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Sept 2016 Newsletter // by Ian MacKenzie

Dear <<First Name>>,

In 1967, Princeton physicist John Wheeler coined the term “black hole” to describe an object in space so dense that not even light could not escape its gravitational pull.  This is caused when a massive star dies, leaving behind a small, dense remnant core.

Scientists cannot directly observe black holes. They can only infer their presence by studying the effect on nearby matter, such as drawing in interstellar dust or tearing apart stars.  Let me say that differently: we only know black holes exist by their effect on everything else. 

I’ve come to understand the loss of village in the same manner. 

For most of human history, humans have lived in nomadic tribes. Around 10,000 years ago we shifted into settlements (towns and cities), and very recently, fragmented into nuclear families.  This is a blink of an eye in cosmic time and, understandably, we are still reeling from the calamity. 

Most modern people suffer from rampant anxiety a constant lack of self-worth.  Mass media, the pursuit of happiness, and the meritocracy of religion ensure we are never allowed to be enough. When we can’t keep up, we’re told we are the problem. The prescription for sanity is written by the insanity: “You must love yourself first.”  

Most of us have never lived the true richness of mutual life.  Therefore, how could we recognize the ghost at the core of our culture is the longing for village?  

When we don’t have 50 trustworthy eyes on us, we are desperate for 50,000.  When we don’t recognize the wise ones in our midst, we settle for therapy.  When we don’t know how to belong Somewhere, we roam the ubiquitous Nowhere and call that freedom. 

Through my explorations in the Occupy movement, to the desert of Burning Man, and the fallout from Fukushima, I've recognized a reoccurring theme. All our attempts to "fix" our global crises are but symptoms of this foundational separation. Which is why I say with no hyperbole that reawakening the village is the most important work of our time.  

Where to start? See below for some initial resources.

It is possible to have a memory of that which you have never lived. It is possible to plant the seeds of a better day, knowing the harsh bite of winter is coming.  And it is possible to be the dream that is dreaming you. 

The future of life depends on it. 

Ian MacKenzie
Salish Sea, Canada

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I'm honoured to be included as one of the featured authors in this beautiful project Re-inhabiting the Village: Co-creating Our Future, lead by my good friend Jamaica Stephens.

"Rooted in holistic living principles, this project offers a cultural dialogue, an inspiring roadmap and blueprint for building the foundation for a more regenerative future through the interactive and on-going shared development of social technology tools, innovative templates, models, resources and information that are useful to communities everywhere."

»  Watch their new video
»  Explore the book and online hub 


I recently had the opportunity to work on the transmedia project for Canadian filmmaker Nettie Wild's "Koneline."  In the sister project "North Through South" clips and quotes from the feature documentary were shown to five diversely skilled artists from Canada’s southern cities. Then, these urban artists created brand new works inspired by the compelling northern stories in the film.

Interviews with each southern artist, video clips of the works-in-progress, and final artwork were recorded and integrated into the North through South web experience. The resulting cultural exchange has been captured for you to explore.

»  Visit North Through South


My friend and crowdfunding teacher Leah Lamb has put together a live online crowdfunding course that brings together other campaigners and consultants to share their knowledge on how to run a successful campaign. I am included as one of the featured speakers.

"Design and create your campaign in just five days as we walk you through the process step by step. You will learn: how to create the narrative arc, what goes into making a great video, how to create great rewards, and then the systems you need to manage them, how to manage taxes, how to prepare for the emotional roller coaster, and everything else you can imagine wanting to know." 

Register before Sept 30th to get the early bird rate!
»  Learn more  Crowdfunding Live Course


Currently no fall workshops are scheduled, as I'm focusing on my film projects and reorganizing my online offerings. That said, I'm open for invitations.


Want to bring me to your event? I'm available for speaking gigs on crowdfunding, filmmaking, and the emerging paradigm. Contact me here

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