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Sept 2013 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

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Love is the hardest road.

I posted this declaration to Facebook recently, and I've continued to ponder its meaning since. Love is often understood as an emotion, as when one is “in love.” You love the other as long as they elicit the feeling. But that type of love cannot last, as the only enduring truth is: all things change.

Instead, I've come to understand love is what you “do.” It emerges from the willingness to love in the face of impermanence, to love even when the other may no longer love you. Stephen Jenkinson says “You do not truly love something or someone until you also love their end.”

To love with a broken-heart. To love knowing that all you build will eventually break. To love a lunatic culture that cannot see the precipice. To love the end of things as much as the beginning.

Love is the hardest road.  



The mini-tour for my new short film REACTOR continued this month with Toronto last week. The evening featured a musical performance by local musician Aaron Berger, who synched beautifully with the message of the film: to proceed into a future uncertain, fully aware of how stunning and tragic the world is at the same time.

Upcoming dates are posted below – Please RSVP and share with your network!
HALIFAX – Sept 15
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PORTLAND – Sept 19
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BOULDER - Sept 22
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Would you like to bring Reactor to your city? Submit your screening details here and read the guide to hosting your screening here.  


The world's first galactic city or pagan debauchery in the desert? This year marked by 5th pilgrimage to Black Rock City in Nevada – aka Burning Man. For those of you who have attended, you know why many call the Playa “home.” To acknowledge that BM has altered the course of my life and work would be an understatement, a love affair that I have attempted to document with words, photos and short films.  
This love has been driven predominantly for the Temple, a sacred space for community grief that is the spiritual heart of the event. Ordinarily, I serve as a Temple Guardian, one who channels the energy of the Temple in support of those who need it.  This year, I opted instead to shoot a short film about the Guardians, to unveil their relative anonymity.  
In the meantime, please enjoy my collected works: 
2009 – Evolution – Gallery + Essay 'For Aunt Lily' 
2010 – Metropolis – Gallery + Essay 'The Prophecy of Shambhala'
2011 – Rites of Passage – Gallery + Film 'Dear Temple'
2012 – Fertility 2.0 – Gallery + Essay 'The Mirror'
2013 – Cargo Cult – Stay tuned for the short film in late Dec, early Jan. 


"The more you learn about the mystery, the more mysterious She becomes."

August marked my return to Stephen & Nathalie's farm in Ottawa, for my continued training in their 'Orphan Wisdom' school.  On the surface, it's difficult to convey exactly what transpired over that week. Mostly, I remember moments: sitting in a tipi among fellow scholars by the firelight, Stephen conjuring the memory of times long ago.  The lily pads hovering on the surface of the Bonnechere River, and the beauty befitting of every meal worth grieving.
If you're new to Stephen's work, I recommend watching the teaser I produced earlier this year: The Meaning of Death.    Stephen and I are collaborating on a much larger project, an unnamed feature film likely to be released in late 2014.   Stay tuned to this newsletter for future updates. 
Enjoy the gallery: Stephen Jenkinson – postcards from Orphan Wisdom


Pick up a copy of the always provocative Adbusters magazine this month, which includes a full page spread with an excerpt from my June keynote speech 'How to Live from the Future'.

Listen to the full keynote online here.


Looking ahead, here's where you can find me this fall.

Want to bring me to your event? I'm available for speaking gigs on crowdfunding, filmmaking, and the emerging paradigm. Contact me here

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Until next month...
Ian MacKenzie

p.s. Check out this incredible list of Burning Man sets compiled on Soundcloud (over 110 hours of music!)  

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