  We’re raising funds to support the Purple Carpet Tour, igniting screenings and events in cities all over North America. 

If you’re inspired, please watch our pitch and contribute to our campaign. 

And don’t miss my new long piece reflecting on the life and death of Michael Stone, along with my upcoming calendar below. 

- IM 

Ian MacKenzie
Salish Sea

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AMPLIFY HER - The rise of the feminine

Watch the new pitch for the Amplify Her project, outlining the scope of our vision and the campaign to raise funds the tour.  Please contribute if inspired, and share with your network.  We literally can't do this without YOU.  The campaign ends Oct 12, 2017

» Watch the pitch and contribute here (2 mins) 



A WAKE IN THE WORLD - Reflections on the life and death of Michael Stone

I spent a number of weeks working on this piece, in honour of Michael and what we might be willing to shift as a culture.  "This is a story about teachers, and what we in the West demand of them, whether we know it or not."   

» Read the essay on Medium (18 mins)
» Follow the discussion on Facebook



As part of our partnership with Uplift, watch this new short based on my previous interview with spiritual teacher Thomas Hubl, on opening ourselves up to the future potential of humanity.

» Watch the short We Come From the Future (3 mins)


Scottsdale, Arizona
Amplify Her - Special Preview Screening + Masculinity Talk
Full details

View full list of Amplify Her screenings and events.


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P.S.   Because I'm a sucker for love, watch this episode where Humans of New York explores the joys and difficulties of being in relationship. 
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