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Sept 2015 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<First Name>>,

This year, unlike the previous six, I did not attend Burning Man. Instead, my partner and I set our sights on a pilgrimage of our own, beginning in Vancouver and taking us through the wild and mysterious landscapes of Alberta, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, and finally Wisconsin.

Our destination The House on the Rock - a bizarre and often macabre roadside attraction built by the late Alex Jordan Jr. Originally opened in 1959, the property contains a complex array of rooms, from the aforementioned house, to a Japanese garden, a warehouse-size diorama of a squid attacking a Blue Whale, gorgeously nostalgic music machines, and the world's largest carousel, complete with a dizzying array of mythical creatures (none of them horses).

The House bears a special place in the heart of my partner. It featured prominently in Neil Gaiman's fiction "American Gods," a book she lent to me as an early test in our relationship (she never mentioned so at the time). It remained as mythic as we explored the passages and assortment of oddities, all the while remarking: this entire property would fit perfectly in Black Rock City (aka Burning Man).

Every year I attend the festival, every year I leave with a lesson. This year was no different, even though I never stepped foot on the playa.

What I learned this year: if you see the Buddha on the road, kill him. The gift the playa offered me this year was to recognize that it's not about Burning Man. During our two weeks on the road, through various marvels and challenges, the magic usually found at Burning Man did reveal herself: along the hazy highways of scorched landscapes, the kitschy dive bar after our vehicle broke down, the labour day fireworks coinciding perfectly with the Man burn, and the prayer offered to our campfire as the Temple fell far away.

It was the willingness for us to see and to speak, and the grace of the gods to offer themselves up...not by the demand of worship, but by the rumour of being tended to, once again. Both of us are required to play our roles, without which life's holy circuit cannot complete. It's blessed moments like these when you have to try so damn hard to stay lonely.

Stay dusty, friends.

Ian MacKenzie
Toronto, Canada


After months of reviewing, editing, and crafting, I'm pleased to share this first look at our new film Healing of Love. It was a challenge to convey the key aspects of Tamera in a short time, though I believe we've offered a glimpse at the terrain we'll explore deeper in the film. 

»  WATCH: Healing of Love - Sneak Preview

Also this month, a small crew from Tamera is touring the US & Canada for the release of Terra Nova & The Healing of Love, the new book by Tamera co-founder Dieter Duhm. See details below to pre-order your copy and attend one of the events in your area.

»  READ & ATTEND: View dates for the Terra Nova Tour


For the first time in Vancouver, I’ll be offering a talk about my time at Tamera Peace village in Portugal and sharing about my film Healing of Love. We will also practice The Forum, a community model for building trust and transparency among groups.

»  RSVP & SHARE: Facebook Event  (Limited to 40 participants!) 


Upon my return from Tamera earlier this year my friend, author, and relationship coach Mel Mariposa introduced me to the term “relationship anarchy.” According to this definition:

"A relationship anarchist believes that love is abundant and infinite, that all forms of love are equal, that relationships can and should develop organically with no adherence to rules or expectations from outside sources."

Intrigued, I promptly setup a call to discuss further, diving deep into a fascinating conversation that covers such topics as: the battle between personal freedom and collective culture, the role of deep partnership in an anarchic model that aims to dissolve hierarchy, and how to engage in all relationships more authentically.

Listen to the full 40 minute conversation below, and please leave your comments

»  LISTEN: The Rise of Relationship Anarchy (45 mins)


This October I'm speaking at the Excelerate Conference in Vancouver alongside the likes of David Suzuki and Dan Price (CEO of Gravity Payments, who cut his mega-salary to match his staff).

The panel topic: offering strategy and support for women entrepreneurs in harnessing crowdfunding. If you're in the area,  Checkout the full program below, and please share with any entrepreneurs or business owners who might be interested.

BONUS: use the promo code 'Friend Savings' and receive $100 off conference registration. 

»  FULL PROGRAM & REGISTER: Excelerate Conference


Want to bring me to your event? I'm available for speaking gigs on crowdfunding, filmmaking, and the emerging paradigm. Contact me here

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P.S. One of my favourite instruments is the hang drum. It's an otherworldly, impossible sound. Matthew Bailey and friends just released a gorgeous new album.  Do your soul a favour and have a listen.
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