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May 2015 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<First Name>>,

Yesterday, I completed three weeks shooting at Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal. Today, I type from a quaint hostel room in Lisbon, awaiting my early morning flight back to Canada.

Life is mysterious.

As I reflect upon my time here, I struggle to communicate with words that which defies linear explanation.  I'm left only with a soulful constellation - moments of beauty and awe interwoven with sorrow and heartbreak.  

How to explain the joyful song of the sparrows that greeted me every day and night? How to transmit the touch of stone in the sacred circle that anchored my grief?  How to understand the fundamental trust that carries this community and feels the birthright of every human being?

The 60's revolution was catalyzed by the collision of Western imagination and Eastern spirituality, resulting in a crack in the matrix of duality.  Left/Right. Man/Woman. Good/evil.  It is the perception of conflict between polarities that ignites the war.  Thanksfully, many individuals transcended the limitation of this consciousness.  Today, recognizing the truth of our ONENESS is no longer the edge.    Today, our task is to build and stabilize structures that INCARNATE this new consciousness. 

Over 35 years, Tamera has carefully tended seeds of this new culture, including perhaps the most important one: how to liberate love from fear. 

A friend once called me "The Indiana Jones of the New Story."  From Occupy Wall St to Burning Man, my task has been to amplify the flowering seeds of a new global culture.  It was my film "The Revolution is Love" that caught the eye of Tamera back in 2011.  Almost five years later, I stand looking upon the iconic symbol of their community, the circle and three triangles.

The words of Tamera co-founder Deiter Duhm adorn a plaque at its base:

"We greet the youth of the world. We greet all peace-activists and helpers in the crisis areas of the earth. We greet those who, often risking death, dedicate their lives to uphold human rights, for the protection of children and indigenous peoples, the protection of animals, the protection of oceans, trees and all co-creatures of the great family of life. We greet those who are preparing the new era on all continents today, often risking their lives. We greet the newly arising planetary community." 

May you surrender all that is holding you back, and join us, joyfully in the circle.

Ian MacKenzie
Lisbon, Portugal


Three weeks, 700 gigabytes, and too many heart-opening moments to count, John and I have completed our Healing of Love shoot at Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal. We crafted this final postcard on our last day. The honeymoon is now over - the real work begins!

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Almost four years after #Occupy erupted onto the global stage, the movement is still provoking dialogue and catalyzing change. The vision for a creative, decentralized, regenerative culture is within reach - how might we accelerate the change?   Join Occupy Love producer Ian MacKenzie for a film screening and inspiring discussion on the next phase of planetary evolution. 

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In partnership with the Love Summit 

LOVE SUMMIT 2015, an annual event that brings together the business community and public to explore the missing link in business and sustainability education: love.   This year the event is hosted by JOHN PERKINS, along with other luminaries. I will be offering a short talk on Occupy Love. 


During my time at Tamera, one my most powerful realizations was the role of the community in excavating and healing our wounds from the dominant culture - a necessary prerequisite to creating an resilient culture of peace.  An excerpt: 

"The sexual revolution of the 60's was sincere but ultimately premature. 'Free love' when practiced as freedom from responsibility left a generation of broken families and disillusionment. But the lessons were not lost. The true depth of 'free love' is revealed when understood as 'freedom to love without fear. 

This is why Tamera has placed TRUST as their beacon and TRUTH as their aim. We need communities of trust to heal our wounds before proceeding to build a resilient culture in service to life."

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Looking forward to my first crowdfunding workshop of 2015! We'll be going over my recent successful campaign for HEALING OF LOVE, among many others.  Plus attendance supports The Tyee, and a bastion of independent journalism in a sea of regurgitated press releases and fear mongering.

Limited to 20 participants! Register now to secure your spot. 

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Want to bring me to your event? I'm available for speaking gigs on crowdfunding, filmmaking, and the emerging paradigm. Contact me here

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P.S. Upon seeing the tattoo on my left arm, Tamera co-founder Dieter Duhm asked me about it. I shared that it was connected to the prophecy of Shambhala, and we sat one morning and spoke further.  He seemed deeply touched; therefore I share the story again with you here.
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