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Nov 2017 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<First Name>>,

The first snow has already fallen (and melted) near Vancouver, hinting in no uncertain terms that winter is coming.  

These last few years working on Amplify Her have been a deep inquiry into the feminine. In a culture historically hostile to Her, I've had to channel much of The Warrior to complete my role in this project.  Now with the film's release, I am (mostly) exhausted. 

Life feels constantly in transition, a battle between syntropy and entropy: that which attempts to build structures of permanence upon the shifting sands of the temporary.  Intellectually, I’ve known this for some time. Yet the longing for stability is a difficult habit to break. 

In the growing silence of the season, I’ve begun to feel more.  I feel the low and constant stress of my nervous system, unsure if slowing down is “safe.”  I feel the sorrow of the world that seems an increasingly mad, a cosmic joke turned dystopian nightmare.  And I feel somehow, paradoxically, that slowing down is the thing I’m most looking for.  

Fitting that a friend sent me a quote last night from the great book of the Tao, arguably the instruction manual for how to be in sync with life:

"The master does nothing, yet nothing is left undone. The ordinary man is always doing things, yet there is always more to be done." ~ Lao Tzu

May you, too, slow down long enough for your life to catch you. 

Ian MacKenzie
Salish Sea

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AMPLIFY HER - San Francisco World Premiere

On Nov 16, Amplify Her premieres at the historic Castro theatre! This will be the largest stop of the release, and fitting, given that the city is a huge center for bass music and emergent culture.

We are a small team doing the best we can to bring this film to the people. WE NEED YOUR HELP to make this screening a success.

Please take 10 minutes to invite your network to the Facebook event, send a direct email to key people who need to be there, and please share on your social channels (make sure you tag people so they see it).

These are small but significant acts that will amplify the voices of these artists and the rise of the feminine amongst all. Let's #amplifyher together.

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Watch this short I finished for Amplify Her with Dj Dakini shot last year at Rainbow Serpent and Earth Frequency in Australia. You can't quite tell in the footage, but in the middle of her set, the skies opened up for an epic downpour that is still one of my all time favourite moments at a festival ever. 

» Watch Amplify Her - DJ DAKINI (3 mins)


I will be attending upcoming Amplify Her events in San Francisco, Colfax, Vancouver and Calgary.

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P.S. I've stumbled across the site The Nib, and been appreciating their visual depictions of various hot topics.  Read this provocative one on the invention of monogamy.
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