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Aug 2017 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<First Name>>,

I’ve been thinking about endings of late. 

A dear friend and collaborator Michael Stone recently passed away. In 2012, our pilgrimage to Japan was the source for our short film Reactor - exploring how the Japanese were responding to the crisis of story that contributed to the Fukushima disaster. 

In one part, Michael compares a pilgrimage to a long exhale

"When you exhale, at the end of the exhale, the exhale trails off into nothing. It trails into powder and becomes nothing.  My teacher used to say to me that the end of the exhale is like a little death. 

What would it mean for our society to drop down to the end of the exhale, that place of letting go, that place of death?  Not death of this body, but death of this story that we have going, this collective story, this collective narrative that we’re addicted to, that we don’t see?”

Since that time in the ancient streets of Kyoto, I have wondered an additional question: In a time of endings, how do we love the end?  

Many of us are told that death is the end of love, “until death do us part”, and yet, the more I remain faithful to life, the more I recognize that love is not banished by endings, in fact, it becomes the cradle for the fullness of love to show up.

May you be courageous enough to love the endings, at least as much as the beginnings.

Ian MacKenzie
Salish Sea

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TRAILER - Amplify Her

Five years in the making, my newest documentary (co-directed with Nicole Sorochan) is finally ready to drop. The film follows the stories of four women as they come of age amidst the cultural renaissance of the feminine.  

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WORKSHOP - Love Without Fear - Hollyhock

Eros is the fundamental creative force of the universe. How might we liberate this force in ourselves and our relationships in service toward a truly regenerative culture? How do we create circles of trust to retain this precious life force in a new way?

I'm excited to join poet & mythologist Mya Hardman (aka AppleCat), and Qigong Therapist Naomi Jason, for our first five day gathering as a radical experiment that dares you to step into your edges in love and sexuality, within the urgent and necessary reawakening of the village.

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LOVE & SHADOW - Michael Stone

"Love is not just a feeling; it’s what emerges when we give each other our face."

This past week, I felt the impulse to share key pieces from my years of collaboration with Michael Stone. The first was a short I shot at Occupy Vancouver, when Michael arrived to speak with the occupiers about how to move through conflict. 

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Amplify Her - Special Preview Screening + Multiple Talks
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Five day gathering that explores eros and activism. 
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P.S.   Enjoy one more little fun clip of Michael and the mystery of pastry lover, an outtake from our time in Japan. 
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