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Feb 2017 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<First Name>>,

Riddle me this.

Facebook’s “on this day” feature reminded me of a forest walk I’d taken with a friend two years ago. I’d posted two photographs, one I remember quite well: my friend sitting serenely beneath the bare arm of a majestic tree. The other, revealed a slab of rock lying on a bed of roots and moss, the words “Love Without Fear” scratched on its surface.

Curious, I immediately messaged my friend and asked if she remembered whether I’d made the rock (and simply forgot). She asserted that we’d found it. I looked again at the posted date, Jan 25, 2015 and sat back, stunned.

'Love Without Fear' is the name my partner Mya and I use for our recent series of teachings on the emerging paradigm of love and partnership. I previously believed that she adapted the term for her DJ set upon my initial return from Tamera Healing Biotope I in Portugal, where I attended and filmed at their Love School. In this research village, they practice a culture of free love: not love that is free from responsibility, but love that is free from fear.

Here’s the thing: the Facebook photo shared from the walk, with the prescient words etched on the surface, was discovered four months before the first time I departed for Tamera.

Four months before I would be irrevocably altered by that journey, four months before I experienced an entirely new approach to love and partnership. Four months before I understood, through Tamera, that the liberation of love, in service toward a truly resilient peace culture, is the most important task of our time.

I have no idea how to explain it. I could mull various theories: from alternate or parallel universes, inter-dimensional gateways or guidance from the unseen realm. I could wonder if my future self somehow wafted a tendril of blue smoke back along the songlines of time, whispering an elegant affirmation to “keep going, my friend.”

Or I could simply drop to my knees and be defeated by the mystery. From time to time, that’s likely the most proper thing to do.

Ian MacKenzie
Salish Sea, Canada

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I cooked up a new short for Stephen Jenkinson's upcoming Oceania Tour

Those who come to his work knowing Stephen as "the death guy" assume a level of somber wisdom, which is certainly part of his teachings. But damn, he's razor sharp with his tongue and often rib-splittingly funny. Paired up with the dry camaraderie of Gregory Hoskins, and you have lightning in a bottle.  Please invite your networks to the tour!

» Watch the short (2 mins)
» See full tour dates and events


Stoked to share this just-released podcast interview with Mya and I on The Intimate Lifestyle. From the episode description:

"If a relationship ends, does that mean it failed? What if, instead of trying to recover from relationship breakdowns on your own, you had a community to help support you both through the tough times? Do you think relationships would last longer and be healthier?

Today’s episode immerses us to the idea of the community, and how it takes a village to raise children, and maintain a relationship. We discuss their relationship, their family, their experience in Tamera, and how all these links to the bigger picture of the global community."

» Listen to the podcast (60 mins) 


Curious about crowdfunding your next big project? This will be a day-long immersion for filmmakers, musicians, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, inventors, designers, lovers, and anyone who wants to make their idea, dream, or vision a reality through crowdfunding.

I'll be offering two options 1) In person at Sunset Labs in Victoria, BC, and 2) Online, livestreamed to anywhere in the world.  

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Want to bring me to your event? I'm available for speaking gigs on the new culture of love, activist filmmaking, and the emerging paradigm. Contact me here

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P.S.  Almost one year ago I was in New Zealand attending a conference, and had the pleasure of supporting a friend interviewing the visionary artist Android Jones.  Enjoy this short excerpt where he speaks about the methodology of the artist
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