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July 2013 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

Greetings <<First Name>>,

If you're Canadian you just celebrated Canada Day, which perhaps included the following: beer, silly hats, lake jumping, and polite fireworks. (Surely, there must be more to being Canadian?) 

If you're in the USA, you will shortly be celebrating Independence Day, which may involve: flags, Jeff Golblum, and also beer. 

Stay safe friends. Looking out at the world, you may find it hard to find something worth celebrating.  I submit to you, each breath is a celebration.   And every beautiful moment you create with that breath is no more important than the one that came before.  

I'm pleased to share with you my latest work:


In the spring of 2012, I flew to Japan to meet with Buddhist teacher & Yogi Michael Stone. In the post-tsunami and Fukushima aftermath, our goal was to learn how the Japanese were responding.  What is the nature of the stories that create our world? What does it mean to embody the Bodhisattva vow in this time?  

The result of our journey is the short film REACTOR. Officially releasing in August, you can watch the just-released trailer right now by clicking the image above.   

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"Fundamentally, the role of initiation is about more than becoming an adult. It’s about breaking down the SELF-centric worldview, and replacing it with a LIFE-centric worldview.  This does not mean you lose your individuality – on the contrary, your identity now derives from your relationship to the land and your community. Meaning is no longer up for grabs – the necessity of your existence is now obvious. Your role is to ensure that the story of LIFE continues."

On June 15, I had the privilege to give the closing keynote at the Connect VI conference in Nanaimo.  Last year, the keynote speaker was Trevor Linden (for non-Vancouverites, he's a hockey celebrity) so I had some big skates to fill.    The talk was my attempt to share my personal journey and synthesis from the edge of spirituality, activism, and the emerging paradigm. 

You can listen and/or download the entire keynote here: 


Last year, I wrote an article on why crowdfunding creativity is just the beginning. I predicted that one of the next evolutions would be platforms to support individual creators on an on-going basis, rather than the occasional large project (ie. Kickstarter and Indiegogo).    

Thankfully, Patreon has arrived. The site allows you to create a profile, then gather "patrons" who pledge to support the creation of your content (videos, articles, albums, etc) in exchange for exclusive access to on-going rewards.   While still in its early stages, I'm excited to explore the potential.  

If you appreciate my work and would like to see more of it in the world: would you consider becoming my patron?  

Your support allows me to continue inspiring others and activating our human potential to create a world that works for all life.  

Until next month...
Ian MacKenzie

p.s. if you're wondering where to find gorgeous electronic mixes, look no further than my Soundcloud Likes.    And pssst.... Kickstarter is officially coming to Canada soon.

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