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Nov 2015 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<First Name>>,

Last Saturday, as a soft rain falls in the dark hours of the morning, my grandfather exhales his last breath. (This is my second grandfather to die this year). 

Huddled close with a handful of family members, my grandmother speaks ragged prayers over his deathbed, ushering him across the river of stars into the arms of God.

On the way to the car, the rain streams down my face and I realize I'm crying.

A few days later, Paris is awash in murder and mayhem. Cries for blood and revenge stain the streets. Missile strikes are launched, the bodies pile up, and refugees flee for their lives. My grandma whispers to me "The world has gotten crazy," then she pauses before adding: "Maybe it's always been crazy."

Sometimes, the only response I know is to make beauty. A particular type of beauty. 

In his book on Grief and Praise, Martín Prechtel writes: "Of all the things that we see, feel, taste, and want to understand, the Beauty that causes us to want to live more is itself caused by all things living each according to their natures unchoreographed by any human fear of the unpredictable in a gorgeous milieu too big for any of us to fully comprehend, and yet because of Beauty's effect on us, we foolishly continue to nonetheless try."

In the face of so many reasons to give up, may we remain fools, and beauty-makers, all of us. 

Ian MacKenzie
Salish Sea, Canada


Three years in the making, I’m very excited to share the world premiere trailer for Amplify HER. First glimpsed in the summer of 2012, winding its way through the deserts of Burning Man, to the snow-capped peaks of Boulder, to the streets of Vancouver, it's exciting to see the film nearing completion.

While the initial frame looked at the disparity between male and female DJs and Producers, what evolved was something even more compelling: what unique expression does the feminine have to offer this time?

Please enjoy the trailer and SHARE WIDELY. 2016 is the year to ‪#‎AmplifyHER‬

»  Youtube: Watch the trailer
»  Facebook: Watch the trailer


Speaking of electronic music culture, my friend and fellow filmmaker Kevan McGovern is in the final stages of his own documentary  INPUT/OUTPUT. In his own words, “​this​ film presents a thorough examination of the cultural anthropology behind electronic music.”

I caught up with Kevan to ask him about his film, where it fits into the ecosystem of media on electronic music culture, and about his own epiphany in the desert of Black Rock City.

» PODCAST: Interview with Kevan McGovern


Inga Michaelsen reached out to invite me to speak about the topic of Love and Business, particularly how to use crowdfunding to build the project you love.

 From her own site: "Rather than waiting for the perfect time or readiness, you have everything you need right now to be part of the change by simply doing what you love. Build and grow YOUR purposeful business and use it to participate in a regenerative future."

The online seminar includes many other great speakers, including Barbara Marx Hubbard and Charles Eisenstein.

»  REGISTER: Full details & registration here


Daniel Northcott was a young man with a big dream: craft a film revealing the unity of all life. In 2009, he was diagnosed with leukaemia, ultimately ending his life, and the task of finishing the film passed to his sister Erin Northcott.

In 2012, I was part of the team that stewarded his film through a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $180,000. Initially intending to be released later that year, a new catchment of tapes was found, offering a deeper portrait of a complex man - and sending the team back to the editing room.

Now, they've launched a final campaign to finish the film. Watch the pitch here, please contribute, and share widely!


Stoked to announce I'll be co-facilitating a Healing of Love workshop at the first Nectar Gathering outside Vancouver. Whatever your relationship form, monogamy, polyamory or beyond, the role of community is integral to any healthy partnership - how might we cultivate communitiesof trust to support the freedom to love without fear?

We'll explore the research from Tamera research biotope in Portugal, along with experiences gleaned from their Love Schools, both abroad and now in the US. We'll also practice The Forum - a powerful social technology for creating spaces of trust so truth can be spoken and witnessed in community. From this place of mutual support, our individual wounds can be healed, and collective resolve put in service to the world.

»  BUY YOUR TICKET (Only 100 tickets total!)


Want to bring me to your event? I'm available for speaking gigs on crowdfunding, filmmaking, and the emerging paradigm. Contact me here

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P.S. Feeling the ebb and darkness of the season getting to you? Consider cultivating what the Denmark call 'hygge.'
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