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July 2015 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<First Name>>,

This past week was Canada Day and the US Independence Day.  Inspired by these auspicious occasions, I offer an alternate fable: 

ONCE THERE WAS A LAND of endless mountains, prairies, lakes, flora and fauna. There were many indigenous peoples who knew how to live in deep gratitude and partnership with this land for many generations.

Then, suddenly without warning, new people with lighter skin washed up on these shores. They had a hunger in their eyes and a sickness in their soul. It was clear to the original inhabitants that these new folk had fled something terrible, for they had lost their homes. They had become orphans in an unfamiliar land.

Many of the indigenous peoples were gracious, recognizing their land as big enough for everyone to share. Yet the orphans immediately set about looting the rivers, the forests, and the fields. They trapped mountains of furs. They caught acres of fish. They drew lines on paper and declared dominion to kings and queens far across the ocean. They gave new names to every creature, village, and tributary.

And still, it was not enough.

Tragically, the indigenous people could not have known how deep the sickness went. Not only had the orphans lost their home, they had lost the ability to be at home...anywhere. Therefore, their voracious appetite knew no end. For the orphans had a hole in their soul that the world would never, could never, satiate. This continued for generations until...

Finally, just before the orphans had cut down every last forest, fished out every ocean, and burned every drop of oil - they began to awaken. As if from a dream, they were able to see what they had done in the name of filling that hole in their soul. And the first sound for most of them... was a great cry of grief.

As the indigenous still know, this hole is not something to fix. It's not something gone haywire in the plans of the Creator. Instead, it's the portal to the making of our humanness. This hole can only be fed through a lived relationship to everything that grants humans their lives - which includes the willingness to take your turn, when it's your time, to be the feast for the generations to come. This is the only way life continues.

And with this realization, the orphans finally recognized it was time to stop running. They understood the task ahead: to tell the truth about the origins of their coming, and begin the heartbreaking but soul-affirming work, of learning how to finally be at home...again.

May it be so.

Ian MacKenzie
Salish Sea, Canada


My recent radio interview for Heart of It All is now online, where I share extensively about my recent trip to Tamera Peace Village in Portugal. I always love these dialogues with Sheri Herndon, as it offers the space to go deep enough into the issues.

"We need a new story, new containers, new social structures for discovering what a healthy whole vibrant and wild relationship to love and sexuality would look like."

» Listen to the Interview (60 mins)


With much of western North America under a heat wave (myself included), many are beginning to finally take notice of climate destabilization. In the face of such radical evidence, the entrenched energy industry continues to pursue ever more extreme forms of production. 

My friend David Lavallée is raising finishing funds for his doc "To The Ends of The Earth" a new film that explores the rise of extreme energy and also envisions the new world that is taking shape in its stead: a post-growth economy.

» Watch the pitch & contribute here  Campaign ends July 18, 2015


"While living on the edge of the village, the shaman was still the medium between the community and the world of spirits, he was the teacher, the orator, and the protector of myth and the culture of the village; he was the destroyer and re-translator of the story as well."

In 2011, director Andrew Johner released "Electronic Awakening" - the first film of its kind to explore electronic music, spirituality, and the shift of global consciousness.  

The torch has since been taken up by the expanded series The Bloom, along with my own forthcoming contribution that focuses on the stories of women in the electronic scene (Amplify Her).  Back in 2012, I interviewed Andrew on his film, along with topics like neo-tribalism, the role of DJ as shaman, and much more. 

» Read Electronic Awakening: emergence of the neo-tribal community


Want to bring me to your event? I'm available for speaking gigs on crowdfunding, filmmaking, and the emerging paradigm. Contact me here

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P.S. If you're looking for a mystical experience, no need for psychedelics or intense meditation. Simply turn off your artificial lights at night.
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